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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Set: 1988 Topps Stickers

Card: #41 / 207 Andres Thomas / Julio Franco

“ Topps Stickers two days in a row! Consecutive years, too, if I remember correctly. Maybe the 1989 set will come up tomorrow? I do like the yellow borders...my second favorite color. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Is this 2 days in a row of the same set? Wow. ” -rmpaq5

“ Didn't we just have one of these? I still like Topps stickers. The problem with the card back years is that these two guys don't have their names displayed anywhere. I guess that's why you need to buy the album. Those guys at Topps are pretty smart after all! ” -switzr1

“ I remember stickers from when I was young, putting them all over notebooks. These look real nice. I really like the one of The Hawk on the back. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ Stickers two days close together (in a row? I can't remember if Candy and Quisenberry was yesterday or the day before). Possibly coincidence list worthy? ” -Brimose

“ Once again, 80's stickers should bring big money for NMt or Mint condition. ” -CardFlipper1974

“ is this stickers back to back...... ” -parsley24


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