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Random Card of the Day

Friday, March 31, 2023

Set: 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Formula 1 - Red

Card: #2 Valtteri Bottas

“ This is why books were not printed with sideways writing. ” -hiflew   8
“ Taas torille! What's happening here?? Just over month ago we had finnish F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen as RCOTD and now we have finnish F1 driver Bottas as RCOTD. Champ. Wins Podiums Kimi 1 21 103 Valtteri 0 10 67 ” -Duke   2
“ Looks like he is waiting to be called into the principal’s office. ” -Tscastle   3
“ Nice looking Chrome Red card. WAIT A MINUTE? Why is the set called "Sapphire" and this is a Red Variant? Shouldn't it be a Red variant of the BASE Chrome set? Now I am totally confused. ” -captkirk42   1
“ We call this pose "the fig leaf" ” -Musclebeech   2
“ Husband waiting by exit for wife to finish shopping ” -stdolan1   3
“ This dude was a beast in the GP3 Series. ” -CardFlipper1974   1
“ Action photo!!! ” -cjjt   2


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