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Before I accept any offers, I like to pull my cards to ensure I've really get them, they are the correct variations, their condition is ok, etc. So, it may take me a few days to respond. Please be patient.

Not a big fan of 1 or 2 common card trade requests. At least make the offer where the cards are worth more then the postage?

I am really getting into NON-SPORTS cards in a big way. Superhero, movies, old TV shows...just about any and all subjects. Don't be shocked if I counteroffer any proposal to trade sports cards for non-sports. Trying to grow my non-sports collection while eliminating what little racing, hockey and basketball cards I have.

That being said, I am really looking at sports-for-non-sports offers in a more favorable light.


- does not mean I don't want them, probably just haven't added every non-sport cart to the wantlist!! Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if I want to collect them.


My trading philosophy...

I use the values listed in the database, not as absolute truths but more as a set of scales to weigh each side of a transaction.

Still trying to get my collection organized. To be honest, I still don't know what I have, what I want to collect and what I want to get rid of. This site has given me the push I needed to organize things. I am trading but not everything (maybe 70%) is recorded. I plan on trying to focus on just baseball, football and non-sports going forward. And to be honest, right now I'm trying to focus on non-sport. I'll trade baseball and football for non-sports. 

Collecting: I'm mostly a set builder, focusing on baseball, football and non-sports (movies and superhero type cards).

- Always had a soft spot for holograms.

- Prefer smaller sets to the mega series of earlier days. 900 card sets? Meh...

- Just got back into modern set building and I'm really liking Topps Allen & Ginter sets, although the gazillion subsets and variations is confusing/annoying.

- Really don't have true "favorite players" or teams. Gravitate towards Red Sox and Patriots but I don't fixate on them anymore.

- upgraded my Mac to a new MacMini and need to re-install scanner drivers, etc. Have some cards missing in the DB and I'll spend a day or two scanning once it's up.

Stole this from another profile..."Note: I always pull before accepting a trade so please give me time when you propose a trade."

Back to sorting cards and updating my collection online...

Do the right thing. Do things right.





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