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My Completed Sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

I'm a set builder, I always have been, and always will be. I completed my first set in 1990 and as of this writing, April 2nd, 2013, I've completed 116 sets. My criteria for inclusion on this list: Pack based release, even if I bought a factory set, qualifies. Factory set only issues qualify at 100 or more cards. Team sets, inserts, promos, do not.
Since I am OCD, I also have kept track of when I completed many of the sets. If I know the exact date, I will include it in the caption. I also had the idea, circa 2004, to record the last card I needed to complete the set, if I wrote it down, that is the card I will use for this album.

My completed Insert sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

I'm a base card guy. Always have been, always will be. But I will collect literally anything. Inserts have been a staple in the hobby for many years but I've never figured out how many I have completed over the years...until now.

WARNING: THE LIST CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY so if you have your filter set to show mature, it will...

I get the crappy autographs by Jgamble (Last updated on Apr 6, 2021)

Not to complain, ink is always sweet. Here's what became of the Scrub Squad who's signatures I've collected.

Can I get your autograph... by PapaG321 (Last updated on Apr 5, 2021)

Cards that depict somebody getting something signed by someone.

All-Italian Mafia Team by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Apr 4, 2021)

Sports stars and professional athletes who missed their calling and should have been a member of the Italian mob. Perhaps some on the team actually were! ... Now I need you guys to help me add more to the team! Suggestions welcomed

Same Name ... Different Person by Alomar_Collector (Last updated on Apr 4, 2021)

I'm Not Who You Think I Am! ... Names that will deceive you ... A work in progress ... (Suggestions are welcome)

My Completed Chase Card Sets #44 (NBA,WNBA,NHL,MLS,ATP & Non Sport) by NatCad (Last updated on Apr 4, 2021)

All of these sets have come about from buying a box, seeing what chase cards or anything not part of the regular set I got from the box and then purchasing or trading for what was needed to complete each set. There are 44 sets in total.

On hold at by doogie_13 (Last updated on Apr 4, 2021)

A list of (almost) everything in my "box" on

Fond Memories: 92 Blue Jays and 92-93 Maple Leafs by thirstydeer (Last updated on Apr 4, 2021)

I got into sports into 1992 and it turned out to be the best time to do it. The Toronto Blue Jays, aka the "boys of summer" came off of a very successful 1991 season and were looking to go further... and further they went. After winning first place in their division they dispatched the Oakland Athletics and the Atlanta Braves for their first World Series win.

Then the Leafs started their season... they started off with their typically subpar win/loss ratio. But when the second half hit, everything fell together. The team had 26 wins and 12 losses to make the playoffs, and pushed out Detroit and St. Louis until falling victim to the Kings in no small part due to the infamous non-call on Gretzky (yes, I went there).

To commemorate these fond memories I have from when I got into these sports and teams respectively, I've put together the below list which includes every player (whom I have cards of) who played on the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs roster that year. Most cards will be from that season but if I don't have any I'll use cards from other seasons, with a priority on cards in which the players are in their Toronto attire.

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Last Cards Standing: The Ones I Still Need by thirstydeer (Last updated on Apr 3, 2021)

This list is for any sets in which five or less cards are needed to complete them. The needed cards will be posted here, and I will keep the list updated.

If you are interested in working out a trade or buy/sell I am all ears. Feel free to message me or post a comment.

Cards are in order from oldest to newest.

MLB All-Century/All-Time Team Rookie Cards by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 3, 2021)

These are the rookie cards of all the players selected to the MLB All-Century and All-Time Teams.

My Teemu Autos by suomibear8 (Last updated on Apr 1, 2021)

This is a list of all the non-TTM Teemu autos I have.

"I'm about ready to throw the towel in..." by PapaG321 (Last updated on Apr 1, 2021)

Self explanatory...

