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Friday, January 24, 2020

Set: 2001-02 Be a Player Signature Series - Autographs (Rate)

Card: #75 Jeff Cowan

“ Great looking hockey card and one of the best autograph cards I have ever seen. I have been asking for a long time why card companies can't have a congratulations note and have some stuff on the back as well and this proves that a card company was able to do both all the way back in 2001. Jeff even looks shocked by the fact that he is on the back of an autograph card. ” -davidhandberry

“ Not bad, all things being equal. I like autographed cards better when it's directly signed instead of a sticker placed on it. ” -Toddbwd

“ I like the fact that he takes the time to make the number legible, but doesn't worry about it with his name. Good scan for a mirror foil card as well. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The Flames crest always looked to me that somebody took a machete to the left side of that capital C. ” -Gunny

“ Not a bad set , nothing special though. ” -uncaian

“ nice autograph card. I think it is on card. hard to tell with this one could be a stickograph also, but I'm leaning on it as an actual on card auto. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice card. Good scan. ” -cjjt

“ Looks like A C and two check marks. Apparently it isn't just recent that auto quality became poor. ” -rmitchell6700

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Set: 1994 Power - Gold Cup '94 (Rate)

Card: #99 Chad Little

“ This era of racing cards, there are some strange designs. Not in the interesting or good way either. Mainly boring. ” -ShoTime

“ Maybe it's the scan, but I do not like the picture. I do like they have a picture of driver on the cars. ” -kirkscards

“ Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer Gooooo. Um OK I got nothing for this nice racing card. Kind of like it and the back. ” -captkirk42

“ I guess it’s cool for a racing card. I see car, driver, stars. I’d say, the card itself is cool. ” -muskie027

“ Good but not great racing card. Got the two most important things but the car needs to be more in focus. ” -davidhandberry

“ interesting that they made this card, little only ran 1 cup race that season in #97, there should be a picture of the car on the front but I guess they couldn't find a picture of the 1 race? also if you read the back it says the car owner is Mark Rypien Motorsports, and yes that is the same Mark Rypien, they are both from Spokane ” -Thunderfoot

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Set: 1987 Donruss Highlights (Rate)

Card: #NNO Roberto Clemente

“ My goodness. That's nice. Only complaint is it can be a little difficult to store these. I wouldn't want to loose a piece. ” -chvlDm

“ This is a nice card of a great player. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ Loved this card when I first saw it way back when. I still love this card as I do most Clemente cards. Greatest throwing arm I ever saw. ” -Gunny

“ Cool Puzzle ” -parsley24

“ Oddly enough there was a post on the forum about displaying these Donruss puzzles. ” -stevejrogers

“ Cool card um mini puzzle. ” -captkirk42

“ One of the more worrisome cards in my collection is the Hank Aaron puzzle card similar to this. If you don't pay attention it can come apart very easily. ” -davidhandberry

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Set: 1994 Collector's Choice - Silver Signature (Rate)

Card: #74 Vinny Castilla

“ Great set. Good checklist, nice pics, parallels, affordable. I wish we could bring it back for 2020. ” -chvlDm

“ VINNY! The first Nationals game I saw vs. The Brewers (in May 2005. looks like the Monday 16 May game) Vinny hit the first Homer of the game for the Nats.. They won the game. ” -captkirk42

“ A very popular product in its' time, this was 1 of 2 parallels of the base set. Silver sigs were seeded 1 per pack and 3 per jumbo or golds in lieu of. Still sought after due in large part to the inclusion of Michael Jordan in the set.Excellent non-repetitive photography! ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ Love the backs of these. Big photo, Multiple stats. Could do without the little position man guy in the corner on the front. Other than that, Collector's Choice was always a solid set. ” -jarosa04

“ Great set. Loved the silver and gold subsets. Miss when card companies stopped at one or two and they weren't completely impossible to find. ” -davidhandberry

“ I've always like the cards with the ball in the picture. It makes me feel like I'm right there with them. ” -FiresNBeers

“ loved the little cartoon of the position that 94 collectors choice had, also this is when the base upper deck set became a bit more higher end and collectors choice took over for what the base UD sets where ” -Thunderfoot

