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Monday, May 27, 2024

Set: 1996 Score - Diamond Aces

Card: #27 Garret Anderson

“ GA! One of my favorite Angels of all time! As an Angel fan, there isn’t too much to like anymore besides Trout, so remembering guys from that ‘02 WS team is cool. As for the card, meh. ” -jdogg1228   8
“ Most interesting part of this card is probably the area that didn't scan well.... ” -Theron_Nett   7
“ A nice card... But the bottom of the front could have been lighter. My guess is that it probably looked better in hand. ” -Rick Gentry   5
“ Looks like a poster from a 10-year-old's bedroom wall. ” -Birderman   6
“ Very nice card. Plus he is a niche PC player for me, similar last name to me both spellings "son" and "sen" tend to mean "Son of" in whatever language your ancestors spoke. ” -captkirk42   4
“ ...and now batting for the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim... ” -LeahHobbyShop   5


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1928 Suchard La France pittoresque 1 (Back : Grand Concours des Vues de France)

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#134 Vue Générale de l'Argentière (Ardèche) (Front/)
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#134 Vue Générale de l'Argentière (Ardèche) (Front/)
VAR: Collection des Vues de France

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