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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Set: 2000-01 SP Authentic

Card: #33 Nicklas Lidstrom

“ This is a nice card. Lidstrom in my opinion was the Greatest European born player in NHL history. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ Another card made during my time away from the hobby. SP Authentic never really seems to catch my interest. This design follows in that vein. Great player though, one of the best D-Men ever. ” -Gunny
“ its coming out of that late 90s overly cheesy graphic phase and maturing into a modern graphic phase. not bad card. ” -parsley24
“ This hockey card is a bit lower than OK. Wow very difficult to read player name in the scan must foil of some kind. Back a little better, 3 seasons of stats (out of 9) better than just one I guess. ” -captkirk42


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