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Stone Cold Steve Austin by Tallimos (Last updated on Jul 3, 2019)

A small side PC of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase by Tallimos (Last updated on Jul 3, 2019)

A tiny side PC of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat by Tallimos (Last updated on Jul 3, 2019)

A tiny side PC of Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Baseball Players Who Died While Still In MLB by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jul 3, 2019)

A sad list to update, remembering baseball players that passed away during their careers.

Naughty Boys by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jun 30, 2019)

NBA Players who appear on cards but did not get any of their own by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jun 26, 2019)

There are more than 1000 people who have played in the NBA but did not get an NBA card. Some, however, do appear on other player's cards in the background or defending the player. A work in progress.
College cards do not count but other professional leagues do.

Who are you? by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jun 26, 2019)

People I can't identify on NBA cards.

Sport Crossovers by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Jun 25, 2019)

Cards that depict a crossover between my three main sports

The name's the same... by HCShannon (Last updated on Jun 23, 2019)

or "you must have me confused for someone else"

Trade/Sell/Buy Countries by C2Cigars (Last updated on Jun 23, 2019)

Countries I've sent to/received from via a trade, sale, or buy.

People I Have Met by Gunny (Last updated on Jun 21, 2019)

Just a list of personalities I have met through the years (who have cards listed in the database), whether it be through attending sporting events, shows, conventions and even random encounters. I have tried to list them in chronological order to the best of my old memory. Hopefully I can add more to this list as the years go on or my memory improves.

Details will be filled in at a later date.

DownBeat Jazz Hall of Fame by BucCollector (Last updated on Jun 20, 2019)

The DownBeat Jazz Hall of Fame was started in 1952. Members are listed by year of induction.

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Caboose Cards by Kep75 (Last updated on Jun 18, 2019)

The last card of every Topps set.

Updated 06/20/18: Added cards from 2018 base set.

Topps Buybacks by ketchupman36 (Last updated on Jun 17, 2019)

Buyback cards I have received from Topps products.

Are you a buyback collector? I'm open to trades for cards on this list!

Top 25 Baseball Birthdays (according to v3) by Vvvergeer (Last updated on Jun 15, 2019)

Sometime late in 2017, I started paying attention to the birthdays listed on the site. Then I decided I wanted to make a list of the top 10 baseball birthdays, completely subjective, of course.

So here they are.

Methodology: Well first, I used this site. Thank goodness for whomever thought to put "HOF" in red for those players. Because, otherwise, this would have taken forever. I cruised through every day of the year, looking for the red HOF. If I found an "anchor" Hall of Famer, I'd look through the rest of the list, looking for other HOFers, but also all-stars, league leaders, players and managers who had an impact on the game. Then I listed all those players for the dates that seems promising. If there was just one "minor" HOFer, that wouldn't be enough to look at that date more carefully. One "major" HOFer, and I'd check it out. Two HOFers and I'd look closely. Remember, in the end, I cruised past every baseball player who is listed in this database.

But THEN I stumbled into the fact that Baseball Reference has sortable lists of every player born on each day -- sortable by WAR! So I basically started the whole project over and reviewed see what players had the highest WAR on each day, and I listed the top candidates. I got down to about 60 days pretty easily, then cut it to 41 without a lot of trouble, then found my way down to 25, which I then arranged in "order."
But first, I searched for a similar list on the internet. To my relief, I didn't find one, really. I did find a list of baseball birthdays by total war of all players, but I didn't consider that as a factor.

In the end, I basically looked at the top three WAR for each date, and then checked to see if other significant players were also born on that date. I didn't give a ton of credit to dates with one player with a huge WAR, but no significant other stars to back him up. Think Babe Ruth, Cy Young. There is probably a slight modern slant. I decided to focus on players, but used other prominent baseball figures as tie-breakers. (Think Marvin Miller.)

These candidates dates are just my opinion. Feel free to argue. Or to research better dates.

As to the cards I picked, if I had one of his cards in my collection, I went with my favorite of those, otherwise, I just picked what I liked. Just so I don't have to state whether I have the card every. single. time, if it's 1969 or later, I definitely own the card.

All stats from Baseball

Picking a top 25 wasn't too hard. Ordering them 1 to 25 was almost random silliness.

I've been working on this list for a long, long time. And now I've finally pulled the trigger. So without further babbling, I present my list of the Top 25 Baseball Birthdays.


MLB #1 Pick, 2nd Team by EbeSPN (Last updated on Jun 14, 2019)

With the signing of Bryce Harper, here are first cards for MLB #1 picks that were traded or signed with a second team in recent years.

