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Location:   100 Miles East of Montreal, Canada

I trade cards to build baseball, hockey and some miscellaneous sports / non-sport sets. I also PC Felipe Alou, Derek Aucoin, Steve Begin, Jennifer Botterill, Kevin Dineen, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Bob Kudelski, Manon RheaumeGabriela Sabatini and P.J. Stock as well. I do not buy cards. I also have a sweet spot for oddball / food issue / regional sets. New cards are regularly added to my FT/S list and all the cards I list here are NRMT or EX unless specified and I expect the same of you.

I don't collect micro-variations (dots, stars, copyright marks, holograms, printing plate codes...), they're not fun to search and I dislike the incessant frequency with which new ones are added. Seriously, what's the point if you gotta need to use a magnifier glass to check out if there's a dot on the back of a 1991 Fleer? However, I do all my best to check all my cards and to keep my lists up to date, but please ask me first, if micro-variations matter to you. The site really needs some way of opting out of micro-variations (just a default / any var. / unverified option for each card).

Besides helping to complete our collections one step closer each time, the opportunity would be nice to have traded with all the states, provinces and territories of North America. On this site only, I traded with members in 46 states, D.C., 9 provinces, N.W.T. and overseas. I can't wait to have a trade in Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, Wyoming, Manitoba, Nunavut and Yukon. However, if you don't live in the above jurisdictions, you're still more than welcome to trade with me. No trade to Russia, Belarus and Iran.

I'm an easy going, helpful and patient guy, but here's now my turn to announce that my NO TRADE LIST is growing due to an increased lack of civility on the forums and the full site. If (1) you nitpick and/or always have an opinion on anything and/or act like you own the site and you're not Admin or (2) you do not respond to counters or decline without expressing a reason or don't PM me to ask more time after several days of wait or (3) you send me ridiculous off-balanced offers or (4) you accept the trade and you can't mail your cards in a timely manner or you send me loose or severly damaged cards or (5) have a brand new (empty) account without info / feedback and ask for valuable cards or (6) you clearly didn't read my profile (ask first, at least) and ask me to buy your cards, then chances are that you just won a place on my NO TRADE LIST regardless of how much I may want what you have.

I am fine with shipping cards in single or multiple PWEs, if the cards are properly packaged. Also, I don't mind large or small transactions, but I currently prefer trades with 10 to 20 cards going each way or at least that the cards carry more value than the postage. I usually ship the same or the next business day. Just remember that Canada Post doesn't pick up or deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

International shipping is very easy, but it costs more for BOTH traders (not just from the U.S.). Here are some tips to save on shipping costs to Canada: use PWEs (Plain White Envelopes) and avoid bubble envelopes, plastic boxes and big stacks of cards. Ship as flat as you can (cut 9 pocket pages in 3 rows and insert 4-5 cards in each pocket). The more it looks like a greeting card or documents mailed in a regular letter instead of a package, the more it tends to be cheaper to ship. Current U.S. to Canada first class postage rate (up to 2 oz) is $1.40 and if non-machinable, $1.79. If you don't have Global Forever stamps handy, three regular Forever stamps work as well. There's also no need to pay $14.85 for shipping with international tracking, because it is just too expensive, it will be way slower to arrive and Canada Post won't track your postal item anyway. Overall, postal service tends to be slower in Canada and at times a bit harder to predict, but it is as reliable as in the U. S.. Lastly, no cross-border shipping by Fedex or UPS: they charge $40.00+ custom brokerage on each and every package they handle no matter if it is duty free or not.



Anders Roos

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Mats Sundin Collector from Sweden. Also collects RC´s and autos as well on the side.



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Location:   Indian River , MI, United States

I collected cards from 1980-94.  I'm just got started on TCDB in April of 2021.  

I have many cards to sell or trade & would love to help you complete your sets. 

I'm fine with PWE for small trades, but I love to make big trades.

I'm trying to finish my 68 Tigers set, 83 Fleer set, and 92 Ultra. I'm also trying to complete the inserts from the 93 & 94 Ted Williams Card Company Sets.

