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PROFILE UPDATED: June 30, 2021


I got into sports in the early 90s with baseball being my first love, so I started collecting those cards.  I quickly expanded into hockey around the same time and lost enough interest in baseball that I didn't want to collect those cards anymore.  I gave up collecting when I went away to university and didn't pick it up again until I found them in some boxes in my mother's loft last year.  I sorted them out, and decided to get back into collecting.


My collection focuses on completing my old baseball,hockey, and non-sport sets from the 90s, beginning new hockey sets moving forward, as well as building hockey sets covering the 25 year gap between my collecting days.  I also keep an eye out for non-sport sets that interest me, either older sets or starting new ones.  The big example being Star Trek, but also have non-sport sets such as Lego, Transformers movies, Desert Storm, and more.


Through different connections, such as playing in numerous charity hockey tournaments throughout the year (Easter Seals Classic, Baycrest Pro-Am, Hockey Helps the Homeless) with retired NHLers, I try to collect some of their cards to get signed.  Some of these I keep and some are auctioned off to raise money for charity. 

The list was last updated August 1, 2021.

  • Shawn Antoski
  • Jamie Baker
  • Bates Battaglia
  • Sergei Berezin
  • John Blue
  • Claude Boivin
  • Paul Broten
  • Mike Brown
  • Randy Burridge
  • Tom Chorske
  • Jason Dawe
  • Chris Dingman
  • Bruce Driver
  • Dan Ellis
  • Jim Fahey
  • Alexander Frolov
  • Mark Hardy
  • Mike Hartman
  • Todd Harvey
  • Bill Houlder
  • Cam Janssen
  • Tomas Kaberle
  • Derek King
  • Olaf Kolzig
  • Chris Kontos
  • Todd Krygier
  • Grant Ledyard
  • Reed Low
  • Jamie Macoun
  • Darrin Madeley
  • Clint Malarchuk
  • Norm Maracle
  • Daniel Marois
  • Dennis Maruk
  • Stephane Matteau
  • Brad May
  • Randy McKay
  • Dave McLlwain
  • Kevin Miller
  • Bernie Nicholls
  • Scott Pearson
  • Rich Pilon
  • Brian Pothier
  • Brian Propp
  • Dominic Roussel
  • Brian Savage
  • Chris Simon
  • Ronnie Stern
  • Shayne Stevenson
  • Cam Stewart
  • Chris Therien
  • Kevin Todd
  • Garry Valk
  • Ryan Vandenbussche
  • Dixon Ward
  • Ian White
  • Kay Whitmore
  • Dody Wood
  • Terry Yake
  • Paul Ysebaert


Cards from mid-90s to earlier may have small imperfections.  The imperfections could include small corner damage, residue from cards being stuck together, and other typical minor imperfections that comes with handling them a lot as I did as a teen.  The Lego cards may also have small bends in them (they are meant to be played with after all).  If condition is of the upmost importance to you please ask for photos which I will provide.


  • My current first priority is to trade for players in "my player collection" list, but will consider all trades for cards on my wantlist.
  • My first preference is to trade cards but am willing to buy & sell if necessary.
  • I am not overly concerned with exact $ for $ value trades.  I only ask it be in reasonable.  I realize that is completely subjective but we can easily work it out.  My logic is the extra cards I have are there to be used to get the cards I still need.
  • My standard will be to send cards in PWEs (plain white envelopes), including multple PWEs in a single trade.  Bubble mailers and the like will used on an as needed basis (high value cards, etc.)
  • I send out cards on Wednesdays and the weekend.  I'm just too busy the other days of the week.

Quote:   "My ideas ALWAYS work sometimes!"



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