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Random Card of the Day

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Set: 2019 Panini Unparalleled - Flight

Card: #252 Josh Oliver

“ Godawful background. How anyone could want this confounds me. ” -hiflew   1
“ The jaguar print goes well with the team in this case, but for any other team it looks hideous and hurts my eyes. Also, it seems like every Panini card uses the same photo for the front and the back which is extremely lazy. Why not put more effort into the quality of the cards instead of making thousands of random parallels(although I will say it's usually the difficulty of identifying parallels rather than the quantity of them that annoys me)? ” -jdogg1228
“ An unparalleled parallel!! Surely not? ” -scottwalker29   2
“ I don't understand the background. It looks like someone's really interesting looking bedsheet hanging out on the line to dry while there's Josh right out there playing intense-looking football player. It's certainly unparalleled. ” -ray fosse's ghost
“ Not the greatest design but they are shiny and do scan well. I have three cards from this parallel set. Wait a minute! Oxymoron of the day: an Unparalled parallel. ” -freakizon
“ Eww ” -TwinKiller
“ Turn this crazy bird around, should not have got on this FLIGHT tonight. ” -BuccaneersDen
“ I thought those were supposed to be jaguar spots in the background, but....I really have no idea what the hell those are supposed to be. Did someone use their beach towel for the background? ” -Theron_Nett
“ Never trust a guy with two first names. ” -philliesphan
“ I hope that Josh has a good flight. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ That background is absolutely killing my eyes ” -SuperJTB2015   1


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