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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Set: 1986 Donruss

Card: #59 Ozzie Smith

“ Not a terrible design. Still would have been nice if Donruss decided to change the back every year instead of waiting until 1992 to do so. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ When this set first came out Donruss was my favorite design and Topps was the worst, but as I look at my cards now I think I like the Topps better with Donruss and Fleer close behind. The only problem with this person is that he was such a fan favorite for his flips that he overshadowed the best SS in the NL of the time ” -goreds00

“ Nice shot and well-designed card of a popular Hall of Fame player. And remember when this set was en fuego? I was always chagrined, however, that so many '86 Donruss cards had an overly magenta tone to them. Donruss' printers did not do a good job. I remember hand collating these sets and always tossing aside dozens of cards that were just too pinkish. ” -bpaul14

“ Nice overproduced 1980s Donruss card. ” -captkirk42

“ Love it! Cardinal, HOFer, Legend, good card, good picture, checks all the boxes. One of my favorite RCOTD in a while! ” -Brimose

“ Ozzie Smith cards should always feature him in the middle of making a spectacular fielding play. So cards with him in a batting pose, taken during spring training are automatically disappointing. ” -abide

“ The Wizard!!! Love Ozzie and love the intent stare. 1986 Donruss is highly underrated. ” -Vonnegut37

“ The Wizard! Probably the only player from the '82 Cardinals too cool to hate. Love that '86 Donruss look too! Great card. ” -crushnmove

“ I always felt that the 1986 Donruss were somewhat maligned. It's really not a bad looking set, and IMHO the best of the 'Big 3' in 1986. They also weren't easy to find in stores that year. Plus it's the Oz! How can you not like that? ” -DocOso

“ I've always liked the vibrant colors used on the back of Donruss cards. ” -BasketbalHQ

“ The Wizard!!! so intense of a look...the greatest shortstop of my time.....until he finished off the Dodgers in 1985.....Go crazy folks! ” -Gator415

“ I thought it would have been appropriate for his '86 card to show Ozzie in a left handed batting stance, given his '85 NLCS heroics. And I know he's much too nice for this, but perhaps that look in his eyes indicate it's not so much a fastball he's looking to wallop as it is a certain AL umpire who blew a 9th inning call. I feel horrible for Mr. Denkinger--just as I do for Mr. Joyce on the blown perfect game call in Detroit. It was human error. But the 35 year anniversary of that call is coming up in a few weeks....and I'm still not over it. Probably never will be. Sorry--that's just who I am. ” -kents_stuff

“ This was a good year for Donruss. ” -mkaz80

“ The Wizard! ” -cjjt

“ "The Ozzman Cometh", loved watching him play. So focused on this card! ” -bluerox81

“ Last thing I wanted to see here was a Donruss card. At least there aren't multiple versions of this - or are there? I remember 1986 Donruss being a tough product to find in 1986. I was lucky to find "my one wax box" that I opened of every product back then. I still don't have many extras, but these days, that's okay. Front was a little different, but blue, as was Fleer that year. And the backs were excatly the same as the year before, which weren't that different from 1982-1984. And they would use the same backs through 1991. I wasn't that big a fan of the set then. Still not really. But, I did (and still do) like it better than the 1986 Topps design. ” -vrooomed

“ The lines in the border of the card really does not look good. ” -dollar guy

“ It's Ozzie..what's not to love!! ” -Camstone


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