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TOPPS ALL-STAR ROOKIE CARDS 1987-PRESENT by richalot (Last updated on Jun 17, 2021)

This list tracks the modern era of Topps All-Star Rookie (ASR) Team cards from 1987-present.

Each year, since 1960, Topps selects a team of notable first-year players to their Topps All-Star Rookie Team. These annual teams are usually composed of eight position players and two pitchers, but relief pitchers and a designated hitter have been included more recently. A trophy graphic on the players' cards commemorates their selection. Between 1979 and 1986, Topps continued to name an ASR Team but left the trophy graphic off the cards. In 1987, the ASR Trophy returned and has been on cards since.

In 2006, Topps introduced individually packed team sets. These blister carded sets include between 14-18 uniquely numbered cards that are usually the same as their base set counterparts. However, in some instances, Topps uses a different player photo, places the ASR Trophy in a different location, or removes elements from the cards that are included in the base set cards (e.g. "Future Stars" text). At other times, Topps didn't include the ASR Trophy on a base set card, and the team set is the only way to get a player's card with the ASR Trophy. Starting in 2014, team set cards don't include the metallic silver and gold foil elements that appear on base cards. (this list will not count those as variations if the card is otherwise identical).

This collection list captures the variations, short prints and distinctive team set cards for the All-Star Rookie Teams. It does include base set parallels; Opening Day, Chrome, Heritage, Topps Now or other sets; although they are referenced when a player's cards are missing the ASR Trophy in the base and team sets. Since 1987, there are 10 All-Star Rookie Team selections that did not have an ASR Trophy on their base or team set cards: Dale Sveum (1987), Alexei Ramirex (2009), David Murphy (2009), Tommy Joseph (2017), Ryan Schimpf (2017), Trea Turner (2017), Kenta Maeda (2017), Julio Urias (2017), Seung-Hwan Oh (2017). Charles Johnson was slected to the 1995 ASR Team, but Johnson did not have a card in the 1996 set due to a licensing rights dispute with Topps.

I have been collecting Topps ASR Team cards since I spotted the trophy in a pack I opened in 1987. This list is inspired by and evolved from the Topps All Star Rookie Trophy Cards maintained by FASportscards, which covers base set ASR cards from 1960 onwards.

Bermanisms by jmnovff (Last updated on Jun 17, 2021)

Some punny names from Chris Berman.

2021 Major League Debuts by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Jun 17, 2021)

Players debuting in Major League Baseball in 2021, listed in order.

Payers without cards listed:
Luis Madero - 5/10 MIA

Athletes who have barfed on the field by Jgamble (Last updated on Jun 17, 2021)

These poor guys couldn't hold it in. This list is for athletes with notable episodes in which they have blown chunks on the field of play, the hardcourt, the canvas or the ice...or wherever sports can be played and hurled upon.

Coronavirus Positive (1,612 and counting) by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun 17, 2021)

Persons who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Newly-added individuals listed first, with the rest alphabetically.

Fun and Cool Cards I Have on Display by Vvvergeer (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

Well, I'm way over budget for a month or two but it was worth it because I immediately fell in love with the 1909 Ramly T204s when i discovered them and finally got one. Sorry 1964 Bob Gibson, you must go back to the binder.


Here's a list of the cards that are out of the binders, in cases, and on display on a shelf in our office (I also have my three display cases of Last Topps Card of Hall of Famers, The Merkle's Boner Collection, and the T207 Cubs Team Set (partial) -- I don't include those here.

This display used to be only Hall of Famers (and autographed 1970 Pete Rose) until sometime in 2016, when I opened it up to cards and players I just liked, and I expanded more fully into non-Topps. Now I label each card carefully, explaining why its on display and/or some history of the player. Making it more personal to me and finding players with interesting histories really made it fun for me. I love these cards. Hope you enjoy it.


Blue Wahoos In The Majors by ARMYWP12 (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

A list of players who played on the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and in the Major Leagues. Each player's MLB debut date is included.

Cards from the same photoshoot. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

Cards that have images from the same photoshoot.

Can be different years and brands.

All sports welcome.

My Completed Sets by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

Since I've seen lists on here similar to this, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Here are the sets I have completed.