I'm also looking to finish off a few random inserts here and there as well as my Rod Carew, Isiah Thomas & Steve Yzerman PC.

There are a few cards on my want list that have VAR C or D trademarks.  I don't care about that.  I just want the card of the player.



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********** Priority on Baseball Sets to complete....**********

2001 TOPPS ......need 2

2010 TOPPS.....need 1

2020 TOPPS UTZ......need 5



********  Trying to Finish the 80-81 Topps HOCKEY set.....I'm looking for the UNSCRATCHED cards ....Any help will be appreciated  *****


Baseball and Hockey. Trying to complete sets in Hockey and Baseball from my childhood...Also collecting modern day sets..Basically a BASE SET builder..... No trade, too small or too big.....

As always, you can counter any trade I propose....I just want a FAIR trade for both parties...



 Happy Trading.....TOM.....




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Location:   St Charles, Missouri, United States

**Have to update that I am only shipping to US and Canada at this point**

I collect Vintage, Heritage, Archives, and most retro Baseball releases.  I like old cards and new cards with vintage designs.  I also have a growing collection of poorly cut and wildly written on cards, so I always enjoy finding examples of those, may publish a book of them some day, but they are not a premium to me, I like them cheap and crazy!

Worst collecting regret...so far....selling my dads SGC 2.5 Mickey Mantle rookie card(9007788-062), his SGC 4 1952 Jackie(9007788-067) and my 1953-1980 complete sets through Heritage Auction House in 2016, they acted like they cared but in the end their level of interest and service goes hand in hand with the grading number on your card, they flaked and disappeared on me losing thousands of my cards in their vault for over a year, stay away from them unless you have the 9.5 Mantle like they just sold, they care then.

I have most of my vintage cards listed for sale/trade but my extras are mostly well loved to good-vg examples, so if you prefer perfect cards or EX-MT I probably can't help you.

My Trading thoughts...

-In terms of overall trades, my vintage is well loved, but in decent shape, im generally looking to trade it for other vintage on my want list(which is mainly variations, Topps oddballs, or a 1952 Mickey Mantle :0) or interesting Heritage/Archives stuff like relics, SPs, or autos in roughly equal value.  

-For vintage commons 1958-1985 I have removed cards with really bad corners, gum damaged, badly mis-cut, bad creases,  and anything falling into the poor category and some bordering on fair.  So cards will be high fair condition , mostly good condition, some VG, and a few EX.

-For vintage commons 1952-1957 I have removed cards with missing corners, badly mis-cut, full on creasing and bent cards, but some are what I would consider fair with creasing and rounded corners, generally the older the cards in my lists the lesser condition they are in.

-For vintage stars and high numbers from all years I have removed gum damaged, badly miscut, and cards in poor condition, but have left ones in my trade list that may have bad corners, some creasing, and would be considered fair condition due to them being harder and more expensive at the higher grades, so ask if that is something that might bother you I can share details on defects or photos.

-In terms of Heritage SPs, now that I am done with them, I am more willing to trade what I have left of them for other Heritage special inserts, chromes, autos and/or relics I need in a similar value range.  I no longer require an SP for an SP, but more so then looking for something common, looking to trade them for Heritage stuff I don't have.  All cards are EX or better, with only pack related issues.  I try and remove all dinged corner cards, but if you get some I missed I'm sorry and will work to correct if they are not.

-In terms of Heritage/Archives commons and most other cards I am willing to trade them for most things on my want list again in roughly equal value across the products.  I am also willing to sell bulk Heritage commons if you need a lot for a set.

-In terms of my 80s OPC stuff, it ranges from Fair to Ex condition, I remove cards with writing and serious damage, there are some 71/72 and 79-84 cards that are in lower conditions and mis-cut, as an American collector in the Midwest OPC is hard to get, I usually buy bulk lots and some cards are in bad shape, I pull the really bad ones out, but as experienced OPC collectors know mis-cuts are a way of life, so please understand this.

