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Autographs Added to my Collection in 2021 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jan 10, 2021)

Autographs are usually the smallest of the three specialty lists I keep, after Relics and Serially numbered cards.

Milestone Cards by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jan 10, 2021)

I keep very detailed records of my collection. I wish I had begun sooner, when I started in 1998, I had already been collecting for a decade, and the listing has evolved over time. I am still refining it, in fact. It's a combination of two things- my OCD, and a desire to know what I had in my collection. As I was approaching my 30,000th different NBA basketball card, I decided to take note of which card was #30,000. Three months later, I hit 34,000 and have been writing down the Thousand Cards ever since. When I finally documented my NASCAR cards, finishing in 2007, and my non-sports and other sports cards, in 2010, I documented each thousand card then, too. It's pointless trivia, and only matters to me, but I felt like sharing it anyway.

NASCAR and NBA people added in 2020 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jan 10, 2021)

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Scottzoe's Ted Williams Collection by Scottzoe (Last updated on Jan 10, 2021)

Red Sox Player Wants by Scottzoe (Last updated on Jan 10, 2021)

Since 1901, 1,839 Players have played for the Boston Red Sox

Of those players 248 never had a baseball card issued.

Of the 1591 player who have appeared on a card,
471 never have had a card picturing them with the Red Sox!
96 of the 471 without a Red Sox card, do have a minor league card for a Red Sox affiliate.

That leaves 1216 players who played for the Sox and have either a major or minor leagues Red Sox card.

I currently have cards of 1119 of those players leaving only 97 Red Sox players I do not have a card of.

This list is an alphabetical of all the players I do NOT have a Red Sox card of.

**Jack Billingham 1980 Red Sox Postcards - Not listed on TCDB**

If you have a card available of any of the following players in a Red Sox major or Minor league uniform, I would be interested in trading for or in the case of vintage, purchasing.

Mets/Yankees/Other by teebonelee (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

Players that played for both the Yankees, Mets, and a third team

Last few cards needed to complete sets by George Hayes (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

2021 Trades by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

Another year where I track my trades. Will probably be a few more than 2020 but most of my trade stash is still inaccessible to start the year.

My completed Insert sets by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

I'm a base card guy. Always have been, always will be. But I will collect literally anything. Inserts have been a staple in the hobby for many years but I've never figured out how many I have completed over the years...until now.

WARNING: THE LIST CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY so if you have your filter set to show mature, it will...

Cards to help finish sets by CKBeber329 (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

These are the cards that I'd like to get to help me complete some sets

Yankees in-person autographs by twfurey (Last updated on Jan 8, 2021)

New York Yankees players who I have gotten in-person autographs from (baseballs and cards)

Just 1 More Card by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jan 7, 2021)

The last card needed to finish various sets/collections.

My two favorite collecting events:
1) when a collection/set gets down to "just one more card". It just makes me want that last card soooooo bad.
2) when a collection/set is completed

Athletes Convicted of Crimes by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jan 7, 2021)

This list deals with some touchy subjects so be warned.

Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Foreigners by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jan 6, 2021)

Looking Back: 92 Blue Jays and 92-93 Maple Leafs by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jan 6, 2021)

I got into sports into 1992 and it turned out to be the best time to do it. The Toronto Blue Jays, aka the "boys of summer" came off of a very successful 1991 season and were looking to go further... and further they went. After winning first place in their division they dispatched the Oakland Athletics and the Atlanta Braves for their first World Series win.

Then the Leafs started their season... they started off with their typically subpar win/loss ratio. But when the second half hit, everything fell together. The team had 26 wins and 12 losses to make the playoffs, and pushed out Detroit and St. Louis until falling victim to the Kings in no small part due to the infamous non-call on Gretzky (yes, I went there).

To commemorate these fond memories I have from when I got into these sports and teams respectively, I've put together the below list which includes every player (whom I have cards of) who played on the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs roster that year. Most cards will be from that season but if I don't have any I'll use cards from other seasons, with a priority on cards in which the players are in their Toronto attire.

It's a Deal: TCDB Trades - 2020 Edition by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jan 6, 2021)

I was looking at user lists for inspiration and came across Billy Kingsley's list of trade summaries he did in 2020 and thought it was a really great idea. So... I couldn't resist.

