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St. Louis Cardinals & Chicago Bears memorabilia, autographs

NBA:  Karl Malone, LaMelo Ball, Scottie Barnes

UFC:  Anderson Silva

Collecting all parallels of Prizm UFC 2021 & 2022, I have many doubles I'd love to trade for some I don't have!

Albert Pujols (St. Louis only), Brian Urlacher, Khalil Mack, Walter Payton, Bo Jackson, Justin Fields

If you see something in my collection not on the For Sale/Trade list, feel free to make a trade offer. I like the "no-brainer" trades, that I glance at, and quickly accept.  If I glance at it and you're sending me 9 base cards and asking for 9 parallels or patch cards, I'll move on to the next offer. 

If you PC someone in particular and see something in my collection, trade offers welcome.

Just because it's on my Trade List doesn't mean it's a throwaway card.  It's on there for trade bait.  Also, there's a lot of Bears cards I would consider even if it's not on my want list.

I typically send out trades PWE, unless the total value warrants tracking.  My version of PWE involves protecting the cards before they go in the envelope.  I prefer to not receive cards that have been run through the mail sorting machine, only in a 9 card binder page.



I'll try anything twice
2023 - Most Card Images Added - MMA (Winner)

2022 - Most Card Images Added - Basketball (Winner)
2022 - Most Card Images Added - MMA (Winner)

2021 - Most Card Images Added - Basketball (Winner)
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