-I have a few of the Super 7 action figures from the Big League baseball line as well, I look for roughly $25 in trade value for those or figures from the list I don't have in exchange for any of them.  This is the going rate for these and shipping will cost me extra due to the size.

-I have several vintage non-sports sets I have been building, some since my childhood, I am glad to trade equal value and time period baseball cards for those as well.  These cards tend to be Good to EX.

-I have a lot of extra sets of recent Heritage and Archives as well as extra sets of 1980-1989 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer made up of cards I myself opened in the 80's so if you looking for a set let me know and we can discuss how I can give my old cards a good home. 

In the end feel free to offer a trade, I wont be offended but may say no based on the above.




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Location:   SK, Canada

Always looking for current Flames players, Iginla, Getzlaf, and Ruzicka



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Location:   Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Quebec Canada, Canada

Selling and Trading


50% off all cards from my sale/trade list, just ask. Can send pictures (email or Facebook). 


Will trade up to 21 cards for one card on my want list. send offers :)

Looking for Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid. Occasionally some other cards.

Constantly updating my sell/trade list and want list. new cards in every week. 

Send most of my trades PWE (Plain White Envelopes) 


Please be patient with trades, i check one by one every card i send out.

Let's Go :)




Live without regrets


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**Turning off trades for the summer, new job has me too busy.  I'll be back once hockey starts again!!**


I'm constantly working on getting my collection and traders input.   

 I enjoy collecting hockey cards and enjoy trading.  It's great to trade cards into someone's personal collection.  I will have some other sports cards available to trade, but with a few random football or baseball RC exceptions, I'm only focusing on adding hockey cards.

I am collecting all New York Rangers commons and inserts.  I am actively trying to collect the RC and first year Rangers card of every player who ever wore a Blueshirt in an NHL game  It's a hunt, a challenge, that's why I love collecting... The thrill of the chase! I am processing a list of over 1100 players now...  Does anyone have a Gretzky RC available? :)

I also have a Teemu Selanne PC, and will be looking for recent cards of his (2001 and beyond). This is a secondary goal, but I want to crack top 10 Selanne collectors on TCDB

I collect Vintage and recent Hockey Rookie Cards.  All RCs need love, and find it in my PC.

I don't mind PWE trades or bigger, as long as we agree. If we make a trade, feedback is appreciated.

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Location:   Roswell, Georgia, United States

November 1 - Trading turned off at the moment.  Feel free to send a message. 

Wake Forest Basketball alumni (Muggsy Bogues, Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, John Collins, Josh Howard, Jeff Teague, etc.)

Jose Canseco, Ichiro

Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers  

Basketball and baseball sets from 1988-1995

The Panini sticker complete sets in my collection are for trade or sale - baseball, basketball, football, hockey



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Location:   British Columbia, Canada

Hi all,

Super happy to have found this site! I'm looking to clear up some space and get some value out of my collection.

Preference is for sale (not trade, unless you have some matches to my wantlist specifically).

I am based in a suburb of Vancouver, BC (home of the 2010 Winter Olympics) and happily ship pretty much wherever. I have shipped to Canada, US, UK, Australia, Norway, Germany and an FPO in Italy so far.


Happy shopping!


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Location:   Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

*UPDATE 05/15/2023 Turning trades off for a bit. Need to try to organize my collection. It is getting a bit out of hand at the moment. Between the recent cards Ive had come in and go out, it seems all messed up. Plus I purchased a rather large lot and need to get it sorted out and uploaded. Thank you*

I restarted collecting hockey cards in 2017ish to build a collection for my son. Looking to buy/sell and trade for cards I want/need!

Currently, I am still updating my Sell/Trade lists. If you see cards in my Personal Collection that you need, however; DO NOT hesitate to ask me about them as I may have multiple copies that just haven't been uploaded yet; HOWEVER, I will NOT part with PC cards; only doubles if I haven't uploaded them yet. If all goes well, we may be able to help each other out. 

Other than the sets I am trying to finish, I also PC the San Jose Sharks and Manon Rheaume. Any help would be appreciated.

