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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Set: 1995 Topps (Rate)

Card: #428 Jim Bullinger

“ Not a bad set. Good looking cards. ” -trauty   1
“ I actually like the back design better than the front for this year of Topps. ” -Billy Kingsley   2
“ It's almost strange to see a normal base card get COTD. I don't know how I feel about that. ” -Soarin22   2
“ what happened from 91-96.... was everyone on crack? ” -parsley24
“ One of my favorite sets, because the Spectralight / Cyberstats / Blackback parallel is one of my favorite parallels. ” -abide   1
“ If I had to come up with a design for Topps, this wouldn't be it. ” -Phil
“ I imagine this is divisive, but I appreciate they at least tried something different. I like the back, and that there are 3 different images used front & back. ” -jackal726   1
“ 1995 Topps baseball. I think 95 was one of the last years I was active w/every year of sports cards until my return almost 10 years later in late 2004. I don't like the font for the player name. Back is pretty good. ” -captkirk42   1
“ I can't say anything good about the specific card, because it's a Cub. But the 1995 Topps design, used in at least 3 sports, was an improvement over 1994. ” -switzr1   2
“ This design was one of the better ones from the 1990's imo ” -IfbBirdsCards   1
“ This set has never really grown on me. I think it's the font choice for the name on front, but maybe it's the rough-cut border of the photo. I don't know, but something just strikes me as wrong. ” -kents_stuff   1
“ Not the greatest design that Topps put out in the 90s, but original and pretty cool. ” -Corky
“ Love the card, has everything I want in a card nd does it style! They cram a lot of stats on the back and still make it readable. Excellent card! ” -Camstone   1

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Set: 2000 Dart Sailor Moon Archival (Rate)

Card: #63 Sweet Treat

“ somebody buys this stuff, and somebody collects this stuff, or they wouldn't make it. I don't know who. Not me. ” -abide   5
“ Lol. Serena Loves Ice Cream!!!! ” -parsley24   1
“ Our daughter is really into Anime these days! Might have to track some of these down for her and get her into the hobby! Love it! ” -bkklaos   3
“ I don't like this style of artwork, I never have and I never will. ” -Billy Kingsley   1
“ I guess that this is a nice card if you're into this particular genre. ” -Phil
“ Not my style at all, not into the animi style cards. Saying that..... it's a pretty cool card for those that do collect. ” -Camstone
“ Just, no. ” -Soarin22   1
“ I would feel real creepy if I owned this card ” -switzr1   2
“ Fred from Scooby Doo, is this his sister? ” -muskie027

Monday, November 30, 2020

Set: 1998 Pro Baseball Stickers (Rate)

Card: #129 Sung-Hoon Jung

“ A bad back is bad in every language that they make cards. The most prominent feature of the back is the card number. As bad as it gets ” -abide   1
“ Neat to see a non US card get some attention as Card of the Day. ” -Billy Kingsley   9
“ Nice Japanese baseball sticker. ” -captkirk42   1
“ Having spent some time in Korea (not long after this set was produced), I'd definitely be up for getting some of these! I like it! ” -bkklaos
“ Great card. ” -parsley24
“ 聖なる牛 Seinaru ushi ” -georgecf

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Set: 1996 SkyBox Impact Rookies - Rookie Rewind (Rate)

Card: #10 Tamarick Vanover

“ Oh no! Tamarick is getting sucked into a black hole! ” -rmpaq5   7
“ Sleepy......am getting very...sleepy. So sleepy I can barely notice there is no name on the front of this card. Good thing the most famous #87 to ever play for the Chiefs was umm...Tamarick Vanover? Sorry Eddie, sorry Travis--Skybox didn't see you guys coming, I guess. ” -kents_stuff   2
“ I like it. That must look really cool in hand. ” -karsal   2
“ What a terrible design ” -DarkSide830
“ great old card ” -herbinator   1
“ Looks like a very sloppy photoshop job. ” -Blargh
“ An kk design. The front of the card made me dizzy. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ I like the photo of the ball about to be caught. Don't see that on a lot of cards. ” -abide   1
“ Chiefs! This guy burst onto the scene and drew comparisons to some of the best athletes of the game, but never was able to put it all together. An OK card, for being an insert; obviously too much going on if it had been part of the base set, but always good to see a Chief as the RCOTD. ” -Brimose
“ Great looking insert card. I can almost hear it peeling away from the cards behind and in front of it in the box. ” -parsley24
“ For me a card has to have the name on the front, or else it's just a small picture. This is a very strange picture. ” -Soarin22

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Set: 2000 Pacific (Rate)

