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Random Card of the Day

Monday, October 3, 2022

Set: 2009 Bowman - Orange

Card: #216 Freddy Sandoval

“ Orange? Looks brown to me. Kinda like pumpkin pie actually. ” -Billy Kingsley   4
“ 2009 was a decent year for Bowman Cards. The cards for this year are not boring like the current years Bowman cards. ” -tinyshogun   1
“ That looks more like a orange and brown mixture. Not pretty. ” -TwinKiller   3
“ These look like cards from cereal boxes. ” -parsley24   1
“ This is a big problem with having SO many rookies in every set each year. I was watching baseball a lot in 2008, but I have zero memory of Freddy Sandoval. ” -hiflew
“ Modern Bowman. I think most have said what needs to be said about them. You either like them or you hate them I guess. ” -captkirk42   1
“ Nice card ” -cjjt   1
“ Definitely miss this version of the Rookie Card logo as oppossed to the RC that is now used ” -c634   1


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by Brenton
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Card of the Day 10/3/2022 - 2009 Bowman - Orange #216 Freddy Sandoval 4Oct 3, 2022 11:01 AM
by LapsedNoLonger

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