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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Set: 1998 SkyBox E-X2001 - Cheap Seat Treats

Card: #18 CS David Justice

“ Not sure I understand the point of the front of the card other than cheap seats get you bad views. Don’t think that translates well for a baseball card. ” -mrackar   8
“ Wasn't expecting to see David Justice's head and arm growing out of a bench that's for sure. ” -jdogg1228   7
“ First I didn't get the idea and was like "what a...¿". But this is really stupid anyway. ” -Duke   5
“ what the heck...looks like he got folded up by an usher.... ” -Tmac7   2
“ Peek-a-boo! ” -stevejrogers   6
“ If the intent of the "Cheap Seat" theme was to provide an obstructed view of the player, then job well done! ” -bevans   2
“ What in the holy cheap seats are these? Really?? ” -tinyshogun   3
“ ...and Fleer/Skybox wonders why they went bankrupt. ” -hamrlik22   5
“ "Mooooooom! David got himself stuck in that cheap folding chair you got at Wal-Mart again!!!!!" ” -Theron_Nett   2
“ I thought i had seen all the worst insert sets there are, but RCOD you come out and surprise me again. ” -parsley24   7
“ Mom was right, it is a bad idea to stand on folding chairs! ” -jackal726   3
“ It really makes you feel old to see what was once considered an idea on the cutting edge is now nostalgic gimmickry. ” -hiflew   2
“ Pretty lame . . . ” -georgecf   3
“ Kind of ugly card. Why did they have to block the picture? ” -vincentcwb   3
“ Reminds me of those black censor bars ” -lildog7   1
“ Pretty cool concept, except the intricate die-cut design makes it very fragile. ” -captkirk42   5
“ What is this horrible idea of a card? ” -jupiterhill   4
“ Love this set! ” -pjdionne12   1
“ what. ” -702tpr777   3
“ I didn't know that seats played baseball. ” -BigBoyOnWheels   2
“ One of my favorites, one of the great 90's inserts from Fleer / Skybox insert sets. Die cut for the die cut lover that I am, and an insert rate of 1 per 24 [1 per box.] It folds down like a stadium seat, and the chair is slatted wood like in the cheap seats, no padding. How great is that? A paper card, when the base set was acetate. ” -abide   7
“ Ahh, the 90's...when card companies went wild with goofy ideas for cards and inserts! ” -cckeith   2
“ No. Just, no. ” -Sportzcommish   4


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