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Helpful suggestions if you would like to trade: I usually prefer tradings inserts/short prints for inserts/short prints, vintage for vintage, junk wax for junk wax, and modern base-set cards for modern base-set cards. I'm also willing to take modern cards for junk wax (1980s and early 1990s).

These are just general guidelines, and if you want to make a deal different from that, just message me. I'm sure we can figure something out. Please don't offer me a bunch of base-set cards in return for a handful of higher-value cards, such as inserts or desirable rookie cards.


Modern baseball set priorities:

**Topps Update (2023) 105 to go
**Topps Allen & Ginter (2022) 82 to go
**Topps flagship (2018) just started
**Topps Heritage (any year, but especially 2017)
**Donruss (2023) 180 to go

Priorities on insert sets:

**2017-23 35th Anniversary sets (I love them all)
**2017 Heritage: 1968 Topps Game
**2017-23 Heritage: New Age Performers
**2018 Anything (Legends in the Making, Highlights of Judge, Bellinger, Bryant and Jeter) 

Football priority: Cards of former Alabama players. To a lesser extent, I'm interested in former Alabama basketball players, too. Also, I'd like to complete the 1982 and 1989 Topps football sets, but cards need to be NrMt because all the ones I have for both sets are NrMt or better.


My goal is reduce the number of trade cards to zero. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. What I'm offering:

**Baseball, 1981-current: These are almost always Ex-Mt or Nr-Mt. (If they aren't, I've got condition marked.) If you ask for a particular card, I'll check condition before accepting the deal.

**Baseball, 1961-80: I've listed condition for everything baseball from 1961-80.

**Football: Everything 1980 and newer is almost certainly Ex-Mt or Nr-Mt. I've listed condition for 1982 and everything 1979 and older. The 1969 and 1970 cards are almost all Poor to Fair, with a handful of Good sprinkled in. (Sorry, I got them years ago from a friend who didn't take care of his cards.) I've got some 1970 cards to trade that are Ex-Mt or better. 

**Basketball: I've got some 1981-82 Topps listed. All those cards are Ex-Mt or Nr-Mt. I've also got some 1990-91 Hoops and 1990-91 Fleer cards listed. They're all NrMt.


—Where I rank, as of November 6, 2023, in TCDB rankings: Shaun Alexander (21), Bob Baumhower (1), Cornelius Bennett (58), Paul Bryant (1), John Hannah (1), Bobby Humphrey (9), Wilbur Jackson (1), Lee Roy Jordan (1), E.J. Junior (1), Barry Krauss (1), Woodrow Lowe (2), Marty Lyons (2), Johnny Musso (1), Joe Namath (11), Tony Nathan (1), Ozzie Newsome (3), Jeff Rutledge (1), Ken Stabler (6), Bart Starr (76), Dwight Stephenson (1), Derrick Thomas (87), Richard Todd (1)  and Mike Washington (1).





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