Members of the Cleveland Browns Legends Program by armac (Last updated on Jun 12, 2019)

From the Cleveland Browns team website:

The Cleveland Browns organization honors the team's all-time greats through the Cleveland Browns Legends Program. This program honors the men who have contributed to the success of the Browns organization. The Legends Program started in 2001 with the automatic induction of the Browns' then Pro Football Hall of Famers along with the initial class of five other inductees.

Here are the basic guidelines for the Cleveland Browns Legends Program:

The three requirements to be eligible for consideration for induction are:

1. Candidates will have played for at least five seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

2. Candidates must have been a major contributor at their respective positions.

3. Candidates will have been retired from playing professional football for at least five years.

Starting in 2010, the number of yearly inductees was set at two.


My list will only consist of cards in my collection, with the players in Browns uniforms.


Legends missing from my collection:
Tommy James - Class of 2004 - DB, 1948-55
Abe Gibron - Class of 2013 - G, 1950-56

Say My Name by Brimose (Last updated on Jun 5, 2019)

Players / Coaches that share my last name. Although none of these are likely related to me, it's theoretically possible, even with slight spelling differences.

Lennoxmatt's Rookie Wants by Lennoxmatt (Last updated on Jun 5, 2019)

Habs HOF Rookies needs

Lennoxmatt's White Whales by Lennoxmatt (Last updated on Jun 5, 2019)

The must haves for my Habs HOF auto list

Happy Birthday by jupiterhill (Last updated on May 31, 2019)

Originally the concept was called "The Birthday Binder" which I would have one card for each day of the year. Since I moved away from binders, I have created a collection on here and will also use this list. The only criteria is each person depicted must have their birth date listed on the card. They must be real people, but otherwise, any celebrity, athlete, politician, or whoever may be chosen for that specific date. At times I reserve the right to remove or replace the card or the person for that date. I will try to update it at the beginning of each month, and whenever I add or remove cards.

Top Ten Cards on Wantlist by Detfan6897 (Last updated on May 28, 2019)

Top Ten Cards missing on Team lists, either hard to find or currently priced out of reach for me, plus 1 to finish a set.The search is on

Favorite Cards for my Favorites List by Gunny (Last updated on May 23, 2019)

Here are my favorite cards in my collection for the people on my favorites list. My favorites list is right now at 70 persons. Cards may change as I enter more into my collection or add more people to my favorites list. There are a few people on my favorites list who do not have any cards catalogued in my collection, eventually that will change when I come upon some of their cards.

Awesome Steve Yzerman by vrooomed (Last updated on May 23, 2019)

Yes, Stevie Y was pretty awesome at playing hockey, that we all know. My wife became a Red Wings fan when Yzerman was drafted on June 8, 1983. As a hockey fan, and having 2 uncles who were big into sports cards, she was able to get many sets through the 1980s, as well as many extra cards. For our 1 year wedding anniversary (in 1996), I decided to get a "joke" gift being that the traditional first anniversary present is paper and I picked up a handful of Yzerman cards (ones I knew she wouldn't already have). Well, the joke was on me, she loved them, and when I told her the shop near where I worked had more, I was tasked with getting more. When I finished with that shop's supply, we turned to shows, and eventually would end up attending the Spring and Fall Expo in Toronto for about 5 or 6 years (hockey collector heaven). The collection grew, and grew. Many oddball items were obtained, some that aren't even listable here (like tickets, brochures, magazines, and even mini hockey sticks with photos on them). However, the impressive part was the number of standard cards we were able to get going back to the beginning of his career to the time we stopped (August 2002 - when we were expecting a baby and knew our card budget just became the baby budget). This list will spotlight a few of the more interesting, rare, or simply cool Yzerman cards we obtained over those years. I hope you enjoy them and I hope I can remember how we got most of them!

Cards to help finish sets by CKBeber329 (Last updated on May 20, 2019)

These are the cards that I'd like to get to help me complete some sets

Cards within budget that I would like to own by vrooomed (Last updated on May 20, 2019)

These are simply cards that are very cool to own, and won't completely blow the household budget to obtain. Some, based on how they look, some based on who they are. All, simply personal preference. Additionally, one of my "projects" is to get at least one card of the baseball HOFers from during their playing days - provided they appear in a Bowman or Topps set (T-206 and Goudey HOFers would not fit in that "affordable" price range).

Sets that need attention by vrooomed (Last updated on May 20, 2019)

Set up to help me figure out what to work on next, but figured I would open it up so others could see it. Maybe, just maybe, someone would want to help me on one, and it can go a little quicker. If you do want to help, drop me an e-mail.

My Jimmie Johnson AU's by spazmatastic (Last updated on May 17, 2019)

All certified JJ AU cards that I own or have owned in the past.

2019 Trades by BeChristensen (Last updated on May 13, 2019)

Keeping track of the Cards traded in and out this year.

My goal is that the number of cards IN is significantly less than cards OUT.

