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Random Card of the Day

Friday, May 24, 2024

Set: 2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition - Aspirations Tie-Dye

Card: #33 Daniel Lynch

“ Wow. This front just looks....wow. And not a good "wow," btw.... ” -Theron_Nett   5
“ Reminds me of Upper Deck X from the late 2000’s. ” -jdogg1228   4
“ Being a vintage guy, I rarely comment on, or think about, cards from this century, but what's with the huge blue border on the back? It's one thing to run out of ideas, but to so clearly admit it...? ” -kskillman42   7
“ Panini ruined one of the better Donruss products with it's over-designing crapfests. Calling it an eye sore is being charitable. ” -hamrlik22   4
“ I usually don't like graphics butchering up the front of a card, but for some reason I kind of like it. ” -Rick Gentry   2
“ Say what one will about Panini, but some of their cards look like exciting inserts of really good players. In this case not such a great player, but the design is eye-catching to me. ” -myrke   1


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by Mjsportcards1

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