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Coronavirus Positive (2,113 and counting) by BucCollector (Last updated on Dec 3, 2021)

Persons who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Newly-added individuals listed first, with the rest alphabetically.

Have a Drink On Me by Gunny (Last updated on Dec 3, 2021)

This list is all about bein' thirsty and how to quench that thirst. So I reckon alotta water bottles are gonna be showing up.

Feel free to leave a comment or drop a PM to get a card added.

New entries shown with purple text.

This time newest cards on top of the list, have fun me parched scallywags!

BASEBALL'S BIG GUYS by jdogg1228 (Last updated on Dec 3, 2021)

All of baseball's heavy hitters and hurlers.
For the most part, the cards are now put in order by weight.

New additions: Luke Voit

5 or less to finish - Football by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

Football Sets that need 5 or less to finish

Sets Near Completion by sandyrusty (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

These are sets in which I am missing 5 cards or less to complete.

Sets Getting Close by sandyrusty (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

These are sets that I am getting close to completing and would be priority in my wants. If you wish to trade, please try to match these sets to your traders as a priority over sets where I am still a long way off from completing.

2020 Minor League "Loans" by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

Players currently under contract with MLB teams who are playing in alternate leagues due to the cancellation of the 2020 Minor League season. This list is not complete. Ranked prospects will also feature FanGraphs Preseason 2020 organizational rankings.

Players with no cards:
Nick Belzer St. Paul/MIL
Matt O'Neill Somerset/NYM
Ashton Creal Nerds/CIN
Terence Doston Nerds/MIL
Jiorgeny Casimiri CuraƧao/TOR
Donny Breek Amsterdam/MIN
Marc Civit Bologna/TOR
Cesar[r]e Astorri Bologna/OAK

Bermanisms by jmnovff (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

Punny names spoken or inspired by Chris Berman.

Recent additions:

Martin "He Ain't Heavy He's My" Brodeur
Oddibe "Young Again' McDowell
Darryl Strawberry "Shortcake"

500 points in Finnish Liiga by SharksAttack (Last updated on Dec 2, 2021)

Players with 500 points scored in the Finnish Liiga

Una y ya (One and Done) - Football by Sportzcommish (Last updated on Nov 30, 2021)

One card needed to complete collection goal.

Una y ya (One and Done) - Basketball by Sportzcommish (Last updated on Nov 30, 2021)

One card needed to complete collection goal.

Una y ya (One and Done) - Baseball by Sportzcommish (Last updated on Nov 30, 2021)

One card needed to complete collection goal.

NFL Rookie Cards of CFL Players and Coaches (468 and counting) by DanD (Last updated on Nov 30, 2021)

A list to track NFL rookie cards (or first-issued NFL cards) of football players or coaches that spent some time in the CFL.

Excuse Me, Could I Have a Word? by Gunny (Last updated on Nov 30, 2021)

Cards showing people getting microphones shoved at them or sitting and having a presser. Also open to other forms of comms, as you can see if you scroll through the list.

I think it will be fun to see how many of them media outlets are still around.

What's not allowed are cards with people singing into microphones or giving some kind of performance. Once again, leave a comment or drop a PM if you find one that fits, alright thems the rules buckaroos!

New entries will show with green text.

BASKETBALL'S BIG GUYS by curling2019 (Last updated on Nov 29, 2021)

A list containing some of the heaviest players in NBA History.

I got this idea from jdogg1228's BASEBALL'S BIG GUYS list, and received permission to make this list. You can find jdogg1228's BASEBALL'S BIG GUYS list here:'S-BIG-GUYS?C=41

I started by just doing cards of players in my collection over 250 lbs, so that the list will grow exponentially with your recommendations. That being said, recommendations ARE WELCOME!

Please make recommendations of players over 250 lbs. I will make an announcement if this changes.

Hope You Enjoy!

New Additions: Nikola Jokic

Coming Soon (Next Update 12/4/2021): Zion Williamson, Tacko Fall, Nikola Pekovic, Greg Ostertag, Boban Marjanovic, Bryant Reeves, Felton Spencer, Glen Davis, Nikola Jokic, Brook Lopez, Joel Embiid, Oliver Miller, Jusuf Nurkic, Robin Lopez, Mark Eaton, JaVale McGee, Jonas Valanciunas, Dwight Howard, Charles Barkley, Nikola Vucevic, Hakeen Olajuwon, Clint Capela, Kevin Love, Steven Adams, LaMarcus Aldridge, Deandre Ayton

TwinKiller's Image Adding Milestones by TwinKiller (Last updated on Nov 29, 2021)

Every milestone I hit with images added goes on this list. Most milestones are every 25 cards. Cards on this list are only the ones that were scanned front and back. Currently at 104 images added. Next milestone at 125.

