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Baseball, Hockey and Football

I use this site strictly for tradingIf I do want to buy something off of you, I will approach you.  

  • Set collecting is my current focus.  I'm working on the A&G run from 2006-present, and the O-Pee-Chee hockey run from 2006-07 to present.
  • Also working on a quartet of 2008 UD Baseball Heroes parallel sets (Black, Emerald, Navy Blue and Red)
  • I have no problem trading across sports (baseball for football, football for hockey, etc.)
  • I do have several player collections as well.
  • Side collections:  Cards serial #'d/99 that are purchased for less than $2.50

If I have something on my trade list you want and you can't find something on my want list?  Serial #'d cards are always welcome.


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500 is in the rearview mirror

Have had a good run of trades so far this month on TCDB, so much so that the 500-transaction mark that I passed on the third is already up to 507, with 8 trades in some form of progress.

I received a small one today, just 5 cards, but they hit 4 different want lists which I thought was great.  I had to send a few Flyers cards to Paul (TCDB ID: flyers4life) but the cards I got in return filled some pretty good holes...

Starting off with a couple of current Maple Leafs to help add to the Leaf collection, which I decided to move to one of those solid plastic 4 row boxes that BCW is now selling (Amazon link here ).  I really do like the product, it's very sturdy but not super heavy (yet, I still don't have it full).  I got it for Christmas which was great because the price point had the box on my "do I want it that bad" list.  

Slowly creeping its way towards completion, 1981 Topps has been a relatively fun build so far and hopefully as it gets closer to being done I can find a Joe Montana RC for a nice price.   

Wish me luck

Another set that came as part of the trade is the 86-87 OPC set, with Steve Yzerman being a nice card to add to the set build.  I started knocking down a bunch of commons on Sportlots a while back, and I have a few more in my current Sportlots box.   The set is small, just 264 cards and I'm now about 2/3 of the way through.  A lot of big names still to go, including RCs of several great players with the most expensive being Patrick Roy.

One day, I truly believe I will hit a vein of these cards somewhere on the cheap and put a good dent into this want list.  The 2018-19 OPC Retro parallel is a beast at 600 cards, and I've not even hit the 50-card mark yet.  My eyes did light up a bit when I saw this as part of the trade package, which some might think a little crazy considering the rest of the trade you've already seen above, but hey this guy thinks a bit different than most!!

Thanks for the trade Paul, it is appreciated.   Hopefully more trades are in our future.

Still having fun here!


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