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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Set: 1998 Pinnacle Inside - Club Edition

Card: #120 Ryan McGuire

“ "Club Edition." The exact thing as the normal set, only it says Club Edition. ” -jdogg1228
“ FUN FACT: Before becoming a professional baseball player, Ryan McGuire modelled athletic attire for the Sears catalog. ” -Theron_Nett
“ I can imagine my dad asking me if this is the first base guy who was hitting all those home runs in 1998. Close enough, I guess. ” -ray fosse's ghost
“ Cards in a can! What a concept. Except the card design is pretty bland and the cans aren't particularly collectible. ” -hamrlik22
“ Generally a nice card. Back is just carrer highlightmsre. ” -captkirk42
“ Oh, hay! ” -SteelYourFace


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#718 Steve Crawford (Back)
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