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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Set: 1997 Pinnacle X-Press

Card: #9 Mark Brunell

“ Always liked this design in baseball. This is a very good photo for the design. ” -hiflew   3
“ Look out little football guy, you're gonna get squished! Possibly by a football. ” -ray fosse's ghost   2
“ I like the fact that there are three different pictures on the card. does make a difference. ” -Brendan Barrick   3
“ the picture makes it look like he doesnt have any legs ” -SuperJTB2015
“ the three images on the card aren't the same photos! Panini- take some notes. ” -jdogg1228   2
“ Get out of the way, little dude, before you get crushed by those two giants!!!! ” -Theron_Nett   2
“ I'll never understand wasting a license on such a small logo. I also like stats for multiple years; not just the previous one. Oh yeah, weak main photo. ” -SFC Temple   2
“ Could be a “Before and After” sequence ” -stevejrogers   2
“ Nice card. 3 different pictures! Different stats on back. ” -cjjt   2
“ Andddddd he’s sacked ” -Papayanz   2
“ Front to back, one of the weirdest looking cards I have ever seen. How about the stats on the back? Yikes... Just a strange card. ” -Rick Gentry   1
“ I just really want to know if he got the first down or if he was being sacked ” -cardcollector65jw   2
“ Nice looking Mid 1990s card ” -captkirk42   1


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