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Baseball, Hockey and Football

I use this site strictly for tradingIf I do want to buy something off of you, I will approach you.  

  • Set collecting is my current focus.  I'm working on the A&G run from 2006-present, and the O-Pee-Chee hockey run from 2006-07 to present.
  • Also working on a trio of 2008 UD Baseball Heroes parallel sets (Black, Emerald and Red)
  • I have no problem trading across sports (baseball for football, football for hockey, etc.)
  • I do have several player collections as well.
  • Side collections:  Cards serial #'d/99 that are purchased for less than $2.50

If I have something on my trade list you want and you can't find something on my want list?  Serial #'d cards are always welcome.


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Hail Murray

Slowly knocking down the final few remaining cards from the 2019 Donruss FB set over the past couple of weeks.  This week's acquisition was the most expensive of the final 4, Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

It took a few weeks of patience before I was able to grab a copy for just $20, about a third less than most of the cards I had seen on eBay.  Have 5 cards still to come my way, one of them from eBay which is taking its own sweet time (Daniel Jones) while the other 4 are still on the COMC wait list.

Speaking of wait lists...

well apparently I'm unable to screen grab my current place in line on the COMC website, so here it is in long form:

Date Requested:  7/3/21
Estimated Ship Date:  10/4/21
Items Ahead of My Order:  313,707

Each day this week, the estimated ship date has moved back one day, starting the week at 9/30 and moved slowly towards the original estimated ship date of 10/25.

October 4th is 2 weeks from Monday and I'm not very confident about them getting the cards picked and packed by then.   Still a wait and see game.

Enjoy the hobby!!


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