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Caboose Cards by Kep75 (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

The last card of every Topps set.

Updated 06/20/18: Added cards from 2018 base set.

Time Travel Trading by Kep75 (Last updated on Jun 14, 2021)

This list reflects my attempt at trading a pack of 2018 Topps baseball cards and seeing how far back in time I can go. Every card I received in return is placed in the stack and is available to trade, with the only condition being that I get an older card than what I send out.

I am looking for trade partner willing to take these cards off my hands!

Not listed in the TCDB and therefore not in this list but available: 1890 N245 Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses (non-sport) #NNO Frankie Raymond

Alma Maters Mentioned On Cardboard by Rube Dali (Last updated on Jun 13, 2021)

Four-Year American and Canadian Universities who have produced at least one player who have at least one card mentioning their Alma Maters.

vrooomed's Most Wanted Phillies cards by vrooomed (Last updated on Jun 12, 2021)

As a collector of Phillies cards, I enjoy a collection starting with some 1951 Bowman to present day. I decided to go after all Topps cards during that time frame, as well as the Bowman cards up to 1955. This list is starting with the 2 I'm missing from the 1960s that is keeping me from being complete from 1954 to present day and I'm adding to the list going from 1953 back.

Memorabilia cards in my collection by doogie_13 (Last updated on Jun 12, 2021)

All of the cards in my collection bearing jersey swatches. I did not set out to find them, they found me. Hopefully this list can keep growing...

MLB European League Prospects by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Jun 11, 2021)

MLB Players who played in Europe prior to exceeding rookie limits or to stints in the Majors without exceeding rookie limits.

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CFL 20 Greatest Players by StarrsCards (Last updated on Jun 10, 2021)

This is a list of the 20 greatest CFL Players (taken from the 2006 list of the 50 greatest players).

Reading Phillies by Tanman2001 (Last updated on Jun 10, 2021)

Playing their first season in 1967, the Reading Phillies are tied for the longest active affiliation in MiLB. This is a list of all major league players and managers who appeared on the Reading Phillies, or as they are known today, the Reading Fightin Phils.

Players with no cards:
Ron Allen (Reading Phillies in 1968-1969, St. Louis Cardinals in 1972.)
Manny Muniz (Reading Phillies in 1968 and 1970, Philadelphia Phillies in 1971.)
Al Raffo (Reading Phillies in 1967 and 1970-1971, Philadelphia Phillies in 1969.)
Leroy Reams (Reading Phillies in 1967-1969, Philadelphia Phillies in 1969.)
Gene Rounsaville (Reading Phillies in 1967-1968, Chicago White Sox in 1970.)
Gene Stone (Reading Phillies in 1969, Philadelphia Phillies in 1969.)
Bob Terlecki (Reading Phillies in 1970-1971 and 1973, Philadelphia Phillies in 1972.)

Players I have 100 cards on my collection by SharksAttack (Last updated on Jun 9, 2021)

These are players I have 100 or more cards on my collection

Players on forgotten teams. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Jun 9, 2021)

Cards that show players on teams you forgot or did not know they played for.

Glen Rice Autographs by AirPete (Last updated on Jun 8, 2021)

The autographed cards I have managed to obtain of the man who led UM to the 1989 national title. Glen frequently appears in Panini autograph offerings so these rarely bust the budget. I am partial though to the Upper Deck cards highlighting his UM career.

Topps Yankees base SP VARs by twfurey (Last updated on Jun 8, 2021)

SPs of Yankees from Topps flagship releases in my collection

Can I get your autograph... by PapaG321 (Last updated on Jun 7, 2021)

Cards that depict somebody getting something signed by someone.

Americans with Spanish descent by deporcoruña (Last updated on Jun 6, 2021)

People with parents or grandparents that were born in Spain

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Last Cards Standing: The Ones I Still Need by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jun 4, 2021)

This list is for any sets in which five or less cards are needed to complete them. The needed cards will be posted here, and I will keep the list updated.

If you are interested in working out a trade or buy/sell I am all ears. Feel free to message me or post a comment.

Cards are in order from oldest to newest.

It's a Deal: TCDB Trades - 2021 Edition by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jun 4, 2021)

I started trading on this site in 2020. During that year 1341 cards changed hands between my trading partners and myself. I created a user list commemorating my first year on the site.