Most Wanted by suedehead6 (Last updated on Nov 29, 2021)

The 100 Card Club by AnalogKid (Last updated on Nov 28, 2021)

Players I have 100 or more cards of. These are unique cards. Doubles and multi-player cards aren't counted.

CBS Sports Banner by mwccards (Last updated on Nov 28, 2021)

Football cards with the yellow CBS Sports banner in the background.

1995-96 NBA Third Jerseys by fedoratipper (Last updated on Nov 27, 2021)

Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, and New York all introduced third jerseys

Athletes Convicted of Crimes by fedoratipper (Last updated on Nov 27, 2021)

This list deals with some touchy subjects so be warned.

Cards from the same photoshoot. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Nov 27, 2021)

Cards that have images from the same photoshoot.

Can be different years and brands.

All sports welcome.

Cards Missing from 90% full sets by SharksAttack (Last updated on Nov 27, 2021)

Cards missing from 90% or more completed sets. (NSFW sets not included)

a.k.a. Most wanted list

Before and After by jdogg1228 (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

Cards from the same photo shoot that take place in slightly different time frames.
This list will continue to grow as I find more from my collection and from suggestions.
These must be players in action.

1994-95 NBA Third Jerseys by fedoratipper (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

The 1994-95 NBA season saw the first appearance of third jerseys. Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Orlando, Phoenix, and Sacramento all having alternates.

Don't Look Behind You by C2Cigars (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

It's all about the back...back...background.

What I find as interesting background happenstance; not posed setups.

Same photo but different number. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

Cards that show the same photo but the person depicted is wearing a different uniform number.

All sports welcome.

Completed Sets by Midnight112x (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

Graded Cards in my Collection by Midnight112x (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

Last 9 Tiger cards by mfeik (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

Although I started collecting in 1981, I stepped away from it for about 15 years. I got bit by the collecting bug again in 2012, and decided to try to collect all the Tigers Topps base and traded/update cards. These are the last 9 cards I need to complete a 1952-current run, along with a 1950-1952 Bowman run.

Last Cards Standing: The Ones I Still Need (5 or less) by thirstydeer (Last updated on Nov 26, 2021)

This list is for any sets in which five or less cards are needed to complete them. The needed cards will be posted here, and I will keep the list updated.

If you are interested in working out a trade or buy/sell I am all ears. Feel free to message me or post a comment.

Cards are in order from oldest to newest.

HOF autographs: baseball by FreehanSolo (Last updated on Nov 25, 2021)

Passing the Referee Nose Test by RefsInTheBack (Last updated on Nov 25, 2021)

Looking specifically for copies of these basketball cards that pass the "Referee Nose Test" and show the referee's face (at least) up to their nose.

Another way to think of these is that they were cut off-center (OC), and just happen to show more of the official than a centered copy.

If you have a card on this list that is cut OC and passes the test, let's make a trade! (These are not necessarily on my Want list.)

Athletes who have barfed on the field by Jgamble (Last updated on Nov 25, 2021)

These poor guys couldn't hold it in. This list is for athletes with notable episodes in which they have blown chunks on the field of play, the hardcourt, the canvas or the ice...or wherever sports can be played and hurled upon.

Players I have 100 cards on my collection by SharksAttack (Last updated on Nov 25, 2021)

These are players I have 100 or more cards on my collection

"Basketball" by Kurtis Blow by BucCollector (Last updated on Nov 24, 2021)

Most Wanted by jasongerman9 (Last updated on Nov 24, 2021)

Cards I am looking for to complete certain player collections, or portions of certain player collections. Trading is turned off but if you have any of these that you're willing to part with in a small PWE deal, please reach out and I'll see if I can find something on your wantlist.

While my entire wantlist is large (I haven't even tried cataloging my Reds collection yet), I find it easier to focus on taking these collections in chunks at a time. For example, it's much easier and practical for me to dedicate my search to four or five specific Shawn Green or Buster Posey cards rather than add the thousands of missing ones to my wantlist. If I find something outside of this list I'll still pick it up, but these are the ones I'd really like to grab.