If we have done deals, smoothly or not, could you please leave feedback? Thanks



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Location:   Maple Grove, MN, United States

I am currently just shipping via PWE transactions of 3 ounces or less to limit my exposure/costs. Multiple PWE transactions will be acomodated,if applicable. I am turning off trading for a little while to organize my cards for a better trading experience in the near future-Thanks to everyone for your trades-I love this site and look forward to more trades soon.

I'm not as good as I once was,but I'm better than I used to be.


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Location:   Tea, South Dakota, United States

Mark McGwire

Complete Sets

Trades will be mailed out on Mondays and Fridays. 

If you cannot stand behind our soldiers, please feel free to stand in front of them.


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Location:   Copenhagen, Denmark, Denmark

Jagr cards from his time in Pittsburgh, 1990-2001. 



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Location:   Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec, Canada

Until the end of June, I will be slow to answer to offers. It's my first full year of teaching in High school with 3 differents courses to give, so i won't have a lot of time for cards. Sorry


Main PC : Mikhail Sergachev

Looking for Tampa Bay Lightning Prospects.

Trying to complete :

  • 22-23 UD YG and YG Canvas set (Extended YG and YGC)
  • UD Base Sets from 2015-16 and 2018-19
  • 2019-20 SP Retail (Rookie Jersey)
  • 2021-22 Parkhurst Base set (to complete it)
  • 2023-24 Tim Hortons Hockey - some Symmetry Standouts cards

Interested also in

  • 2001-02 Parkhurst Vintage Autograph : missing 13
  • 2006-07 Parkhurst Autograph (base set with autos) : missing 14
  • 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Autograph (base set with autos) : missing 32
  • 2018-19 and 2019-20 Chronology Autograph
  • 2020-21 SP Legends Autograph

Ranking on TCDB :

  • 1st : Alex Barre-Boulet (108)
  • 1st : Mikhail Sergachev (225)
  • 1st : Gabriel Fortier (19)
  • 1st : Ross Colton (33)
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Location:   British Columbia, Canada

Main Player PCs: Mike Maneluk, Dwight King, Jeff Friesen, Kristofer Westblom

Goalie PCs: Fred Brathwaite, Chris Terreri, Ron Tugnutt.

Open to trades from Canada and the US. (Apologies to my European friends, shipping has become a bit pricey for me.) I generally ship PWE (well wrapped and packaged, of course) unless otherwise agreed to.

For 90-91 Upper Deck, I may not have the correct variation listed... I only have so much time with cards, and don't want to be squinting and staring, trying to differentiate for every card from this set I have listed. If this is important to you, please let me know which cards you'd like checked.

For trades I've sent, if I haven't heard anything in the 7 days since sending the trade, I will withdraw it. Always open to counteroffers.




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Location:   Hillsboro, OR, United States


Now the #1 collector of Ryan Klesko cards on TCDB!  With more to come!


High priority: Ryan Klesko, Dale Murphy, Dave Winfield, Dominique Wilkins, Kenyon Yovan, Michael Conforto, Adley Rutschman, Nick Madrigal, Trevor Larnach, Steven Kwan, Cadyn Grenier, Drew Rasmussen, Gary Payton II, Jacob Melton, Travis Bazzana, Trent Caraway, Gavin Turley, Garret Forrester, Will Frisch, Cooper Hjerpe, Justin Boyd, Mitch Canham, Kevin Abel, Nahshon or Rezjohn Wright, Terry Baker, Christian Chamberlain, Gary Payton, Ethan Thompson, Darwin Barney, Damien Martinez, Jam Griffin, Jake Luton, Jermar Jefferson, Hamilcar Rashed Jr, Luke Musgrave, Anthony Gould, Kitan Oladapo, A.C Green "In the Name" cards, Jade Carey.

Lower priority: Junior Seau, some Bo Jackson, Eric Lindros, Jordan Poyer, Mike Hass, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Jacoby Ellsbury, Steven Jackson, Nick Barnett, Matt Moore, Ochocinco/Chad Johnson, Sean Mannion, Johnny Hekker, Sam Gaviglio, Matt Boyd, any Oregon State alum/player in any sport (male or female).