Most Wanted by suedehead6 (Last updated on Apr 1, 2021)

Oldest Living Big 4 HOFers by StarrsCards (Last updated on Apr 1, 2021)

These are the 10 oldest living HOFers from each big 4 sport (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey)

Reds Team Set Needs by TheToddFather21 (Last updated on Apr 1, 2021)

Cards I need for Reds team sets.
COMPLETED: 1990-1991 Bowman, 1995 Collector's Choice SE, 1985-1994 Donruss, 1983-1993 Fleer, 1990-1994 Leaf, 1992 & 1994 Pinnacle, 1988-1996 Score, 1993 Select, 1992-1993 Stadium Club, 1984-1996 & 1999 Topps, 1992 & 1994 Triple Play, 1991-1993 Ultra, 1989-1994 Upper Deck.
COMPLETED: 2000-2020 Topps Series 1, 2, & Update; 2007 Fleer; 2008-2010 Upper Deck.
I do not collect errors and variations, of the same player. I just want to have one card of each player. If possible, I like to have the COR version of a player's card rather than a ERR version of that player's card. The priority of trading for these is secondary behind the Star Player Binder and pretty high especially if I can complete the team set.

Red Sox Player Wants by Scottzoe (Last updated on Mar 31, 2021)

Since 1901, 1,839 Players have played for the Boston Red Sox

Of those players 248 never had a baseball card issued.

Of the 1591 player who have appeared on a card,
471 never have had a card picturing them with the Red Sox!
96 of the 471 without a Red Sox card, do have a minor league card for a Red Sox affiliate.

That leaves 1216 players who played for the Sox and have either a major or minor leagues Red Sox card.

I currently have cards of 1119 of those players leaving only 97 Red Sox players I do not have a card of.

This list is an alphabetical of all the players I do NOT have a Red Sox card of.

**Jack Billingham 1980 Red Sox Postcards - Not listed on TCDB**

If you have a card available of any of the following players in a Red Sox major or Minor league uniform, I would be interested in trading for or in the case of vintage, purchasing.

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1995-96 Los Angeles Kings by fedoratipper (Last updated on Mar 30, 2021)

The worst team Wayne Gretzky was on (Not counting the lockout shortened season), the Kings finished 24-40-18 while Gretzky was traded mid-season to St. Louis

NASCAR people added to my collection in 2021 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Mar 30, 2021)

At this stage there are a limited number of people I'm still missing...but there is still the opportunity to add some new people.

HC Sparta Praha Alumni RCs by FreakVOE (Last updated on Mar 30, 2021)

Rookie Cards of HC Sparta Praha alumni. Preferably Young Guns for players with a rookie season after 2000-01 season.

Boston Bruins diary of the 1970s by theFalcon (Last updated on Mar 29, 2021)

My detailed daily sports memory didn't start until about 1970. Somewhere along the line I learned about Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito and that was it!!!! It didn't matter that I was in northern NJ (Rangers country) ... it was Boston Bruins all the way!

My Teemu Game-Used/Relic cards by suomibear8 (Last updated on Mar 29, 2021)

These are all the Game-Used/Relic Teemu Selanne cards I have that are listed on this site.

New Sets added to my collection in 2021 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Mar 29, 2021)

NBA Players Added to my collection in 2021 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Mar 29, 2021)

I've been forced out of the NBA by the insane prices that cards are selling for, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving the sport totally.

My completed sets by Xanadude (Last updated on Mar 29, 2021)

Sets that I have been able to complete after taking an 18 year break from collecting.

My printing plates and 1/1s by FreehanSolo (Last updated on Mar 27, 2021)

UM Basketball Autographs by AirPete (Last updated on Mar 27, 2021)

The number of autographed cards I have for each former Wolverine.

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Glen Rice Autographs by AirPete (Last updated on Mar 27, 2021)

The autographed cards I have managed to obtain of the man who led UM to the 1989 national title. Glen frequently appears in Panini autograph offerings so these rarely bust the budget. I am partial though to the Upper Deck cards highlighting his UM career.

Wrong Hat & Uniform by Jack Webster (Last updated on Mar 27, 2021)

Players depicted in a uniform & hat for a team they used to play for and is different from the team name on the card. No airbrushed caps here.

Never Played For That Team by Jack Webster (Last updated on Mar 27, 2021)

Players that appeared on a regular 50's, 60's & 70's Topps card, but never played for that team. (Rookie and Traded cards excluded)

Autographs Added to my Collection in 2021 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Mar 26, 2021)

Autographs are usually the smallest of the three specialty lists I keep, after Relics and Serially numbered cards.

