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  • Is it possible to use this site for trading?

    Yes. Members can list out their collection, wantlists, and for sale / trade lists and use the Transaction Manager, private messaging system, or forum to negotiate trades.

    Please note that deals that are made are between private individuals and the Trading Card Database does not have any involvement or take any responsibility in the outcome of these dealings.

  • Here is a quick overview put together by member DyeHardFan:

  • How do I go about finding trade partners?

    On the main page for your collection, there are reports that list all site members that have items posted to their Wantlist or For Sale / Trade list. These can be all potential trading partners.

    Once you start adding items to your own Wantlist or For Sale / Trade list, you will additionally get access to reports on your main collection page that match items from your Wantlist to other members For Sale / Trade lists and vice versa. These reports are also available on each member's profile to make items specifically to one member. You will also receive alerts whenever you have matching items with other members. In your profile settings, you can set to receive these alerts daily or hourly. There is also a Trade Matching report that will generate a list of all members with whom you have matches with.

    If you are looking to trade for a specific card, you can go to that card's page and underneath the image there is a link that lists the number of times this card is mentioned in someone's collection. There you can see if it's on anyone's Wantlist or For Sale / Trade list.

    If you are looking to trade for a specific set, person, or team, you can pull up reports from those particular pages which list the site members with relevant items on their Wantlist or For Sale / Trade list.

    You can also try creating a thread on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum to let people know that you're interested in trading, what you're interested in trading, and how best to contact you.

  • How do I contact another site member to propose a trade?

    By clicking on any member's name, it will take you to their profile page. From there, you can send them a private message (PM) using the messaging system.

    Alternatively, by going into the Transactions area, you can propose a trade to another site member. Using the Transaction Manager, is a way to organize your trades. Successfully completed transaction will be listed in the Completed Transactions area and members can publish the details of their transaction if they so choose. The advantage of using the Transaction Manager for trading over simply messaging back and forth is that a record is kept of successful transactions and this is a way to vouch for your trustworthiness as a trader in future trades.

    You can also reply to their post if they've started a thread on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.

  • What are some best practices to know about online trading?

    A great deal of trust and good faith are required to trade online as it usually requires dealing with someone whom you've never actually met in person, going only on their screen name and written word.

    Each member's page has a "Feedback" link where other members who have traded with this person can leave feedback, positive or negative, regarding their dealings.

    Some other ways you can vet a potential trade partner is to look at their profile page. How long have they been a member on this site? Pull up their list of forum postings. Do they have good and respectful interactions with other site members? Look at their Friends list. Do you have a mutual friend that can perhaps vouch for them? Look at the completed transactions. Has the person already successfully completed trades on this site? You may also want to try reaching out to the people they've traded with to see if it was a positive experience.

    It is important to negotiate all aspects of the trade during the planning stage so that there aren't any misunderstandings. This includes everything from the expected condition of the items, the shipping dates, the type of packaging to be used, and whether to purchase insurance on the package.

    There are online companies that also offer consignment services for trading whereby each person puts down a deposit to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the trade.

    It is important to keep a clear line of communication during the entire process. Try not to leave anyone hanging, wondering what's going on. Did you have an unexpected incident and not make it to the post office in time? Let the other person know. Most people will be understanding as long as there is honest and timely communication.

    Above all, listen to your instincts. If the person is being too pushy or you aren't comfortable with the terms of the trade, simply thank the person and move on.

  • How do I turn trading off?

    If you don't plan to use the site for trading with other members or if you need to temporarily put a hold on your trading activities and not receive any new trade offers, follow the step outlined here in the User Manual.

  • What does PWE mean?

    PWE stands for Plain White Envelope.

  • How do I leave feedback after a trade?

    After you mark a trade as "Completed", you should receive a notification with a link to leave feedback. You can also go to the member's profile page, click on "Feedback", then the "Add Feedback" button.

  • When is it appropriate to leave negative feedback?

    There are several steps that you should take as a trade partner before leaving negative feedback. Once these steps have been exhausted, then it would be appropriate to leave the negative feedback. If you received incorrect items or were missing items, you should contact your trade partner to see if they can be sent. If the entire shipment has not arrived, it is advised to wait 4-6 weeks if shipping within the US and 8-12 weeks if shipping between countries. You should contact your trade partner to see if the shipment was sent or if there were some delays in getting the shipment out. If you've made attempts to contact your trade partner and they are unresponsive to you, or will not hold up their end of the agreement, it is appropriate to leave negative feedback by going to the member's profile page, clicking on "Feedback", then the "Add Feedback" button.

  • Is it possible to edit feedback?

    You can edit positive feedback left for another member for a 48-hour window after the feedback is left. You can edit negative and neutral feedback left for another member indefinitely. Feedback can be edited by returning to where the feedback is posted and using the Edit button.

  • Is it possible to have negative feedback removed from my profile?

    If you have received unwarranted or retaliatory feedback, please follow the following steps:

    1. Go to your profile where the negative feedback is posted.
    2. Click on the "Request Review" button.
    3. Fill out the form there including all of the details requested.

    The Transaction Review Board will review your case and you'll receive a notification with the outcome. Please allow 48-72 hours for the board members to review and deliberate on your case.

  • How often can I run a Trade Matching report?

    The Trade Matching utility will take your whole wantlist and for sale / trade list and match it up against every other member's wantlist and for sale / trade list and rank the results based on the highest number of matches.

    New reports can be run every seven days. After requesting a report, you will receive an alert once your report is available. Whenever you're eligible to run a new report, the option will appear at the top of the page.



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