PLEASE SEND TRADE OFFERS.  It's my favorite part of the hobby.  Always willing to negotiate a good deal for both sides.  One card, or 10+ cards.  I'm fine with any size.  USA & Canada only, unless the card is significant enough to me to ship overseas.

I do NOT collect/keep any other cards of any other players/teams.  If the card isn't a unique card to me of one of my guys above, it's not something I will keep.  I don't want duplicates either.  I'll trade it or sell it if it's something I think I can move; otherwise, no thanks.  But I DO want any card of any of my PC guys if I don't already have it.  My trade/sell and want/wish lists are updated, so if it's not on those lists, it's highly unlikely that I'm interested in it, or I already own it.

Fan of: all OSU sports, Braves, Red Sox, Blazers, Chargers, Flyers, Timbers, Tottenham FC.

Goal for VINTAGE ONLY CARDS (condition NOT very important...just no rips/tears, no writing on the front...some creases ok...not really concerned with how the back looks): Hank Aaron (preferably in a Milwaukie uniform, but not required), Mickey Mantle pre-1969 (earlier the better), Babe Ruth any vintage year, Joe DiMaggio any year, Lou Gehrig any year, Ted Williams pre-1955, Jackie Robinson any year, Shoeless Joe any year, Jimmie Foxx any year, Satchel Paige any year, and Stan Musial pre-1960.  For basketball, would like a Alcindor while in Milwaukie, early Doctor J, Oscar, early Magic/Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt, David Thompson, Cousy, Mikan, Moses & maybe a couple others.  Prefer to stay as cheap as possible, but for the right card might go a little higher...obviously Mantle/Ruth/Joe D/Wilt and those types would be more.  Again, condition I know won't be great at these prices.  I now have a Hank, Mantle, Jackie, Clemente, Yogi, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax, Mays, Jerry West, Maravich and Gervin at these levels, and a couple of Ted Williams, that I'm very happy with.  But the more the merrier if the price is right!

  • I will typically send cards via PWE unless the quantity is above 20 and then I will send BMWT.  If you wish a smaller trade to be sent BMWT, please let me know & adjust the trade accordingly. 

TCDB rankings as of 8/20/23:

  • Klesko (1st) - 950 unique cards
  • Dale Murphy (8th) - 542 unique
  • Winfield (5th) - 640 unique
  • Conforto (1st) - 448 unique
  • Madrigal (1st) - 416 unique
  • Rutschman (1st) - 159 unique
  • Kenyon Yovan (1st) - 37 unique
  • Larnach (1st) - 202 unique
  • Cadyn Grenier (1st) - 93 unique
  • Drew Rasmussen (1st) - 75 unique
  • Jacoby Ellsbury (10th) - 130 unique
  • Wally Backman (335th) - 34 unique
  • Kevin Abel (1st) - 32 unique
  • Steven Kwan (2nd) - 58 unique
  • Darwin Barney (4th) - 49 unique
  • Beau Philip (1st) - 9 unique
  • Cooper Hjerpe (1st) - 65 unique
  • Jacob Melton (1st) - 27 unique
  • Justin Boyd (1st) - 16 unique
  • Christian Chamberlain (1st) - 18 unique
  • Dominique Wilkins (2nd) - 440 unique
  • Steven Jackson (13th) - 99 unique
  • Brandin Cooks (3rd) - 111 unique
  • Gary Payton II (1st) - 32 unique
  • Jacquizz Rodgers (2nd) - 38 unique
  • Hamilcar Rashed Jr (1st) - 25 unique
  • Jake Luton (1st) - 64 unique
  • Jermar Jefferson (1st) - 69 unique
  • Isaiah Hodgins (1st) - 27 unique
  • Matt Moore (2nd) - 17 unique
  • Markus Wheaton (14th) - 22 unique
  • Jordan Poyer (1st) - 28 unique
  • TJ Houshmandzadeh (27th) - 32 unique
  • Chad Johnson (18th) - 83 unique
  • Junior Seau (64th) - 100 unique
  • Sean Mannion (1st) - 50 unique
  • Mike Hass (2nd) - 20 unique
  • Stephen Paea (2nd) - 13 unique
  • Steven Nelson (2nd) - 8 unique
  • Ryan Nall (2nd) - 7 unique

