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Friday, April 12, 2024

Set: 2007-08 SP Game Used

Card: #70 Jameer Nelson

“ Took me a minute to actually find the “game used” part. ” -jdogg1228   4
“ A set called Game Used where cards 1-100 have no memorabilia on them. That makes sense. Oh, the fine print on the back probably says, "card produced from the recycled waste of game used paper water cups". ” -Tscastle   5
“ Nice looking card. That backcourt at St. Joe's was pretty awesome with him and Delonte West. ” -tenlbpain   2
“ I like the relaxed design of this card, with the symmetry on both sides and the grayish shade of blue prominently displayed throughout. The sharp color of the basketball also nicely stands out amidst all the more subtle colors. Not sure how the rest of the cards in this series look, but this one looks great. ” -myrke   2
“ I gave up on SP Game Used once Upper Deck began placing player-worn stuff in there. It should have be called SP Game Used - Player-worn Edition. ” -hamrlik22   1
“ Other than the player name on the front is practically not readable and not even on the back at all, this is a good looking card. ” -Rick Gentry   2
“ What is the opposite of Jelly Nose? Jameer! ” -UKboogie
“ One of the few issues I have from Upper Deck in the late 00's was that they would have titles of a set like this, yet the base cards didn't incorporate the title. I was looking for the jersey/relic on this card for a minute and was like where is it. ” -cardcollector65jw


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