Card: #401 Shaun Alexander

“ It's a shame Alexander didn't get a Super Bowl ring in the 2005 season. He was a beast that year--1880 yards and 27 TDs. An all around Seahawks legend ” -ketchupman36   5
“ As a Seahawk fan since their inception, I'd love to own this card! Might have to look and see if a box of these is still available/affordable! ” -bkklaos
“ Nice pictures but stupid helmet on front ” -cjjt
“ Ohhh, Pacific! I love just about anything Pacific! Great action shot here. I'm guessing this is a Senior Bowl since he's being tackled by guys in different helmets. ” -switzr1
“ I like it, and a great player to boot. If the coloring on the name portion of the card was because they new the Seahawks had drafted him, even cooler. If not, then quite the coincidence. ” -muskie027
“ Pacific did produce some good football card designs. This particular set is one of their better designs. The front has a good action picture, and the back is easy to read. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ The back has the stadium empty of fans...you sure this is from 2000, and not a card from a year 2020 set? ” -CollectingAfterDeath   3
“ Nothing to write home about. ” -Phil
“ unlicensed cards are horrible. ” -parsley24

Friday, November 27, 2020

Set: 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee - Retro (Rate)

Card: #346 Pekka Rinne

“ Nice card of a guy who is perfect for diction practice: Pekka picked a peck of pickled peppers. ” -abide   5
“ This may be the most bland, boring design ever used on a hockey card. Of course because I collect the sport it won't stop me from collecting them. In fact I think I have more of this parallel than the base set that year. ” -Billy Kingsley   2
“ any hockey card is great ” -Tmac7   2
“ O-Pee-Chee retro is either hit or miss for me. I like the pic of a great goalie in the dear Pekka. The rest of the card seems to be lacking on the design end of things. ” -Gunny   1
“ I don't believe that retro should be an excuse to slap a cutout on a blank background and call it a day ” -IfbBirdsCards   2
“ ooooooooo that is a sweet card. 10/10 ” -parsley24   1
“ Love these Retro OPC cards. Not sure what vintage set this is paying homage to. I'm sure some puckhead will know. ” -captkirk42   1
“ If I PC'd someone and had a bunch of cards of them that all looked the same, I'd be really happy about a card like this. Not sure I'd want a whole set though, it's very stark. ” -jackal726
“ Not fond of this card and don't know why. Maybe some of the other comments will help me put my finger on it I like Hockey cards in general, just don't like this one. ” -Camstone
“ Not bad but I think there's too much white on the card. ” -Phil
“ An ok card. My favorite part is the old OPC logo on the back. ” -karsal
“ A little boring. ” -muskie027
“ Neat card. Reminds me of something really old, the way they removed the background. ” -switzr1   1

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Set: 2015-16 Upper Deck Champ's - Canadiana Vintage Map Relics (Rate)

Card: #CR-WCG 1907 Western Canada and Gold Fields

“ Ok, that is cool! I really get a lot of enjoyment from maps. I even chose an Antique Maps calendar over the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar...twice! ” -Billy Kingsley   2
“ I like the overall look of this card. The color scheme between the red border, with the gold accents really sets of the piece of the map. Interesting short story on the back too. A fine job of card design, UD! ” -CollectingAfterDeath   1
“ OK so i followed this map to the X. No treasure disappointed. 0 stars. ” -parsley24   5
“ What the heck is this? ” -NickyCollects   1
“ There is something quite cool about a card made with a piece of old map. It makes me want to look at the entire map that it came from. ” -YoRicha   1
“ ? A map relic? UMKAY. ” -captkirk42   1
“ I think this is awesome! Definitely could get into ripping some packs of this open and getting an education at the same time! ” -bkklaos
“ I watch "Antiques Roadshow" now and then, and folks will bring in a vintage map for appraisal, because it seems vintage maps are interesting, collectible, have a following, and have value. I'm fairly sure, no map collector will have any interest in a trading card with a piece of vintage map. I think they will be horrified. Of course, I have also heard of baseball people, horrified about cutting up [destruction] of an authentic game used Babe Ruth bat, a game worn Joe Dimaggio jersey, and so on. ” -abide   1
“ I don't know how this database does it, but it keeps on setting new standards for weird cards ” -Soarin22   1
“ Why would you cut up a beautiful map from 1907? I like maps more than cards. This bothers me. ” -switzr1   1
“ This is an odd subject for a card. It just doesn't do anything for me. ” -Phil
“ ??? If a card company would like to offer relics with fabric swatches from my great-great grandmother's quilts or tablecloths, please have them contact me to see if we can work out a deal. ” -kents_stuff   2
“ OH MY GOD! I need this card!!! ” -cjjt   2

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Set: 2019-20 Upper Deck - Clear Cut (Rate)

