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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Set: 1990 Bowman

Card: #423 Scott Leius

“ I never really got into the look of these and they used this in more than one sport. Something about the look made it look cheap. ” -muskie027

“ His helmet looks too big. Also, an old friend of mine used to always gripe that Scott Leius stole his girlfriend. Nice set, by the way. I really like it despite the very small print. ” -switzr1

“ Scott-"Ok how do you want me to pose" Photographer-"Deep and introspective, like your watching your loved ones leaving on a ship never knowing if they will return, and try to hit that moment as the ship disappears over the horizon...oh and put on your helmet while doing that too." ” -rmpaq5

“ Back in 1990 when this set came out I remember thinking like they looked like a generic Topps card. 30 years later I look at these cards and think they look like a generic Topps card. 1990 and 91 Bowman where my least favorite designs of the early 90s. ” -YoRicha

“ I’m not a fan of this card nor do I like the design in general. ” -chemistclete

“ Bowman sure has come a long way since this set. ” -Bassbunny22

“ I have fallen back in love with 90 bowman. Just wish the writing was better to see and there was a pos on the front. ” -parsley24

“ Not a big fan. Feel like the name and the team should be a bigger part of the card, ” -BasketbalHQ

“ I like this card. Some might call it boring but I like the simplicity. Just a clean shot of the player, no bells or whistles. ” -Camstone

“ Bowman, the set that always has subpar photography. Back looks different than the hockey variation ” -dollar guy

“ Hideous border ruined these cards. What were you thinking, Topps? Real Bowman cards from the '50s would have never been so ugly. ” -bpaul14

“ Can't really complain about '90 Bowman! ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ I don't like the fact that it at least doesn't have a team logo. ” -Phil

“ Never was a huge fan of the late 80s early 90s Bowman years, and this one definitely lacks character ” -Soarin22


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