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2021 Major League Debuts by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

Players debuting in Major League Baseball in 2021, listed in order.

Payers without cards listed:

Time Travel Trading by Kep75 (Last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

This list reflects my attempt at trading a pack of 2018 Topps baseball cards and seeing how far back in time I can go. Every card I received in return is placed in the stack and is available to trade, with the only condition being that I get an older card than what I send out.

I am looking for trade partner willing to take these cards off my hands!

Not listed in the TCDB and therefore not in this list but available: 1890 N245 Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses (non-sport) #NNO Frankie Raymond

Coronavirus Positive (1,468 and counting) by BucCollector (Last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

Persons who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Newly-added individuals listed first, with the rest alphabetically.

Sets Near Completion by sandyrusty (Last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

These are sets in which I am missing 5 cards or less to complete.

Sets Getting Close by sandyrusty (Last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

These are sets that I am getting close to completing and would be priority in my wants. If you wish to trade, please try to match these sets to your traders as a priority over sets where I am still a long way off from completing.

First Black MLB Player on Every Team by Vvvergeer (Last updated on Apr 20, 2021)

4/20/21 Update: Have the Paula. And got XXXX for my birthday. STILL need to varnish the nicely maroon-stained case.....

The History --

Looking at my displayed vintage baseball cards, I became disturbed that three of my four displays were virtually all white players, because I mostly display cards from the pre-Topps years, i.e., before 1951. So there just weren't many black players on cards. This bothered me.

So after a post here that became more controversial than it should have, I decided to make another display of all the first black players on every team, using the 16 teams that existed before expansion (credit to kcjays for the idea). This is now my highest priority set of cards to get.

This is the list of players. I am either picturing the card I have at the moment that will go into the display when it's ready, sometimes to be replaced by an older card if I ever get it, or I am picturing the card I think would be ideal for the spot. I'll update, of course, as I get the cards.

As always, it's never quite as easy as it should be. John Kennedy, the first black player on the Phillies, has no cards at all. That actually works out perfectly, as I have 15 slots in the display case I intend to use/create (from an old wall-mounted cassette holder). Hank Thompson, the first black player for both the Giants and the St. Louis Browns, has no card of him with the Browns. But I'll use a Giants card in the St. Louis slot and use Monte Irvin, who debuted for the Giants on the same day as Thompson, for the Giants. And Nino Escalera, the first black player on the Redlegs, has no vintage cards. But Chuck Harmon debuted for them the same day, so I'll go with him. It's complicated, but actually works out very well for my purposes.

As soon as I threw away most of my cassettes, I looked at the holders and thought "baseball card display!" I intend to put a color picture of each teams logo from the year behind the player. Except for Chief Wahoo. The irony there would just be too much, so I'll go with a generic "Cleveland." I might put logos of various negro league teams around the edges, but maybe not. I will post a picture of the display when it's up if I can figure out how to do that. It will have some holes for awhile and some cards will eventually be replaced, but I have a critical mass of the cards, so I can put this up as soon as I fix up the case. For now they'll all go into a binder.

My intent here, is not to create controversy or debate. I just want to honor these (sometimes forgotten) pioneers of baseball. Also, note that these are NOT the first 16 black players in baseball after 1947. Some teams, like the Dodgers, had more than one black player pretty quickly. They're also not all rookie cards -- the Robinson because I can't afford it -- the Virgil because he played for other teams before he became the first black Tiger, for example.



International Alliances by PapaG321 (Last updated on Apr 20, 2021)

Trades with international members

The 100 Card Club by AnalogKid (Last updated on Apr 19, 2021)

Players I have 100 or more cards of. These are unique cards. Doubles and multi-player cards aren't counted.

C2Cigars & Bigfishbreaks April 3 break by doogie_13 (Last updated on Apr 19, 2021)

Big thank you to Chuck for doing this. It is mighty generous of you, especially considering prices for cards right now. These are all of the New York Islanders in the break.

Gunny's "Baker's Dozen" giveaway: Hockey pack 'A' by doogie_13 (Last updated on Apr 19, 2021)

Random Card of the Day Coincidences by Admin (Last updated on Apr 19, 2021)

The Random Card of the Day is completely random and chosen by a randomization program. This list highlights some of the times where the random selection coincided with current events.

Cards I’ve gotten signed TTM by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 19, 2021)

This is a list of all cards I’ve gotten signed via the mail. Cards are in order of when I received them (newest to oldest). I got addresses from Sports Card Forum, Sports Collectors and the Harvey books.

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Face to Face: "Real" Autographed Cards by thirstydeer (Last updated on Apr 17, 2021)

These are all cards of players I've met and had cards signed in-person. None of these cards are printed autographs. As I was am a Toronto resident most cards are of players who played for the Blue Jays or Maple Leafs at one point, and most of the cards are from the early 90s.

Forgive my poor cropping efforts. It does not reflect the quality of the cards. My baseball cards are first and hockey cards second. The cards are sorted alphabetically.

Autographs with more then a "I simply got it signed at a card show" story will be captioned with the corresponding card.