I joined the site on April 4, 2020 as a means to help me sort out all my cards I pulled from my mom's loft. They were there since 1993. Sorting through them reignited my interest in card collecting so I began trading.

Each card shown is the one that stands out for me the most in that particular transaction for whichever reason (last card needed for a set, a player I like, etc). That being said the vast majority of cards involved in these trades are commons.

Between my first transaction ever on May 28 till my last transaction conducted in 2020 I traded away 658 cards and received 683 cards. This adds up to a total of 1341 cards changing hands. Separately, I also bought cards on four occasions, totaling 245 cards, but I'm not including that in the above total.

Thanks to all my trading partners in 2020, especially those who traded with me when I was new to the site.

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They Brought It: Hall of Famer Rookie Cards by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jan 6, 2021)

There has been plenty of athletic talent on display in the MLB and NHL, but only a select few will ever get serious consideration for their sport's ultimate individual recognition.

Every player in this last has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. All these players have had careers the vast majority of other pros can only dream of, and are idolized by many.

Each card shown is in my collection. This list is about the player, not about the value of the card the player is on. It is sorted based on the age of the card and thus the beginning of each player's career.

Last Cards Standing: The Ones I Still Need by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jan 5, 2021)

This list is for any sets in which 10 or less cards are needed to complete them. The needed cards will be posted here, and I will keep the list updated in hopes of finding any suitors to acquire any cards on this list.

If you are interested in working out a trade or buy/sell I am all ears. Feel free to message me or post a comment.

My Completed Chase Card Sets #43 (NBA,WNBA,NHL,MLS,ATP & Non Sport) by NatCad (Last updated on Jan 5, 2021)

All of these sets have come about from buying a box, seeing what chase cards or anything not part of the regular set I got from the box and then purchasing or trading for what was needed to complete each set. Only sets (43) that have both sides of the card scanned are included. I also have another 42 sets waiting to be added when the scans of these are included in the database and an additional 16 sets which are incomplete.

Same Photo, Different Year by Dave Sosidka (Last updated on Jan 5, 2021)

1992-93 Ottawa Senators by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jan 4, 2021)

The Senators returned to the NHL after being dormant since 1934. They won their first game back against Montreal (Who would later go onto win the Stanley Cup) but it was all downhill from there as they finished 10-70-4 including going 1-41 on the road.

My Mom has a sense of humor, so I got these packs for Christmas by switzr1 (Last updated on Jan 4, 2021)

These were all new sets for me. One pack of each. Christmas 2020. Thanks, Mom.

Fun and Cool Cards I Have on Display by Vvvergeer (Last updated on Jan 4, 2021)

In a mildly shocking development, I traded away the 1959 graded Koufax, so there's a open spot for a little while! I'm still running out of Topps cards to put away soon. Who's next to go? I think the '51 Berra.


Here's a list of the cards that are out of the binders, in cases, and on display on a shelf in our office (I also have my three display cases of Last Topps Card of Hall of Famers, The Merkle's Boner Collection, and the T207 Cubs Team Set (partial) -- I don't include those here.

This display used to be only Hall of Famers (and autographed 1970 Pete Rose) until sometime in 2016, when I opened it up to cards and players I just liked, and I expanded more fully into non-Topps. Now I label each card carefully, explaining why its on display and/or some history of the player. Making it more personal to me and finding players with interesting histories really made it fun for me. I love these cards. Hope you enjoy it.


National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees by stevejrogers (Last updated on Jan 4, 2021)

Organized in 1936, opened in Cooperstown, NY in 1939.

HOF Autos/Mem by Hittinaway (Last updated on Jan 4, 2021)

I hope in time to get more of the Baseball Hall of Fame players in either autographs or memorabilia cards. Cards are organized by year they entered the HOF.

Wei Chuan Dragons Foreigners by fedoratipper (Last updated on Jan 3, 2021)

I'm splitting my CPBL foreigners list down to how I do my NPB foreigners lists. By doing the individual teams.

Blue Wahoos In The Majors by ARMYWP12 (Last updated on Jan 3, 2021)

A list of players who played on the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and in the Major Leagues. Each player's MLB debut date is included.

Memorable Cards I've Pulled by ketchupman36 (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

Highlighting some of my favorite cards I've personally pulled from retail or hobby packs. Ranging from autographs to memorabilia to low numbered cards, each card has special place in my collection.

No cards purchased on the secondary market allowed!