This is the 2021 edition.

Each card shown is the one that stands out for me the most in that particular transaction for whichever reason (last card needed for a set, a player I like, etc). That being said the vast majority of cards involved in these trades are commons.

All-Time Teams Wantlist by hockeydude (Last updated on Jun 4, 2021)

I created a series of All-Time Teams on my blog and then decided to collect cards of each player, manager, and stadium. These are the remaining needs for my All-Time Teams Frankenset.

Football Frankenset by Rosenort (Last updated on Jun 4, 2021)

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Unitarian Universalists by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun 4, 2021)

Sets Near Completion by sandyrusty (Last updated on Jun 3, 2021)

These are sets in which I am missing 5 cards or less to complete.

Sets Getting Close by sandyrusty (Last updated on Jun 3, 2021)

These are sets that I am getting close to completing and would be priority in my wants. If you wish to trade, please try to match these sets to your traders as a priority over sets where I am still a long way off from completing.

Rizzo, Anthony [base] ISO by clallseven (Last updated on Jun 2, 2021)

Anthony Rizzo base cards I am searching for

Kruk, John [base] ISO by clallseven (Last updated on Jun 2, 2021)

John Kruk base cards I am searching for

DownBeat Jazz Hall of Fame by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun 1, 2021)

The DownBeat Jazz Hall of Fame was started in 1952. Members are listed by year of induction.

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Society for American Baseball Research Members, 1971 to present by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun 1, 2021)

Current and former members of the Society for American Baseball Research, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. Its 6,000+ members come from all walks of life and include many writers, researchers, and fans. Baseball players, managers, and executives are greatly overrepresented in this list.

HOF and star RCs: baseball by FreehanSolo (Last updated on Jun 1, 2021)

My best baseball RCs

World Series MVP rookie cards by StarrsCards (Last updated on May 31, 2021)

These are the rookie cards of every player who has won a World Series MVP.

UM Basketball Autographs by AirPete (Last updated on May 30, 2021)

The number of autographed cards I have for each former Wolverine.

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Most Wanted by jasongerman9 (Last updated on May 30, 2021)

Cards I am looking for to complete certain player collections, or portions of certain player collections. Trading is turned off but if you have any of these that you're willing to part with in a small PWE deal, please reach out and I'll see if I can find something on your wantlist.

While my entire wantlist is large (I haven't even tried cataloging my Reds collection yet), I find it easier to focus on taking these collections in chunks at a time. For example, it's much easier and practical for me to dedicate my search to four or five specific Shawn Green or Buster Posey cards rather than add the thousands of missing ones to my wantlist. If I find something outside of this list I'll still pick it up, but these are the ones I'd really like to grab.

Packers Vs. Lions by MoPack626 (Last updated on May 29, 2021)

Out of the Packers' North Division foes, this has the least amount. I cannot say that I'm surprised by this since Packers-Bears and Packers-Vikings have stronger and lengthier rivalries. However, I did think that there would be more on this list than my Packers-Buccaneers list since the Packers have played the Lions a lot longer than the Bucs. Of course, my Buccaneer list has more than the Bears and Vikings list, too. If you spot any more in your collections, let me know.

Update: After several updates, the amount on this list is comparable to my Packers Vs. Bears and Packers vs. Vikings lists.

Packers Vs. Bears by MoPack626 (Last updated on May 29, 2021)

What I'm trying to do is to create a list of cards where the Green Bay Packers--my favorite football team--are playing the Chicago Bears. Specifically, the player featured on the card needs to be a Packer and somewhere else in the card image at least one Bear needs to be present; the majority of the player doesn't need to be present, just as long as it is fairly clear that it is a Bears player. Also, I'll exclude parallels and other cards that recycle the same image in other sets such as Topps Chrome or all the Longevity variants.
Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, when I was a kid, my brother--a Bears fan--and I would try to find these cards. Of course, we tried to see if the card displayed any bad looks on each other's teams (a sack, turnover, penalty, a good offensive play, etc.). I also did this with my friends who were Dolphins, Bills, Eagles, and Vikings fan respectively. I remember having a lot of fun doing this (not sure if it will be the same now, but we'll give it a go). Now, as I have been looking over my Packer binders, I've noticed more of these cards and wanted to list them. I've also noticed that a select amount of Packers' opponents are featured, so I want to see what opponents are featured the most on Packers cards. Eventually, I want to see if I can spot all of the teams on Packers cards, but I'll start here with their most famous opponent since I started this "list" when I was a very young collector.