VERY willing to trade/negotiate.  I live to  trade...send me ALL trade requests!  Would prefer trades to purchases, although I know my PC is pretty limited in the grand scheme of things.  Just got back to the hobby in 2020 after approx 30 years out of it, and about 20 years after selling off 99% of it to pay for our wedding.  I forgot how much I loved it!

"Let's play two!"


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Location:   Canada

Hi folks,

I primarily collect cards of Pittsburgh Penguins players. There are plenty of cards I'd like that I don't yet have on my wantlist. 

Favourite players:

Mario Lemieux

Alex Kovalev

Paul Kariya

Matt Cullen

I'm not super-concerned with getting equal monetary value for my cards, I'm just looking to build my collection, mostly with Penguins cards.

I'll be adding more cards for trade over the coming weeks.






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Location:   Kaunas, Lithuania


Member Since:   3/19/2021
Location:   Chesterfield, Michigan, United States

Hello: I joined this site in March 2021. I'm still putting my cards that I have into this website. I'm still organizing all my cards so it will take me some time to input them into this web site. I'm willing to make a trade if I need cards to complete a set.

The trades that I have done have gone very smoothly. The trades I've made so far have been PWE (Plain White Envelope) shipping. 

I'm a set builder:

If you are a buyer check out my "For Sale Only Cards". All the cards in this collection are for sale. I'm still organizing my cards to put in this collection. The following complete sets are for sale:

1987 Topps 

1987 Topps - Glossy All-Star

1988 Donruss - Stan Musial Puzzle

1989 Donruss - Warren Spahn Puzzle

1992 Donruss - Rod Carew Puzzle

1991 Upper Deck - Baseball Heroes: Nolan Ryan

1991 Upper Deck - Team Logo Holograms

2007 Topps -All Stars

Down the road I'm looking to sell all my cards. At my age (late 60's) it's about the that time to sell all my cards. Hopefully there are people on this site that buys cards.

Have a great day. 



Member Since:   11/20/2022
Location:   Safeco Field, Washington, United States

J. Buhner, A.Rhodes, C.Bosio,  D. Wilson, J.Nelson, J.Kruk, R.Dibble, M.Blowers, R.Myers, D.Boyd, M. Blowers, M. Fidrych, B. Blyleven, D. Parker.


My Topps 59' 60' 61' and 62's are all Ex or Ex+ and looking for good homes.

My OPC/Topps 70's vary widely.  I hesitate to grade, but I do  know the parameters.  Ask for condition and I will put eyeballs on the card and let you know.

My Topps 79' and 80' are weathered.  Some dings, soft edges. Pesentable. Handled by me as a child.  If its creased, it isnt listed here

Everything else Ex+/Nm or better.

"I cursed him out in English. He threw me out in Spanish." Louis Victor "Sweet Lou" Piniella


Member Since:   11/20/2022
Location:   Safeco Field, Washington, United States

J. Buhner, A.Rhodes, C.Bosio,  D. Wilson, J.Nelson, J.Kruk, R.Dibble, M.Blowers, R.Myers, D.Boyd, M. Blowers, M. Fidrych, B. Blyleven, D. Parker.


My Topps 59' 60' 61' and 62's are all Ex or Ex+ and looking for good homes.

My OPC/Topps 70's vary widely.  I hesitate to grade, but I do  know the parameters.  Ask for condition and I will put eyeballs on the card and let you know.

My Topps 79' and 80' are weathered.  Some dings, soft edges. Pesentable. Handled by me as a child.  If its creased, it isnt listed here

Everything else Ex+/Nm or better.

