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Note: If you offer me a trade where you have used the pricing on this site as your justification for the fairness of the trade, be prepared to have it declined or countered.  Using a pricing of a small sample size or comparing apples and oranges is not accurate in evaluating a trade. As well, if the only cards you have for trade are those you are offering, then you are basically telling me "Take it or leave it"; chances are I will "leave it" unless youa re a very generous trader.

Note 2: When you offer me a trade, message me that you have read my profile.

Collect:  Baseball - sets, stars, HoF, and some Non-Sports

Though I collect everything baseball, I do have some priorities such as the sets in the two lists I have on my profile. But I also like to attempt the things that are realistically achievable in the hobby. Therefore after the lists, my priorities are as follows:

1. OPC Baseball all years from 1965-1994; (base set cards missing 605)

2. 1993 & 1994 Ted Williams sets including inserts; (84 cards missing all inclusive)

3. Leaf Studio base sets all years from 1991-1998 - I also am looking for parallels and inserts but priority is to complete the base sets; (215 base set cards) and

4. All food issues such as cereal brands (especially Post & Kelloggs), fast food sets, etc (e.g. Bazooka, Drake's).

Enhance the chances of a trade proposal being accepted by me by offering many of the cards that are on my two lists.  These are sets that I have 5 or less cards missing to complete or sets where I am getting close, i.e. less than 25% of the cards needed AND less than 100 cards.

If you have sufficient cards from my want list to propose a FAIR TRADE, please go ahead and propose a trade or message me asking about the possibility of a trade.  This does not have to be an item by item list as that is what the trade manager is for, but it will allow me to look at what you might have for me and allow me to consider if a trade is a likely possibility.  I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Some advice: when you are pulling the cards for a trade, check for possible VAR and make sure the card you are pulling is from the right set, base or parallel. Once you believe you have all the cards pulled, put them in the order that they are listed in the transaction; this way you will quickly realize if you  missed one (happens to everyone even in small trades). Doing a final count of the number of cards is also a good way to verify you have all the cards pulled. When packaging the cards, unless there are oversized cards, try to keep them in the same order as the transaction manager.  This makes it easier for the recipient to check the cards in the transaction when he receives them.

I am always willing to trade PWE size trades but make it worth the postage, i.e. 12-18 cards unless it is for older and higher priced cards. I always prefer the larger trades, as many as will fill an 800-ct box if possible, as postage is economized even more. The economy of postage is even better when you are over 1,000 cards so I encourage you to think big. The worst "economy for postage" are the mid-range trades of 50-150 cards. I still accept them but cringe at the cost of cards that are worth less than the postage.

Trading:  As of Dec 31, 2020, I have sent out 36,001 cards in trades and received 31,913 in return.  This is combined totals of my two ID - sandyrusty & sandy's singles.

Before proposing a trade, please read:

Mailing address: 

Bruno Paulhus

506 Weese Road
Carrying Place, ON
Canada, K0K 1L0

Quote:   “Worrying about things you can’t control is a waste both on the baseball field and in life.” Tom Swyers
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