Tigers Players 100 or More Cards by rmpaq5 (Last updated on Nov 24, 2021)

A list of players, as Detroit Tigers or Minor League Affiliates on card, where I have 100 or more different cards. Updated November 23, 2021.

Most Wanted Cards for My Collection by astrosammy (Last updated on Nov 23, 2021)

At the Bat Rack by ComposerMike (Last updated on Nov 23, 2021)

Show off all the cards you know with baseball players looking for or posing with their favorite lumber at the bat rack.

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Favorite La Furia Roja Spain WC/Euro stars by Detfan6897 (Last updated on Nov 23, 2021)

My favorite World Cup and Euro Spanish National Team Stars

Notable Cameos in My Collection by Bowersbird (Last updated on Nov 23, 2021)

I love it when a players makes an appearance on someone else's card. Since TCDb doesn't link these sort of cards to the extra player's page, I'm going to make a list of cards like this *that are in my collection* (and possibly on my wantlist, but we'll see) for my own reference and amusement.

There are plenty of cameos I own that aren't on this list. Aside from not wanting to analyze every blurry leg and or hand, I'm not interested in cataloging every single player I barely know that happens to be on another player's card I've never heard of. If the player intrigues me while I confirm the identification or has a pretty good career WAR, they'll probably make the list. But, at the end of the day, this is a somewhat random & subjectively list that I'm just putting together for fun. (If you see any cards in my collection that you think should qualify - or maybe even want to trade/send me a good candidate, feel free to message me).

Also, team cards, checklists, and cards focused on events rather than players do not count here.

Joel Youngblood - PC Checklist by Bowersbird (Last updated on Nov 23, 2021)

This is for me to figure out and remember the order I want my Joel Youngblood cards to go into their binder pages. I'm ignoring postcards (and maybe a variant or two) and might include a team checklist here and there, so I need something better than just a list of all his cards on the site. This seemed like the best idea.

Background: I was buying some cards on eBay and only needed a few more for free shipping (or some deal like that). I picked out Joel's RC because he was a Red & I thought his name was interesting. When it arrived, I went to put it away, and discovered I had his 1990 Score card, when he was also a Red. Was he really a Red for all those years and I didn't know about him? Turns out, no! 1976 and 1989 are his only years as a Red. I was intrigued, so I did a little research. The more I learned, the more fascinated and amused by this guy I was. So, I decided to start collecting his cards. It's fun to have this ongoing quest as well as become a little more familiar with the different sets of this era.

*Someone please let me know if you're aware of any cards with a Youngblood cameo. I only recently realized that the team cards would be fun to add. And with 14 years in the majors, there's a non-zero chance he managed to be in the background of some random cards.*

National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees by stevejrogers (Last updated on Nov 22, 2021)

Organized in 1936, opened in Cooperstown, NY in 1939.

Detroit Red Wings By The Sweater by Detfan6897 (Last updated on Nov 22, 2021)

My Best Player Selection to wear that Sweater Number

My 2/14 Collection by buckstorecards (Last updated on Nov 22, 2021)

A Collection of the Incredible People I Share my Birthday with. While I have more than 2500 cards in this collection, I'm limiting this list to a 5 or 6 at most per subject.

Autos of Pitchers Who Have Thrown No-Hitters by Calleyoop (Last updated on Nov 21, 2021)

As of the end of the 2021 season, there have been 252 pitchers who have thrown a complete game no-hitter in the regular season or post-season in the major leagues. 35 of them have thrown more than one no-hitter during their career, and 23 have pitched a perfect game.

This is my baseball card and postcard collection of autographs from these individuals, including a few that have signed more than one item. (I've included an autograph at the end of the list that doesn't quite meet the criteria I have established above, but it is hard not to include it given the special feat this pitcher accomplished.)

NASCAR Certified Autographs by smo19fan (Last updated on Nov 21, 2021)

All of my certified autographs from the respective card companies

Last few cards needed to complete sets by George Hayes (Last updated on Nov 20, 2021)

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Pen to Paper: "Real" Autographed Cards (Hockey G - M) by thirstydeer (Last updated on Nov 20, 2021)

This is a list of all the cards I have in which the players have signed the cards personally. I either met the player in person or mailed the cards to the player. Forgive my poor cropping efforts. It does not reflect the quality of the cards.

I will try to provide captions for most of the cards to give a backstory as to how I got the cards signed.

Some cards I have multiples autographed, so I have a separate list of tradeable/sellable autographed cards for those.

This list is for my hockey cards with player last names between G and M.


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