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Monday, August 8, 2022

Set: 2001 Lego MLS

Card: #NNO Brian West

“ Pretty plain. I wonder what’s LEGO about this. ” -pugchump   1
“ Huh - I don't remember these being a thing. I have a few Lego NBA cards/players around the house somewhere, but I couldn't have told you that there were MLS cards as well. ” -Bowersbird   1
“ Lego? Best Lego model I've seen. Oh wait. ” -captkirk42   6
“ At first I was surprised to see LEGO making cards, but then saw it was 2001 so I'm no longer surprised. ” -jdogg1228   3
“ Irony alert. Playing it SAFE is our #1 priority. Meanwhile, check out our card from a team with a Mafia logo. ” -hiflew   1
“ They couldn't have chosen a better shot than this? Good quality card for 2001, but terrible camera work. ” -tinyshogun
“ Very nice looking card. Many actual card companies should take note of this design. Great pic, team logo, name not too big, player position, even player number. They even got the company name in, all without taking away from the photo. I like this. ” -muskie027   2
“ I have a hard time believing that man is made of Lego. ” -DarthTempest   3


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