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i do not have the 1999 tops 452 im not sure why it shows i do along with a few other 99 topps.. Not sure what is going on 


The 80's and 70's football are not Mint ,  They mostly VG some little better ,  i didn't want to have to rate all these so if you would like a picture of anything just let me know.




I have gone back and forth with using non-machinable stamps and so far i have had 5 envelopes destroyed using "non-machinable" and just yesterday got word my first envelpoe was destroyed using just stamps.  I am going to use regular stamps  going forward..  if that does not work for you then i totally understand. just wanted to be upfront with everyone. 

Will Send PWE unless you would prefer something else.  




Trying to put all topps sets together of the Pittsburgh Pirates as far back as I can go. 

Also trying to put all topps base sets together as well as misc sets from my childhood, Donruss, Fleer, Upperdeck

Collect the following players Andrew Mccutchen, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Andy Van Slyke and Starling Marte. 

Also looking for Pittsburgh Steeler cards I don't have. As well as the 85,86, and 87 Topps NFL sets

 I'm not perfect and have made some mistakes entering cards. If I find an issue I will reach out before sending to make it right.  Also I really don't pay attention to variations unless they are very obvious (90's Donruss Fleer for example ) 

Happy collecting! 






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