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Monday, December 6, 2021

Set: 2008-09 Upper Deck Ovation

Card: #6 Marc-Andre Gragnani

“ Needs a different picture on the back but a cool card otherwise. ” -pugchump   1
“ Very nice card. Looks modern but didn't go overboard crazy ” -NJDevils   1
“ Ok. The card design sans the player is actually quite good. Could they bother to take a better picture of the guy though? It is quite evident on the back of the card that the current photo is quite bad. ” -BigBoyOnWheels   2
“ 2 guys with Marc-Andre for a first name is strange. I know that this guy is in some other league right now and the other's career is getting turned upside down in Chicago. I do like that Sabres logo. ” -TwinKiller
“ This set has that Topps Fire or UD Ice look to it. What is so wrong with just having an untouched action picture or a simple portrait on a card now days? ” -captkirk42   1
“ This is an ok design. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ All Buffalo cards are good cards!!!! ” -muskie027
“ That guy has a neck like a giraffe. ” -BigDaddy   1


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