5 or less to finish - Soccer by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Mar 26, 2021)

Soccer sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

Welcome Back ! We Missed You ! by jmnovff (Last updated on Mar 26, 2021)

Players who returned to the NHL after an absence of at least four seasons.

No cards exist for:

Chuck Hamilton
1961-62 Montreal Canadiens
*** 9 seasons in EPHL/AHL/WHL, 1 season inactive ***
1972-73 St. Louis Blues

Bob Champoux
1963-64 Detroit Red Wings
*** 10 seasons in CPHL/AHL/WHL/CHL/EHL ***
1973-74 California Golden Seals

Len Ronson
1960-61 New York Rangers
*** 7 seasons in EPHL/AHL/CPHL.WHL ***
1968-69 Oakland Seals

Herb Foster
1940-41 New York Rangers
*** 2 seasons in AHL, 4 seasons in retirement ***
1947-48 New York Rangers

Johnny Chad
1940-41 Chicago Blackhawks
*** 2 seasons SSHL Sr, 2 seasons inactive ***
1945-46 Chicago Blackhawks

2019 Raptors Ring Recipient Autographs by buckstorecards (Last updated on Mar 26, 2021)

Certified autographs, preferably of them on the Raptors where available, of people that were part of the 2019 Championship team.

Cards from the box set are filling the gap until an autograph is added or becomes available.

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Topps Yankees base SP VARs by twfurey (Last updated on Mar 25, 2021)

SPs of Yankees from Topps flagship releases in my collection

Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms by John5150 (Last updated on Mar 23, 2021)

Cards with any ATF items being held or displayed in the background. Let the hunt begin.

Great Names for a Defenseman by jmnovff (Last updated on Mar 23, 2021)

It's a Deal: TCDB Trades - 2021 Edition by thirstydeer (Last updated on Mar 22, 2021)

I started trading on this site in 2020. During that year 1341 cards changed hands between my trading partners and myself. I created a user list commemorating my first year on the site.

This is the 2021 edition.

Each card shown is the one that stands out for me the most in that particular transaction for whichever reason (last card needed for a set, a player I like, etc). That being said the vast majority of cards involved in these trades are commons.

My First COMC Order by Bowersbird (Last updated on Mar 21, 2021)

Formerly "My COMC Warehouse." On March 21, 2021, I finally requested shipment of the cards I bought. They're supposed to arrive on July 11th (sheesh). Anyway, here's what I got in my first ever order directly from COMC (rather than through their eBay store).

My Jimmie Johnson AU's by spazmatastic (Last updated on Mar 21, 2021)

All certified JJ AU cards that I own or have owned in the past.

My surname is also a country name by althib (Last updated on Mar 20, 2021)

Players flipping the bird. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Mar 19, 2021)

Cards that show players flipping their middle finger.

All sports welcome.

TTM / IP Autographs by ketchupman36 (Last updated on Mar 18, 2021)

Autographs obtained through the mail or in person. Also the occasional purchase of a non-authenticated card if I trust it.

The list is sorted by the date when the autographed was received, starting with my first autograph obtained.

5 or less to finish - Basketball by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Mar 17, 2021)

Basketball sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

5 or less to finish - Golf by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Mar 17, 2021)

Golf Sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

5 or less to finish - Football by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Mar 17, 2021)

Football Sets that need 5 or less to finish

2020 Major League Debuts by DarkSide830 (Last updated on Mar 17, 2021)

Players who debuted during the 2020 MLB season.

Players without cards:
Nick Mears 8/8, PIT

Success Follows Me Around by jmnovff (Last updated on Mar 16, 2021)

Players who won the Stanley Cup with three or more teams.

5 or less to finish - Non Sport by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Mar 16, 2021)

Sets I have that need 5 or less to finish.

Same photo but different number. by ckrakowski (Last updated on Mar 15, 2021)

Cards that show the same photo but the person depicted is wearing a different uniform number.

All sports welcome.


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