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Location:   Indian River , MI United States
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I collected cards from 1980-94.  I'm just got started on TCDB in April of 2021.  

I have many cards to sell or trade & would love to help you complete your sets. 

I'm fine with PWE for small trades, but I love to make big trades.

I'm trying to finish my 68 Tigers set, 83 Fleer set, and 92 Ultra. I'm also trying to complete the inserts from the 93 & 94 Ted Williams Card Company Sets.

I'm also looking to finish off a few random inserts here and there as well as my Rod Carew, Isiah Thomas & Steve Yzerman PC.

There are a few cards on my want list that have VAR C or D trademarks.  I don't care about that.  I just want the card of the player.





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