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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Set: 1957 Topps Space

Card: #59 Gymnastics On The Moon

“ I can bench 6000 pounds. ” -domentho   2
“ I'd avoid injury doing a flip, and landing awkwardly on the floor, but would end up cracking my skull from drifting up into the ceiling. DOH! ” -CollectingAfterDeath
“ Gotta admit, looks fun. ” -rmpaq5   1
“ Awesome. I want to do gymnastics on the Moon! ” -cjjt
“ Nice vintage Non-Sport card that almost looks like a sports card. ” -captkirk42
“ This would be an amazing card as a kid for me because I was into the difference in weight and gravity on other planets/moons. In 4th grade we did the calculations of how much we would weigh on each planet and our moon and how it would affect our bodies. This card fascinates me 100%! ” -cardcollector65jw   3
“ I think I see Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. ” -Godzilla8you   1
“ In 1957, only one house in my town could afford a color TV (not my house). Disney's Wonderful World of Color did not start broadcasting until 1961. So, it was a treat when Topps capitalized on the excitement of the space race and issued these Space Cards featuring full color illustrations of what space travel would be like. ” -IronButt
“ Any card older than me I find cool! There is no exception here! I'd be all over this set! ” -bkklaos


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