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Updated May 26, 2022

My collecting priorities are

  1. New York Yankees
  2. Japanese MLB players

****Mailing from a US military address in Japan****

I will ship and receive USPS from a Fleet Post Office (FPO) at standard domestic USPS rates and procedures. Anything larger than a PWE coming my way will require a customs declaration to be completed by the sender at no additional cost. This process is largely automated and/or straighforward if you're using Click n Ship,, Pirateship etc.

Just about any Yankees card is a welcomed addition to my collection. I have not gone to the trouble of adding all parallels, SPs etc. to my wantlist yet but I would also like to trade for these. Especially interested in any mini- or over-sized cards, die-cuts, coins, stickers, booklets, posters, pins, memorabilia cards, manufactured patch cards, autographed cards, serial numbered cards, food issues and oddball cards.

My lowest priority wants are ~'86-'96 base and commons, unlicensed releases (Panini), Bowman, Opening Day, Bunt, Big League etc.

I have zero interest in collecting micro variations ( * ** *** dot, no dot, no space with comma, paint splatter pattern two microns to the left etc.)

Please make reasonable trade offers. Offers of a bunch of 1990 base cards for modern inserts and stars will be rejected outright. 

When trading for any cards from 1980 onwards I am only interested in EX-MT condition or better. 

>99% of my listed cards are pack pulled as of my TCDb join date and are generally in "pack fresh" condition.

If you have specific mailing requirements or requests please let me know when proposing or before accepting a trade offer. 

Big Stein wants an eggplant calzone!



Topps Yankees base SP VARs by twfurey
Last updated on Jun 8, 2021
Yankees in-person autographs by twfurey
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Autographs Collection by twfurey
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