"I cursed him out in English. He threw me out in Spanish." Louis Victor "Sweet Lou" Piniella


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Location:   Texas, United States

Always looking for a good trade. Let me know if I have anything on your Want list. 



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Keep on keepin' on


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Location:   Carmichael, CA, United States
Keep on keepin' on


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Location:   Staten island , New York , United States


Member Since:   1/4/2015
Location:   Ontario, Canada

Hockey set collector including inserts, ERR, COR, VAR. Knowledgeable about North American hockey sets issued 1968-69 to 1994-95.

All 1990 and newer cards for trade are NRMT. Expect the same in return. 1989 and older are assigned a grade.

Everything on my trade list is available for sale. Reasonable prices based on condition. 

If it's not on my trade list, it's not available.

Go Leafs!


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Location:   FL, United States

Baseball, Hockey and Football

Hi gang, just a couple of notes:

1)  I don't sell on this website.  I rarely buy.   Probably better off not asking me.

2)  If you don't have more than 24 hours to wait on a response to a trade that you proposed, please don't send it to me.   Patience is a virtue.  I generally give people a week to respond if I make an offer.

3)  Have fun when trading.  

It's the same, only different


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Location:   Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I pretty much collect Hockey, and Basketball and non sport. I do have a large collection of over 250 000 cards that i am trying to get into the system here but as you are aware it takes a while to get them in. If you dont see anything in my collection just ask as i might have. I am looking to complete sets. I love trading as it keeps thewife off my ass about spending money on this but if i don't have a trade that you need but have cards i want please send me a price and i would be willing to look at it.

My Parkhurst, Tim Hortons, McDonalsds, Fleer (skybox, Flair) Pro Set, Donruss, Panini, OPC, Pinnacle, Topps Ultimate, in the game, Pacific,Leaf, Bowman and Classic and finally upper deck  and Score complete,  I also have a love for Star trek and would look at any deal on those cards. Now my hockey is done, i am going to add my 100 000 baseball and then my basketball. Please don't send me Deals on baseball, or basket ball as of yet until i get my collections in, i have many boxes to add, the ones in this system were what i had in binders.

Also my vinatage cards have been with me for years, if you very concerned over the condition of them please ask for my email and provide me with yours so i can send pics, my cards are in great shape for being with me over the years, no tears or folds but i would be happy to show you condidtion if your that serouis collector who wants mint. 

thanking for looking and i hope we can make a trade.

I am a person with a fast turn around, in most cases if we have a deal today, the cards will be sent tomorrow. I expect the same from you as well. I also check to make sure we are trading dollar for dollar. I dont do card for card unless they are same value or enough cards make up the value. Please don't send one or two card trades, lets make the biggest deal possible, or least the deal should be more then postage, and please make sure you put the transaction number on the envelope or somewhere inside the package, so many people don't and if your like me who have many deals going at once it makes it very hard to figare out what deal it is with out the number.

Also i have been trading for a while now, and the 2 biggest problems i have is the amount of tape people use to wrap the cards, please try to use as little as possible, and second please put the trading id on something in the package. I have any where from 5 to 20 deals happing at all times, its sucks when you have to go through deal by deal to find the transaction. It would be so much easier if the transaction id was printed on something inside, thank you. (Also your name and trading name would be a bonus as well)

Wow just hit over 100 trade deals, crazy time flies when your having fun! looking forward to hitting the 200 or 250 deal. Will have to do somethign special for the 250th Deal!.

Lets make a deal today!


Member Since:   8/4/2021
Location:   Sun Prairie, WI, United States

Mostly vintage cards from my childhood. I have a large selection of cards from the 1970s for sale and/or trade. I am adding those cards to my for sale/trade list on a weekly basis. 

Completing series from the 1970s in baseball, basketball and football are my main priorities. Condition desired is usually EX but am willing to discuss other options to complete sets. 

I am particularly interested in completing basketball sets from 1969-70, 1970-71 and 1971-72. 

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing ... maybe the best of things."


Member Since:   1/19/2024
Location:   hubley, NS, Canada


I will let you know if the card has the smallest ding. I would appreciate the same in return. 

