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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Set: 2019-20 Upper Deck - Clear Cut

Card: #265 Jeff Skinner

“ I really dig the acetate cards. ” -Corky   2
“ I love these Clear Cut parallels! They are so cool in hand. I actually pulled one from this same release (Series 2). I wish they were easier to find...they fall less than 1 per box. ” -Billy Kingsley   2
“ With this acetate card if you "mouse over" quickly enough you almost get one of those "flipping parallel universe" sci-fi show effect. That or he looks like he's going to crash into himself. ” -captkirk42   4
“ I love these sorts of clear cards. One of the best innovations in card designs in recent years. I packed one such card in Topps 2014 Updates and immediacy fell in love. Doesn't hurt that the base card here is nice too. ” -DarkSide830   1
“ I have no use for this card. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ I like how unique these acetate cards can be. ” -suomibear8   2
“ Fun fact, when Jeff Skinner was 9, he had a role in Robin Williams' "Death to Smoochy". ” -NickyCollects   1
“ Not big into hockey cards, but this is nice, besides the fact that you can read the back text from the front ” -Soarin22   1
“ My goal is to get the most likes. Help a brother out! ” -RoyalChief   2
“ I love these types of inserts! Thumbs up here! ” -bkklaos   1
“ Cool. I always like cards like this. ” -cjjt   1
“ Second player from Buffalo in a matter of days! ” -Phil   2
“ without them doing football anymore i don't see many UD cards, but there style has not changed ” -Thunderfoot


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