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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Set: 1994 SkyBox Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1

Card: #72 The Arsenal of Freedom

“ Good looking card and arguably the best episode from season 1. ” -hiflew   2
“ A little over-designed on the back, but good looking Trek cards. ” -hamrlik22   2
“ I never was into Star Trek but it seems like there is 20 different versions of it. ” -Matt9975   1
“ Cool Trek Card. I forget if I tried getting any of the "By Season" cards. I think I opened maybe 1 or 2 packs of Season 1. I don't think I got the set, even though many of the Trek sets from around then I bought the full sets of. Not sure though as it has been 28 years. ” -captkirk42
“ Where no card has gone before! ” -jayoneill   1
“ I recently "re-watched" all of TNG -- I put that in quotes because I discovered that there were many episodes I'd never seen before. I remembered this one though, specifically for Vincent Schiavelli. A shame they didn't feature him on the card instead of a shot of the Enterprise that could be from any episode. ” -DarthTempest   1
“ These are the voyages… ” -freakizon
“ Star Trek: The Next Generation was a good show. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ The intro to star trek always freaked me out as a kid. ” -parsley24   1


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by FAMDaddy

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