Card: #265 Jeff Skinner

“ I really dig the acetate cards. ” -Corky   2
“ I love these Clear Cut parallels! They are so cool in hand. I actually pulled one from this same release (Series 2). I wish they were easier to find...they fall less than 1 per box. ” -Billy Kingsley   2
“ With this acetate card if you "mouse over" quickly enough you almost get one of those "flipping parallel universe" sci-fi show effect. That or he looks like he's going to crash into himself. ” -captkirk42   4
“ I love these sorts of clear cards. One of the best innovations in card designs in recent years. I packed one such card in Topps 2014 Updates and immediacy fell in love. Doesn't hurt that the base card here is nice too. ” -DarkSide830   1
“ I have no use for this card. ” -Brendan Barrick
“ I like how unique these acetate cards can be. ” -suomibear8   2
“ Fun fact, when Jeff Skinner was 9, he had a role in Robin Williams' "Death to Smoochy". ” -NickyCollects   1
“ Not big into hockey cards, but this is nice, besides the fact that you can read the back text from the front ” -Soarin22   1
“ My goal is to get the most likes. Help a brother out! ” -RoyalChief   2
“ I love these types of inserts! Thumbs up here! ” -bkklaos   1
“ Cool. I always like cards like this. ” -cjjt   1
“ Second player from Buffalo in a matter of days! ” -Phil   2
“ without them doing football anymore i don't see many UD cards, but there style has not changed ” -Thunderfoot

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Set: 2010 BBM Yomiuri Giants (Rate)

Card: #G011 Seth Greisinger

“ I have his 1997 Bowman Chrome rookie card somewhere. Didn't know he played in Japan. ” -trauty   4
“ Great card. Love to see how other cultures do it. ” -parsley24   2
“ This guy kind of looks like Zack Grienke, at least from this photo. Nice card, but wish they didn't cut out the leg ” -Soarin22   2
“ I can't read most of it, but it's still awesome! I love the international releases! ” -bkklaos   1
“ A not-so-successful Tigers draft selection out of the University of Virginia. A pretty interesting team set card, although I wonder where his right leg from the knee down disappeared to. ” -IfbBirdsCards   2
“ Cool, I think this is the first Japanese baseball RCOTD. I don't own any of these, but would like to. ” -switzr1   2
“ Nice looking card. I don't really follow or collect Japanese baseball or cards, or American players that have gone over there to play. I did not know that the SF & Yomiuri Giants shared the same team colors. Interesting that the Japanese teams put English team names on their jerseys ” -abide   2
“ I love these Japanese cards, I wish we could find them for a decent price in the U.S. ” -cckeith   2
“ "not those Giants"-Roger Dorn ” -Thunderfoot   2
“ At first glance I thought this was an insert card but then noticed it was a BBM Japanese baseball card. I usually try to avoid BBM cards because I am already down too many trading card rabbit holes and can't afford to chase any others. ” -captkirk42   2
“ I really love this card! It's an obvious copy of the American style but with such a Japanese flair that you can tell right away it's Japanese. The stats on the back are a dead give away as well!! ” -Camstone   2
“ Odd question. Why do Japanese teams have uniforms with English writing? Why are the team names in English? It never dawned on me, but should the uniform have the word Giants in Japanese? ” -muskie027   2

Monday, November 23, 2020

Set: 2007 Hero Decks Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Heroes Playing Cards (Rate)

Card: #3♦ Cecil Cooper

“ I am not a fan of caricatures. As such this is not something I would collect, but it's a moot point since they don't appear to make them for what I collect. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ Hmm, interesting ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ Oh brother. While I'm trying to figure out how many Cardinals hero decks truly exist, this one comes up. I love the decks. Just hard to accurately catalog because they keep updating as new players come along. ” -switzr1   2
“ Just not into playing cards with sports figures on them. To me they are not trading cards. ” -NJDevils   2
“ These are nice novelty type sports cards that when I first saw a deck or two thought it would be fun to try to get, but never did. I am glad I never did because now there are a ton of these sets with no idea of how many there actually are around. ” -captkirk42
“ I like it. Stuff like this adds fun to a collection. Even has some stats for the purists! ” -Camstone   2
“ Fun stuff! I wonder if there is a deck of cards like this for my beloved Seattle Mariners? ” -bkklaos
“ In a baseball playing card set, every card should be diamonds. ” -DanD   1
“ Fun set! I own the Tigers & U. Michigan sets. ” -cjjt   1
“ I personally do not know if I consider a deck of playing cards a trading card, but I am not passionate about it. I like that this one gives you info on the player. ” -muskie027
“ Good old Coop. The back of these playing cards are super imaginative. :P ” -trauty



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