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My very first trading card memory was as a first grader in 1979 when a kid on the school playground gave me a 1979 Topps Jesus Alou card and one other card (which I don't recall) at the kickball court.  I started collecting in 1980 by buying wax packs of Topps baseball (4 packs for $1) at the nearby 7-Eleven.  In 1983 I started purchasing complete sets of the big 3, as well as older Topps sets as my allowance allowed.  Collected mainly complete baseball sets until around 1986 at which point I sold about 2/3 of my collection (~20,000 cards).   After graduating college I resumed collecting certain players.  Never got too serious about collecting at that time due to other things going on, but never completely stopped either.  In 1998 I started to PC Stacey Augmon, as I was looking for a new thing to collect.  I discovered TCDB when I was trying to find a way to inventory my Augmon collection, and picked up the hobby again during the pandemic.  Most of my collection is junk wax or ultra modern.

My main PC focus is Stacey Augmon, but I also collect some other players (football, basketball, baseball) who mainly played during the 90s (see favorites to the right).  I particularly enjoy modern cards of my favorite older players.

Prefer to trade or sell; not really looking to buy.  All cards for listed trade are NM unless otherwise specified; looking for same.  Condition is important to me, although I don't care about centering issues.  I am ok with trading cards from different eras and across different sports, trading commons for stars and vice versa, and trades involving uneven number of cards, as long as the trade is fair.  Cards will be sent PWE unless they are valuable or there is a large quantity involved.  Normally will send out trades same day or next day.  Trades should be worth at least the cost of postage.  Except in the case of large trades, I do my best to pull cards before sending or accepting trade offers to make sure I have all the cards in question.  Prefer to make trades as large as possible (let's include as many cards as possible from our respective wantlists).  My goal is to get my For Sale/Trade list down to zero! 

If you trade with me, this is what I promise:

  • Fairness - I try my best to make fair trade proposals.  I'm not interested in trying to get a great deal, I'm interested in building positive relationships.
  • Honesty - If my cards are not in NM condition, I will let you know beforehand.
  • Promptness - I try to send my cards out no later than the next business day.
  • Generosity - If I have more cards from your wantlist and there is room in the envelope, I usually try to add in a few extra cards from your wantlist.
  • Satisfaction - More than anything else, I want you to have a good experience trading with me.  I'd much rather build good relationships so we can do more trades in the future.  If you are not happy with the cards you receive, let me know and I'll do my best to make it right.

Have some complete sets available for trade or sale as well that are not listed on my sale/trade list: 1986 Topps baseball, 1990 Donruss baseball, 1990 Action Packed football, 1994-95 Collectors Choice Basketball Series 2, 1991 Topps Desert Storm (x3).

For anyone reading this who is going through tough times: If you're going through some tough times whether financially, physically, mentally, relationally or whatever and aren't in a position to make a trade, send me a PM and I'll see what I can put together from your wantlist for a free PIF.  After all, it's just cardboard.  I'd much rather cheer you up with them rather than hold onto them.

My other collecting interests include sports magazines, sports autographs, and signed sports books.

April 2021 update: All of my basketball, hockey and miscellaneous cards have been listed. Still have about 8,000 baseball and football cards to sort and list on the site as I have time (mostly 90s junk wax).



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