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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Set: 1991 Topps American Gladiators

Card: #80 Gemini

“ I was a big fan of American Gladiators...I'd still watch if they were still on. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be one of the Gladiators. I had no concept of the show not still being on, let alone the realities of my health problems that would set in later. ” -Billy Kingsley   1
“ I lol'd at "Geminites" ” -SteelYourFace   1
“ Man I remember lazy Saturday afternoons watching American Gladiators. Lace was my first teenage crush. The thing I remember most about Gemini is that he routinely would swat away contestants like flies when they swung at him on that Tarzan rope. ” -hiflew   1
“ WOW! I am surprised that American Gladiators made the RCotD. I loved watching that show a "reality" Sports competition show before "Reality TV" became a thing. The original series (which is technically based on a UK show called "Gladiators") lasted several seasons and in later years there have been a couple of attempts at a revival. In more recent years shows like "American Ninja Warrior" has some similarities with it being an athletic competition using obstacle courses. Gladiators has additional events that hone different skills and abilities not just speed and endurance. ” -captkirk42   1
“ Oh boy I feel threatened alright. ” -TwinKiller
“ Fun show back in the day! ” -Tscastle
“ Whoa, I remember him! Never knew this set existed! ” -muskie027   1


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