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I got into sports in the early 90s with baseball being my first love, so I started collecting those cards.  I quickly expanded into hockey around the same time and that became my first love so I gave up baseball.  I stopped collecting cards shortly thereafter all the way until early 2020 when I came across my old collection.  I sorted it out, and decided to get back into card collecting.


I have completed most of my early 90s sets but have just a few more to go.  I've also bought some sets between then and when I got back into collecting to.  Some of those sets have missing cards I am trying to get.  Even though I have a few baseball sets from the early 90s my interest is in hockey cards.  I am also a Star Trek fan so I have some of those sets and am trying to complete a few of those sets from the 90s as well.


I play in numerous charity hockey tournaments throughout the year (Easter Seals Classic, Baycrest Pro-Am, Hockey Helps the Homeless) with retired NHLers so I try to collect some of their cards to get signed and auctioned off to raise money for charity.  If you have cards of these players that are not specifically on my wantlists I may still be interested in them.

The list was last updated October 1, 2020.

  • No players at the moment as all charity tournaments are shut down due to Covid19.


Cards from mid-90s to earlier may have small imperfections but overall are in very good condition.  Imperfections could include small corner damage, residue from cards being stuck together, etc.  If condition is of the upmost importance to you please ask for photos which I will happily provide.  Anything major I'll try to make note in the specific card.  I'm not looking to sneak anything past anyone.


  • My first preference is to trade cards but am willing to buy & sell if necessary.
  • I am not overly concerned with exact $ for $ value trades.  I only ask it be in reasonable.  I realize that is completely subjective but we can easily work through these situations as they come up.  My logic is the extras I have are there to be used to get what I need, not held onto just because the cards I was offered for them are worth a few dollars less.
  • My standard will be to send cards in PWEs (plain white envelopes) unless certain trade factors require otherwise (ex: number of cards being sent, high value cards, etc).
  • Because I work 10 hour nights I have little conscious time during the day between Sunday and Wednesday.  Card pulling, responding to emails, posting cards, etc will likely be done between Thursday to Saturday.  If you take the time to reach out to me I promise to make the time to reply, just understand my time constraints.



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