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**Turning off trades for the summer, new job has me too busy.  I'll be back once hockey starts again!!**


I'm constantly working on getting my collection and traders input.   

 I enjoy collecting hockey cards and enjoy trading.  It's great to trade cards into someone's personal collection.  I will have some other sports cards available to trade, but with a few random football or baseball RC exceptions, I'm only focusing on adding hockey cards.

I am collecting all New York Rangers commons and inserts.  I am actively trying to collect the RC and first year Rangers card of every player who ever wore a Blueshirt in an NHL game  It's a hunt, a challenge, that's why I love collecting... The thrill of the chase! I am processing a list of over 1100 players now...  Does anyone have a Gretzky RC available? :)

I also have a Teemu Selanne PC, and will be looking for recent cards of his (2001 and beyond). This is a secondary goal, but I want to crack top 10 Selanne collectors on TCDB

I collect Vintage and recent Hockey Rookie Cards.  All RCs need love, and find it in my PC.

I don't mind PWE trades or bigger, as long as we agree. If we make a trade, feedback is appreciated.

I'd rather buy a man a beer than clean his blood off my blade.





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