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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Set: 2019-20 SportZoo Tipsport Liga - Blue

Card: #46 Brock Trotter

“ That is the tiniest serial numbering I've ever seen! Even smaller than from the early 2000's when SN was first starting. It's like where's waldo but SportZoo's version: "Spot the Serial Number." (yes I came up with that myself and am very proud of it lol) ” -jdogg1228   4
“ Not sure if it was because of a bad scan, but the front looks so faded. ” -Theron_Nett   3
“ A lot of shapes on the front of this card, and is that a serial# on the back? If this is the "Blue" version why so much red? ” -BuccaneersDen   3
“ The definition of an "eye sore". ” -hamrlik22   2
“ Didn't know NASCAR did hockey ” -SuperJTB2015   2
“ Pretty good looking Hockey card. I almost feel that this should be one of several cards that line up to form a puzzle with a round targeting border. ” -captkirk42   3
“ Other than the side banner, this is a nice card. ” -Rick Gentry   2
“ Something about this card pulls me in. I think this is a good-looking card with a little bit of mystery. ” -cardcollector65jw   1


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