I am hoping that this averages out to %25 more cards out than in by the end of 2019.

Red Sox topps needed by Parsons0311 (Last updated on May 7, 2019)

With my first list I figured I would share the topps cards I need. At first my project was 90 to now all topps and traded/Update red sox cards. Then it expanded to 80's.

Players I've Seen in College by switza (Last updated on May 6, 2019)

All players I've seen play NCAA basketball in person

Mr. Irrelevant by C2Cigars (Last updated on May 4, 2019)

The final NFL Draft pick is called "Mr. Irrelevant"

Paul Salata founded "Mr. Irrelevant" and "Irrelevant Week" in 1976. During the summer after the draft, the new Mr. Irrelevant and his family are invited to spend a week in Newport Beach, California, where they enjoy a golf tournament, a regatta, a roast giving advice to the new draftee, and a ceremony awarding him the Lowsman Trophy. The trophy mimics the Heisman, but depicts a player fumbling a football.

Dallas Stars Goalies by Tylergallo (Last updated on May 3, 2019)

Every goalie to wear the Dallas Stars jersey. A few crossed over from Minnesota.

Funny Names by C2Cigars (Last updated on May 3, 2019)

Funny names and names that are ill-suited to a player's profession. Some you may have to take liberties with pronunciation.

MLB Postseason Teams 1980 World Champions Philadelphia Phillies by stevejrogers (Last updated on Apr 30, 2019)

NL East 91-71
NL Champions (Houston Astros) 3-2
World Champions (Kansas City Royals) 4-2

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Two Close for Comfort by Kaline6 (Last updated on Apr 29, 2019)

Sets needing only 2 cards to complete.

MLB Postseason Teams 1986 World Champions New York Mets by stevejrogers (Last updated on Apr 29, 2019)

NL East 108-54
NL Champions (Houston Astros) 4-2
World Champions (Boston Red Sox) 4-3

Minor League Baseball by Rimar1955 (Last updated on Apr 26, 2019)

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People on Cards that I have met in person by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Apr 22, 2019)

A small list. But there are a few.

Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes Goalies by Tylergallo (Last updated on Apr 20, 2019)

Every goalie to play for the Coyotes.

Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterbacks by armac (Last updated on Apr 18, 2019)

This list consists of quarterbacks that have started regular season NFL games for the Cleveland Browns that I own a card of in a Browns uniform. They are listed by games started for the Browns.

Missing from the list:
Jason Campbell - 8 starts in 2013
Seneca Wallace - 7 starts in 2010-11
Babe Parilli - 3 starts in 1956
Don Strock - 2 starts in 1988
Jeff Christensen - 2 starts in 1987
Don Gault - 1 start in 1970
Gary Lane - 1 start in 1967
Terry Luck - 1 start in 1977
Will Cureton - 1 start in 1975
Bruce Gradkowski - 1 start in 2008
Thaddeus Lewis - 1 start in 2012

Blue Jackets Sweep Goal Scorers by Brimose (Last updated on Apr 17, 2019)

The twelve players that scored the 19 goals for the Columbus Blue Jackets in their historic sweep of the President's Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning in the opening round of the 2019 NHL Playoffs

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Can I Keep My Jersey?: Lee Stempniak by fedoratipper (Last updated on Apr 13, 2019)

Been a while since I did one of these. Lee Stempniak is second all time for most teams played for (Behind Mike Sillinger who I already did a list for) with ten.

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BASEBALL PLAYERS BORN IN INDIANA by knighthawk40 (Last updated on Apr 8, 2019)

TTM / IP Autographs by ketchupman36 (Last updated on Apr 6, 2019)

Autographs obtained through the mail or in person.

The list is sorted by the date when the autographed was received, starting with my first autograph obtained.

VAR wish list by CKBeber329 (Last updated on Apr 4, 2019)

These are VAR cards that I'd like to get one of these days

2007-08 Syracuse Crunch by fedoratipper (Last updated on Mar 30, 2019)

I’ve heard Billy Kingsley say that the Vegas Golden Knights are what got him into hockey. Well, the team that got me into hockey was the Syracuse Crunch, specifically the 2007-08 team. When they still lived in Syracuse, my mom’s father took me to see the Crunch play the Rochester Americans. I was instantly hooked and hockey easily became one of my favorite sports. To this day, the Crunch are still my favorite minor league hockey team.

Plainville CT Card Show 3/16/19 by Billy Kingsley (Last updated on Mar 25, 2019)

New additions to my collection from the Plainville card show, my 2nd card show since 2005, first at this location.

San Jose Sharks Goalies by Tylergallo (Last updated on Mar 25, 2019)

Every goalie to wear the teal.

Scarberry by NorCalCards707 (Last updated on Mar 24, 2019)

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