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Set: 1994 SkyBox The Lion King Series 1&2 (Rate)

Card: #101 Fire Engulfs Pride Rock 2

“ The card has a nice front. The backis lacking without any text. Good movie through. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ I was in 3rd grade when this came out. It was a big deal then and still is... although it's been several years now since I've seen anyone say hakuna matata in daily conversation. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Fire Engulfs Pride rock. BBQ ensues. ” -parsley24

“ Those two look a little too happy about said fire...... ” -BrewerAndy

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Set: 2008 SPx - Ken Griffey Jr. American Hero (Rate)

Card: #KG58 Ken Griffey Jr.

“ It's a very nice looking card. My biggest issue is the American Hero part. It may just be me but I tend to think of heroes as armed forces, police, firefighters, and those that help people and risk their lives for others. Athletes, actors, and other entertainers do give much of themselves for our entertainment but I feel are in a different grouping than what I would deem a hero. Just my personal opinion. ” -davidhandberry

“ This card looks like it has a back on both sides. An absolutely boring card. ” -YoRicha

“ Decent looking insert set...but wow that is a large insert set considering it is only about one player...a heck of a player but still. ” -rmpaq5

“ Yes, we love our baseball here in America. American Hero might be a bit much though. ” -rmitchell6700

“ This insert set I didn't like when I first saw it and still don't. Every once in a while I will get one of these in some repack or random card lot. ” -captkirk42

“ odd card ” -crashdavis28

“ Not familiar with this. Could be a cool insert set. ” -muskie027

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Set: 1998-99 Topps Gold Label Class 1 (Rate)

Card: #85 Brian Leetch

“ A nice card. Gold Label is one of Topps' better designs. Three different pictures on the card which is nice, A Hall of Famer to boot. This was a good attempt by Topps. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ Love the Gold Label cards in hand...this scan is particularly washed out. Just yesterday his all-time franchise record for most points by a defenseman in a single game (5) was tied. Very happy to see a card from my team, and a legend of the team, as Card of the Day. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ When this set first came out I was blown away about how good they looked. Still hold up after all these years. Leetch is one the greatest Rangers ever. ” -uncaian

“ The Glamour Shot of sports cards. ” -kirkscards

“ Topps Gold Label is one of my favorite sets of the 90's. Brian Leetch was a great defenseman for the Rangers, I would have loved to have seen him play longer in a Leafs uniform. ” -rmitchell6700

“ I really like Topps Gold Class. Beautiful designs. ” -davidhandberry

“ The original run of Gold Label sets are easily up near the top of some of the most beautiful sets ever produced. Scans don’t do them justice ” -BrewerAndy

“ The more I see Gold Label Cards the more I dislike them. About a month ago we had one of Brain Hunter and it looked like he was fighting a giant version of himself with a bat...this one looks like a little kid version of Leetch is about to get steamrolled by the adult version. ” -rmpaq5

“ Gold Label--good set. Nice cards. Terrible numbering & parallels numbering. Tough to understand at times. ” -cjjt

“ Nice looking card. I think this has a very classy look and it looks like it would be better in hand too. ” -muskie027

“ Hokey smokes! the two photos make it look like Mr. Leetch is a munchkin playing against some giants. I like the gold label series, don't like the classes organization to the set(s) but so is life. Nice mid to high end product. ” -captkirk42

“ I am a big fan of the late 90s Gold Label cards. I don't know if it is because the designs were pretty uniform or what but I really dig them. ” -Corky

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Set: 2014-15 Upper Deck Masterpieces - Memorabilia Framed Red (Rate)

Card: #109 Dale Hawerchuk

“ Cool! These are very nicely done art cards. Some of them look like a photo at first glance. Is it weird that I hold it against the Coyotes that they used to be the Jets and moved, but I don't hold it against the current Jets, which used to be the Thrashers? Maybe it's because it seems like they are writing a wrong. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I always say for football and hockey they should put an unhelmeted picture. This is one person that should keep the helmet on. ” -davidhandberry