My Illini Autographs by briznuts (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

My printing plates and 1/1s by FreehanSolo (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

All-Collection Team by IfbBirdsCards (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

The player at each position that I have the most cards of.

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Face to Face: "Real" Autographed Cards by thirstydeer (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

These are all cards of players I've met and had cards signed in-person. None of these cards are printed autographs. As I was am a Toronto resident most cards are of players who played for the Blue Jays or Maple Leafs at one point, and most of the cards are from the early 90s.

Forgive my poor cropping efforts. It does not reflect the quality of the cards. My baseball cards are first and hockey cards second. The cards are sorted alphabetically.

Autographs with more then a "I simply got it signed at a card show" story will be captioned with the corresponding card.

Most of the cards you'll see are from the early 90s. In regards to hockey this is because back then, except for perhaps a select few, NHL players still had to earn some money after their careers ended. Back then the minimum NHL salary was $175,000, and very few players eclipsed an annual salary of >$1,000,000. Many of them have signed up with event companies to play hockey in charitable events and collect fees for their appearances. Also card shows is always a source of income for players.

... see if you can guess who my favourite Leaf was back in the day...

San Jose Sharks Top players by numbers by SharksAttack (Last updated on Jan 2, 2021)

This is just my opinion. I tried to take count time with that number on team. These are not absolute best players to wear those numbers. Otherwise Teemu Selänne would be #8 instead of Joe Pavelski etc. Same player can't be on list twice.

Secret Santa 2020 by Sportzcommish (Last updated on Jan 1, 2021)

Bounty13 was my Secret Santa.

My Top 10 Oddball Cards by thecish (Last updated on Jan 1, 2021)

The top 10 odd, unique cards in my personal collection.

2020 Trades by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

I enjoyed tracking the trades I made last year, and decided to do it again!

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My Sharks Autographs by SharksAttack (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

San Jose Sharks autographs are my small side collection. I'm not actively looking for them. But I might pick up one if I find it on a good price.
Some I have gotten from random packs and some from group breaks.

I haven't gone through all my cards yet. I think couple cards are still missing from the list.

I need to scan rest of the cards when I have time.

Relics added to my collection in 2020 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

Another year, another list...this one is game, person or race used items.

Autographs Added to my Collection in 2020 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

Serial Numbered Cards added in 2020 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

I will absolutely hit 5000 different SN cards this year...I enter the year under 100 away, and have 60's only a matter of time!

New Sets Added to my collection in 2020 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Dec 31, 2020)

Same as last year, every new set that joins my collection, not just my main focuses of NHL, NBA, NASCAR and Non-Sports.

Super Bowl Signatures by Rosenort (Last updated on Dec 30, 2020)

Brother Elephants Foreigners by fedoratipper (Last updated on Dec 28, 2020)

dicefoot's Secret Santa cards by dicefoot (Last updated on Dec 28, 2020)

Got these from BrokenHalo. Much appreciated.

2020 TCDB Secret Santa Gift by Shaw Racing (Last updated on Dec 27, 2020)

Huge Shoutout and Many thanks to Billy Kingsley for the awesome cards and to Dan for doing such an amazing job of putting it together!

TCDB Secret Santa 2020 by Mike9020 (Last updated on Dec 27, 2020)

Cards from my Secret Santa (jackal726)

2020 Secret Santa by AnalogKid (Last updated on Dec 26, 2020)

My Secret Santa gift from vrooomed. Pretty nice stuff!

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2020 Secret Santa by Scottzoe (Last updated on Dec 25, 2020)

Thank you to Merlin AKA Kcjays for being my 2020 TCDB secret Santa. He managed to find some Red Sox for my collection I did not already have which can be quite a feat!

Sets I have completed through TCDB Trades by Blargh (Last updated on Dec 25, 2020)

These are the sets that I have completed by acquiring the last card via trade with another member on this site

2020 TCDB Secret Santa Gift by Lea DeFoote (Last updated on Dec 25, 2020)

Many thanks to svenny for the oddball additions to my "Off-Brand" collection. Here is a list of the ones that are listed here in the database. Looks like I've got some scanning to do...LOL!

Ones not listed in the database:

1971? Bubble Gum Milou #3 - Porsche 917 pitstop 24h. Daytona
1997 Formula Nippon #091 - Tetsuji Tamanaka
UNK The Speed Collection #15 - Fred Card


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