My name Borat. I like you. I like sex. It nice.

TRD Cards

Member Since:   10/2/2021
Location:   Boucherville, QC, Canada

I'm here to complete sets and expend my PCs which are:

-Nicklas Lidstrom
-Cole Caufield
-Alex Belzile
-Habs Players
-UD Canvas
-Tasmanian Devil

Looking to trade with collectors from Canada and with our Southern friends from the US.

Feel free to contact me!



Member Since:   6/19/2020
Location:   Somersworth, NH, United States

Before I accept any offers, I like to pull my cards to ensure I've really get them, they are the correct variations, their condition is ok, etc. So, it may take me a few days to respond. Please be patient.

I am really getting into NON-SPORTS cards in a big way. Superhero, movies, old TV shows...just about any and all subjects. Don't be shocked if I counteroffer any proposal to trade sports cards for non-sports. Trying to grow my non-sports collection while eliminating what little racing, hockey and basketball cards I have.

That being said, I am really looking at sports-for-non-sports offers in a more favorable light.


- does not mean I don't want them, probably just haven't added every non-sport cart to the wantlist!! Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if I want to collect them.


My trading philosophy...

I use the values listed in the database, not as absolute truths but more as a set of scales to weigh each side of a transaction.

Still trying to get my collection organized. To be honest, I still don't know what I have, what I want to collect and what I want to get rid of. This site has given me the push I needed to organize things. I am trading but not everything (maybe 70%) is recorded. I plan on trying to focus on just baseball, football and non-sports going forward. And to be honest, right now I'm trying to focus on non-sport. I'll trade baseball and football for non-sports. 

Collecting: I'm mostly a set builder, focusing on baseball, football and non-sports (movies and superhero type cards).

- Always had a soft spot for holograms.

- Prefer smaller sets to the mega series of earlier days. 900 card sets? Meh...

- Just got back into modern set building and I'm really liking Topps Allen & Ginter sets, although the gazillion subsets and variations is confusing/annoying.

- Really don't have true "favorite players" or teams. Gravitate towards Red Sox and Patriots but I don't fixate on them anymore.

- upgraded my Mac to a new MacMini and need to re-install scanner drivers, etc. Have some cards missing in the DB and I'll spend a day or two scanning once it's up.

Stole this from another profile..."Note: I always pull before accepting a trade so please give me time when you propose a trade."

Back to sorting cards and updating my collection online...

Do the right thing. Do things right.


Member Since:   9/21/2020
Location:   Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

**Feb 1/2024 - I'm not able to get to my cards for a bit, but hope to turn trades on a gain in March.**


I'm accepting trades but require patience. Things are busy, but I really want to get trading again. Apologies to those that I am slow getting to. This is a hobby and it falls lower on my priority list than most other things.

Prefer PWE trades but willing to do others.

I'm slowly updating my collection - it will take quite a bit of time. I'd like to make trades where possible, but I'm also happy to sell my cards at fair prices. If it's on my sell/trade list, I'm not attached to it (unless I screwed up and put it on the wrong list). Willing to trade around the world to help others out and also to get some unique cards.

I'm primarily interested in hockey cards.

Long-time Oilers fan.

Current sets I'm collecting

  • 2021-22 OPC (mostly just subsets now)
  • Jumbo cards

Main players that I collect (in order of importance) are:

  • Joe Sakic
  • Braden Holtby - taught in junior high
  • Clarke MacArthur - taught in junior high
  • Scott Hartnell - hometown boy (Lloydminster)
  • Brad Stuart - hometown boy (RMH)
  • Jujhar Khaira
  • Kris Russell - Local boy
  • Jari Kurri
  • Andrew Cogliano
  • Martin Gelinas

For my kids, I am also collecting Jesse Puljujärvi, Luka Dončić (basketball), Alphonso Davies (soccer) and Jonathan David (soccer).

I also collect oddball type of collections and food ones.

Hit me up if you see anything that interests you. Please be patient as I am finding it hard to find the time right now to get to the trades, but I will respond.



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