Most of the cards you'll see are from the early 90s. In regards to hockey this is because back then, except for perhaps a select few, NHL players still had to earn some money after their careers ended. Back then the minimum NHL salary was $175,000, and very few players eclipsed an annual salary of >$1,000,000. Many of them have signed up with event companies to play hockey in charitable events and collect fees for their appearances. Also card shows is always a source of income for players.

... see if you can guess who my favourite Leaf was back in the day...

Cards from the same photoshoot. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Apr 17, 2021)

Cards that have images from the same photoshoot.

Can be different years and brands.

All sports welcome.

Autographs Collection by twfurey (Last updated on Apr 17, 2021)

Autographed memorabilia in my collection

All-Time Teams Wantlist by hockeydude (Last updated on Apr 16, 2021)

I created a series of All-Time Teams on my blog and then decided to collect cards of each player, manager, and stadium. These are the remaining needs for my All-Time Teams Frankenset.

1993 Topps Baseball Needs by Yankees4671 (Last updated on Apr 16, 2021)

My TCDB_H2H Prize League Fantasy Team 2021 by OverkillKid (Last updated on Apr 16, 2021)

The collection of players that have at one point been on my team via through draft, trade, or transactions.

My Completed Sets by fedoratipper (Last updated on Apr 15, 2021)

Since I've seen lists on here similar to this, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Here are the sets I have completed.

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Did you know... by HCShannon (Last updated on Apr 15, 2021)

Betcha didn't know these...
Odd and interesting facts found on the backs of cards!

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1999 Top 100 Prospects (Baseball America) by gnarlycore (Last updated on Apr 15, 2021)

Upper Deck Young Guns Goalies by FreakVOE (Last updated on Apr 15, 2021)

List of Young Guns goalie cards from 2000 to present

Top 25 Baseball Birthdays (according to v3) by Vvvergeer (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

Update: 4/14/21. I noticed today was one of the top birthdays, so I looked through this list. Seems I hadn't updated that Roy Halladay and Marvin Miller are in the Hall of Fame. Now I have. But I have not updated the WAR for active players. Perhaps I'll remember to when they retire.

Sometime late in 2017, I started paying attention to the birthdays listed on the site. Then I decided I wanted to make a list of the top 10 baseball birthdays, completely subjective, of course.

So here they are.

Methodology: Well first, I used this site. Thank goodness for whomever thought to put "HOF" in red for those players. Because, otherwise, this would have taken forever. I cruised through every day of the year, looking for the red HOF. If I found an "anchor" Hall of Famer, I'd look through the rest of the list, looking for other HOFers, but also all-stars, league leaders, players and managers who had an impact on the game. Then I listed all those players for the dates that seems promising. If there was just one "minor" HOFer, that wouldn't be enough to look at that date more carefully. One "major" HOFer, and I'd check it out. Two HOFers and I'd look closely. Remember, in the end, I cruised past every baseball player who is listed in this database.

But THEN I stumbled into the fact that Baseball Reference has sortable lists of every player born on each day -- sortable by WAR! So I basically started the whole project over and reviewed see what players had the highest WAR on each day, and I listed the top candidates. I got down to about 60 days pretty easily, then cut it to 41 without a lot of trouble, then found my way down to 25, which I then arranged in "order."
But first, I searched for a similar list on the internet. To my relief, I didn't find one, really. I did find a list of baseball birthdays by total war of all players, but I didn't consider that as a factor.

In the end, I basically looked at the top three WAR for each date, and then checked to see if other significant players were also born on that date. I didn't give a ton of credit to dates with one player with a huge WAR, but no significant other stars to back him up. Think Babe Ruth, Cy Young. There is probably a slight modern slant. I decided to focus on players, but used other prominent baseball figures as tie-breakers. (Think Marvin Miller.)

These candidates dates are just my opinion. Feel free to argue. Or to research better dates.

As to the cards I picked, if I had one of his cards in my collection, I went with my favorite of those, otherwise, I just picked what I liked. Just so I don't have to state whether I have the card every. single. time, if it's 1969 or later, I definitely own the card.

All stats from Baseball

Picking a top 25 wasn't too hard. Ordering them 1 to 25 was almost random silliness.

I've been working on this list for a long, long time. And now I've finally pulled the trigger. So without further babbling, I present my list of the Top 25 Baseball Birthdays.


Passing the "Referee Nose Test" by RefsInTheBack (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

Looking specifically for copies of these basketball cards that pass the "Referee Nose Test" and show the referee's face (at least) up to their nose.

Another way to think of these is that they were cut off-center (OC), and just happen to show more of the official than a centered copy.

If you have a card on this list that is cut OC and passes the test, let's make a trade! (These are not necessarily on my Want list.)

20-21 Tim's Set Needs by bdubs1999 (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

What I need for this set

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My TCDB_H2H League Fantasy Team 2021 by jlamberth (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

Cards featuring players that appeared on my TCDB League Yahoo Fantasy Team during the 2021 season.

