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**Currently away from my main collection & traders. More info down in "Trading/Buying" section below.**

Sports: My collection is almost entirely baseball. Anyhting non-baseball is kept because I like the specific player, I was given the cards as a kid and therefore have sentimental attachments, or I bought a pack / random lot of cards on a whim and kept the interesting ones.

Player PCs:
Galen Cisco
Joel Youngblood

Aside from that, I keep my eyes open for members of The Big Red Machine, most current Reds (esp. the 2021 rookies), Billy Hamilton, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Bob Gibson, people listed under my "Favorite Persons" and probably some other random names.

MAIN PRIORITY: 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter
- Base Set
- Inserts (Ginter Greats, Baseball Signs, and a few others)
- May eventually seek out a complete set of the minis. Sort of T206 style where you don't worry about the backs? But trying to wrap up at least the base cards before I do that.

Otherwise, I collect the odd set here and there. There are also a few sets I look for in people's trade lists if I'm trying to put together a deal (2019 Topps Heritage, 1987 Topps, 2008 Topps, almost any Stadium Club...). I also get a kick out of sponsored/branded cards. I'm currently trying to collect a couple of the Kmart sets.

Trading / Buying: Welp, I'm going back to school (grad school, to be more specific). Which means I'm going to be away from my cards for awhile (at least until Thanksgiving - but it might be more like Christmas time). I'm keeping an eye on eBay and buying grab bags of junk wax in local trhift stores, though. So if you get a trade offer from me, rest assured that I have at least *those specific cards* on hand. I might also try to buy some PC wants from folks on here.

So basically, when in doubt, send me a message. I'd like to keep adding to my collection. Trading just sadly won't be a big part of that for the forseeable future.



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