“ Great player and rare to see an Upper Deck memorabilia card with some actual content on the back (and not just the "Congratulations!" message). Not a big fan of the painted art and would have preferred a photo. ” -bevans

“ Great I have a question on value of a card I have. Who do i ask ” -Princess

“ Why does the border on the left intrude onto the photo? A blob of foil for no reason. ” -rmpaq5

“ Loved the 08-09 Masterpieces set, will have to keep an eye out for this one as well. Hoping that Dale recovers quickly from his recent surgery. ” -rmitchell6700

“ Nice relic card. UD Masterpieces is a cool set. ” -captkirk42

“ He looks like a show-room dummy. Weird. ” -cjjt

“ Love the young picture. Dale wad a great Sabre! Almost forgot he played for Winnipeg. He was great for both. Interesting to see a current card show his Jet days. ” -muskie027

“ I don't like the wallpaper vibe on the sides. He looks more like a Yevgeny than a Dale. It baffles me that so many hockey players went sans helmet for so long. On a more positive note, it's a patch card and I've actually heard of the player. ” -Uncorrected Error

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Set: 2000 Quantum Leaf (Rate)

Card: #223 Troy Vincent

“ Cool photo and great set name. I used to watch Quantum Leap with my mom when it was on. I think I even gave her the DVD one Christmas. So, seeing this made me actually chuckle. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I like this card. The back is different from what you will find on most cards. I find it very interesting that that the stats from his first game is displayed. It is neat to see both teams' helmets from the game. The best part of the game is that the Rams won. It is always a good day when the Rams win. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ I love this card. This might be my favorite card ever on RCOTD. Love the pun in the card name. Love the very late 90's, early 00's computer generated look. The back has a new idea that I like, showing his debut game. Very good card. ” -davidhandberry

“ good looking card ” -parsley24

“ My favorite defensive player of all time ” -Paullilko

“ I am mixed on these Quantum Leaf cards. I like them, but they don't have some of my criteria for liking and really enjoying a set. I don't see the team name or logo on the front. Back is interesting but doesn't have that much info on it. Lots of wasted space. I like the idea of noting the game-day debut of the player. It threw me off a bit since he is shown on a different team. Nice that he would end his career with the Redskins. ” -captkirk42

“ Love the pose! Great! ” -cjjt

“ Never heard of this set and it is ok at best. I did love Quantum Leap as a Tv show though. So glad El Rey plays reruns of it in the morning. I know this says Quantum Leaf, but makes me think of the old Scott Bakula show. ” -muskie027

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Set: 2005 Topps (Rate)

Card: #617 Hector Luna

“ 2004 to 2014 Topps has to be the worst era for creativity in this hobby. Almost every year looks so similar (except 2007) and I was out of the hobby at the time so I still have a hard time distinguishing what year a card is from. ” -davidhandberry

“ I still like the 2005 design for Topps and Topps Chrome in any sport (and the Update version with the same design). There is nothing bad I can say about the front or back of this card. Nice borders and front info/logos, tons of info on the back and an easily readable card number on the back. Topps quickly went the wrong way in designs after this one. 2005 might be the last year of Topps base products for which I would say this about the design. ” -spazmatastic

“ Not too bad a card, there is a lot of dead space in the top... almost a reverse 1986 topps effect. ” -parsley24

“ Thought this was a Carlos Luna card at first. I like the 2005 Topps front design. The back I find too colorful but OK. ” -captkirk42

“ Yay! Cardinals! Hector Luna had a couple of moments of note, particularly hitting a home run in his first major league at bat after being claimed in the Rule 5 draft from Cleveland. He never really amounted to much more than a utility player, with 15 home runs and 96 RBIs and a .262 average in 339 career games. He was eventually traded mid-season from STL back to Cleveland for Ronnie Belliard, which did very little for either team as both players went elsewhere the following season and neither contributed much in their half season post-trade. ” -Brimose

“ Nice card. Alas, poor scan. ” -cjjt

“ It's ok, I think they tried to do too much. The team name and player name twice on the front, well, no es bueno. Picture is small compared to overall surface of the card. It isn't awful, but could have been better. ” -muskie027

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