Hand Signed Cards (TTM, IP, & Purchased) by Mscott713 (Last updated on May 29, 2021)

I finally took the time to scan all of my autographed cards. Take the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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NASCAR Certified Autographs by smo19fan (Last updated on May 29, 2021)

All of my certified autographs from the respective card companies

5 or less to finish - Racing by Shaw Racing (Last updated on May 29, 2021)

Racing sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

MLB Team Hall of Fame New York Mets by stevejrogers (Last updated on May 26, 2021)

Located inside Citi Field

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International Alliances by PapaG321 (Last updated on May 26, 2021)

Trades with international members

Packers Vs. Buccaneers by MoPack626 (Last updated on May 26, 2021)

This is another list of cards that feature a Packer player with a common foe. This time I selected the Buccaneers because they were at one point in the same division as the Packers--the old NFC Central. I also created this after creating my Packers-Lions list; I originally thought that my Packers-Lions list would be significantly longer than my Packers-Bucs list. I was wrong by a long shot. In fact out of the all the division opponents from the NFC central (and now NFC North), there were more than the other three (Bears, Vikings, and Lions). I'm unsure why, but I have on particular theory: warm, sunny weather makes for great photos and a very attractive place to live and work. This is even more apparent when we'll see an AFC opponent commonly featuring Packers, more so than usual at least. That's what I think, but what do you think?

My final comments on this list are on the high frequency of Reggie White showing up on these cards (24 in total). This one baffles me even more than the above; why did the card companies think that it would be a good idea to feature Reggie in an image with a Buccaneer? Any guesses?

Packers Vs. Vikings by MoPack626 (Last updated on May 26, 2021)

For my second list, I’ll create a list of cards where the Green Bay Packers--my favorite football team--are playing the Minnesota Vikings. As stated in my previous list, the player featured on the card needs to be a Packer and somewhere else in the card image at least one Viking needs to be present; the majority of the player doesn't need to be present, just as long as it is fairly clear that it is a Vking player. As usual, I'll exclude parallels and other cards that recycle the same image in other sets such as Topps Chrome or all the Longevity variants.
I had a lot of fun creating the Packers vs. Vikings list. Just for reference, I found 126 in my collection of 8,000+ Packers. I’m sure I’ll add more as my collection grows, but this number at least gives me a base (about one card out of hundred).
Why did I select the Vikings for the second list? First, one of my best friends throughout elementary, junior high, and high school loved the Vikings, so we often verbally sparred on this matchup and liked it when we found cards that had both teams on the same card. (Looking back, I think it’s odd that my only brother liked the Bears and one of my best friends liked the Vikings). Secondly, these teams are fierce rivals, and in some ways even more than the Bears one, especially in recent decades. Without further adieu, I present Packers vs. Vikings.

Packers Vs. Dolphins by MoPack626 (Last updated on May 25, 2021)

This choice to feature Dolphins vs. Packers may seem odd since the Dolphins are in the AFC, but as I was rummaging through my Packers collection looking for Packers that feature their NFC North (and the old NFC central), I noticed an unusual amount of Dolphins. This makes me wonder why these two teams are often in the same image. My guess is similar to my explanation on my Packers Vs. Buccaneers list: Miami (another Florida locale) is a very nice place to live (more ideal than Green Bay), and as such a lot of free-lance photographers live there and work there--thus providing a lot of images of Green Bay Packers. That's my best guess. What's yours? Are a lot of Dolphin players on your cards? More than usual?

My Teemu Game-Used/Relic cards by suomibear8 (Last updated on May 25, 2021)

These are all the Game-Used/Relic Teemu Selanne cards I have that are listed on this site.

They played for who?! - MLB HOFers edition by StarrsCards (Last updated on May 24, 2021)

This is a list of HOFers who played less than 100 games for a team (after 1948). If I forgot any, please let me know in the comments.


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