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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Set: 2018 Bowman - Chrome Prospects Atomic Refractor

Card: #BCP38 Mitch Keller

“ YAY a Bucco! However, not something I would look to collect. I ain't never been into these newer Bowman cards. I know some fellers go nutsy cuckoo over these cards at the LCS. Buy boxes of them, open them right in the store and leave most of the cards there, never understood that. ” -Gunny   1
“ OK I like the basic design for the Base. I do not, however like the Refractor "Crushed Ice" or "Sparkle Diamond" Prism effect this refractor has going on. It really (multiple really ad-infinitum or at least 3 or 4 multiples of really) Back typical back really wish there was just one background color. Don't get me started on Bowman Prospects card "numbers" with all these "P"s and "C"s they use for their Prospects releases. ” -captkirk42   2
“ I think the Atomic Refractor is one of the better parallels in my opinion just because of how nice they look in person. Parallel aside, I think 2018 Bowman is nice because of how simple it is ” -mkb   1

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