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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Set: 1996 Futera Heritage Collection

Card: #16 Arthur Morris

“ One of the all-time greats and an iconic set. Ironic that this appeared as the future 'card of the day' the same day of the 2000 Middlesborough Futera card. ” -scottwalker29
“ Love seeing Cricket cards on RCOTD. This is when serial numbered cards first started, as you can see on the back. For some reason, everything's in cursive except "Left Hand Opening Batsmen." ” -jdogg1228   1
“ The award for the best dressed sport goes to: Cricket ” -tinyshogun   5
“ Nice looking cricket card of old-timey player. OK he played in the 1940s - 1950s not super old, but old time enough ” -captkirk42
“ Very classy-looking. Like I would find this hanging in a local Irish pub. ” -Theron_Nett   2
“ He's got a beautiful back swing. That's oh, he got all of that one! He's got to be pleased with that. Cinderella story, from outta nowhere. Former groundskeeper now about to become the Master's Champion. He's got 195-yards left, looks like about an 8-iron. It looks like a miraculous ... it's in the hole! It's in the hole! ” -BuccaneersDen   2


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1994 Upper Deck

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#89 Dave Stewart (Front/Back)
VAR: Silver back

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