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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Set: 2018 Donruss - Red Foil

Card: #89 Kasey Kahne

“ Nice car shot. I like the ones with the car more than the ones with the drivers, though I see the need for both. ” -switzr1
“ OK Donruss Racing card. Would be nice to have a photo of the racer, nice car. AH they do have some of the racer photos in the checklist, but not on this card. OH and it's a "Red" foil version #/299 how nice. ” -captkirk42
“ Interesting, second Donruss parallel to come up this year. Kasey was a big star for a short time, then his career kind of went sideways. Had to leave NASCAR due to carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the exhaust fumes entering the car, only the second driver to have that happen after Rick Mast. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ I love Nascar paint schemes, so I really like cards like this one. ” -702tpr777
“ Is Kasey Kahne a Transformer? If not, shouldn't there be a photo of him somewhere on this card? Or should the card really be named something like "The Kasey Kahne, Farmers Insurance #5 Chevrolet" ” -kents_stuff   1


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by Onemorepoint

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