Tigers Players 100 or More Cards by rmpaq5 (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

A list of players, as Detroit Tigers or Minor League Affiliates on card, where I have 100 or more different cards. Updated April 14 2021.

Funniest Names in Sports History by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

All hilarious names of baseballers, hoopsters, footballer, etc. throughout history.

REVENGE OF THE NERDS by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

Players who probably could have had a lead or supporting role in all of the 80's Revenge of the Nerds flicks. Basically guys we can categorize as "Nerd Nimbus". The ultimate nerds of baseball.

Funniest Cards & Card Photos Ever Made by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Apr 14, 2021)

A collection of the funniest sports trading cards and card photos ever.. Suggestions of cards to add to this list are always welcomed.

5 or less to finish - Wrestling by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Apr 12, 2021)

Wrestling sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

5 or less to finish - Racing by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Apr 12, 2021)

Racing sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

Sportzcommish's 800/500 Contest Results and Answers by Sportzcommish (Last updated on Apr 11, 2021)

Thanks to those who participated. Below are the answers to my contest.
Here are the winners:

  • Baseball - sandyrusty 73 pts
  • Basketball - PapaG321 58 pts
  • Football - OfficerZero 44 pts
  • Hockey - Shaw Racing 24 pts
    NASCAR Certified Autographs by smo19fan (Last updated on Apr 11, 2021)

    All of my certified autographs from the respective card companies

    NASCAR IP/TTM Autos by smo19fan (Last updated on Apr 10, 2021)

    Cards I got signed by meeting the driver or sending a SASE to the driver

    Memorabilia cards in my collection by doogie_13 (Last updated on Apr 10, 2021)

    All of the cards in my collection bearing jersey swatches. I did not set out to find them, they found me. Hopefully this list can keep growing...

    1973 Topps needed by KMack (Last updated on Apr 10, 2021)

    2,000 Rushing Yards Club by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 9, 2021)

    These are the players who have gotten 2,000+ rushing yards in a season.

    5,000 Passing Yards Club by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 8, 2021)

    This is a list of every quarterback who has had 5,000+ passing yards in a season. The cards displayed are from the year they joined the club.

    500 Home Runs Club Members by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 8, 2021)

    This is a list of all the 500 Home Run Club members. The cards are from the year that they reached 500 (with the exception of Mel Ott. He didn’t have a card from 1945).

    Reds Dates by TheToddFather21 (Last updated on Apr 8, 2021)

    Noteworthy individual games in recent Reds history.

    MLB 50+ Home Run Seasons by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

    This is a list of every time a player hit 50+ Home Runs in a season. Listed in order of what year it was accomplished.

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    Sets Almost Complete by redlegs_baseball (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

    Top 30 Set that are more than 95% complete.

    Going Out A Champion by jmnovff (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

    Players whose final game was a Stanley Cup clinching win.

    No cards exist for several pre 1940 players.

    Four Decades Players, Coaches, Managers by jmnovff (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

    NHL,NBA,NFL,MLB players and head coaches (MLB managers) who participated in four or more decades. Combined service as a player and coach/manager does not qualify.

    No cards exist for NFL coaches:

    Wade Phillips 1985-2013
    Pete Carroll 1994-2020, active

    Players I have 100 cards on my collection by SharksAttack (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

    These are players I have 100 or more cards on my collection

    Bruins Alt Jerseys (A work in Progess) by Rosenort (Last updated on Apr 7, 2021)

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    WWE Hall of Fame by stevejrogers (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

    Starting with inducting the recently passed Andre The Giant as the first member in 1993, the WWE, then WWF, created a Hall of Fame.

    The first full class was in 1994, second in 1995 and the third in 1996. The first two were held prior to the King of The Ring PPV event, and the 1996 one was held prior to Survivor Series.

    With the coming of the Attitude Era, coupled with many deserving performers still very much active and in other companies, or having issues with the WWF, the Hall was shuttered until 2004.

    Then, with the 20th annual WrestleMania, it became a part of the WrestleMania weekend festivities as an arena event, complete with fans attending (the first three were mostly invitee only and done in hotel business meeting/banquet hall type settings). And it has been a WM Weekend fixture ever since.

    It has recently been announced that, FINALLY (yes read that as The Rock would say it) plans are in motion for a permanent home for The Hall near the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

    My Completed Sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

    I'm a set builder, I always have been, and always will be. I completed my first set in 1990 and as of this writing, April 2nd, 2013, I've completed 116 sets. My criteria for inclusion on this list: Pack based release, even if I bought a factory set, qualifies. Factory set only issues qualify at 100 or more cards. Team sets, inserts, promos, do not.
    Since I am OCD, I also have kept track of when I completed many of the sets. If I know the exact date, I will include it in the caption. I also had the idea, circa 2004, to record the last card I needed to complete the set, if I wrote it down, that is the card I will use for this album.

    My completed Insert sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

    I'm a base card guy. Always have been, always will be. But I will collect literally anything. Inserts have been a staple in the hobby for many years but I've never figured out how many I have completed over the years...until now.

    WARNING: THE LIST CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY so if you have your filter set to show mature, it will...


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