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Baseball, Hockey and Football

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Joe Sakic, Jim Thome, Larry Fitzgerald, Andrew McCutchen, Ichiro

John Olerud, Mitch Marner, Keith Tkachuk, Mats Sundin & Felix Potvin

Side collections:  Cards serial #'d/99 that are purchased for less than $2.50

If I have something on my trade list you want and you can't find something on my want list?  Serial #'d cards are always welcome.


Quote:   Mostly a set builder. Currently trying to finish '74 Topps baseball




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Two racing legends add to the chase

It's actually one person that added cards via a trade, but the screen name was quite interesting if you're a racing fan.  A big thanks to Rusty (TCDB ID: rustypetty) for putting a big dent into a couple football set want lists with this trade.

2018 Panini Prestige was my punishment.  Yes, I decided to put it together before looking at the set breakdown; not figuring out that there were 100 SPs out of the 300 card set taught me a valuable lesson in collecting modern sets, look before you leap.

These 8 knock my want list down to 42 cards, just 6 of them are part of the base set.  Ugh, 36 SPs, there are some big names among that list and it may take me some time to finish this off, but this set will be part of the next wave of sets to be completed.

This was the big part of the trade, 32 cards from the Donruss 2019 set.  This will also be part of the next group of sets to be finished, as this is down to 60 cards.  Similar to 2018 Prestige, this set has just 1 card remaining that isn't a rookie card.  That's right, 59 RCs to go....yikes!

To finish off the trade, I received 4 cards from my WR collections, mostly of T.Y. Hilton.

It was funny, when I looked at the 2018 Absolute card in the lower right corner, something just didn't seem right.  The guy was too tall and too slender to be T.Y. Hilton.  Sure enough, the photos both front and back are of Donte Moncrief, another Indianapolis WR.  In this age where everything is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, it's surprising that this card got through the quality check process at Panini.

A big thanks to Rusty for knocking down these want lists, it is appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


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