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I am VERY VERY busy, but I love to make trades!!!  Please be patient with me if I am slow to respond.  TIA!

I love jersey numbered serial numbered cards!      (Hakeem Olajuwon 34/x,  Nolan Ryan 34/x, Andre Johnson 80/x)

My main PC is Hakeem Olajuwon,  Andre Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Clint Dempsey, and Emmitt Smith.  I also collect cameo cards of those players.  I am currently working on compiling a list on all of their cameo cards.  Please check out my list and let me know if you see any cards missing. TIA.



Hakeem Olajuwon -

Andre Johnson -

Nolan Ryan -

Clint Dempsey -

J.J. Watt -

Craig Biggio -

Emmitt Smith -

Troy Aikman -

Mike Modano -


For trades involving low end card I ship PWE.  I follow TCDB member ohoffm's tips/instructions for shipping PWE.

As a new member this video by Ian Badeer was a great introduction to the site.




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