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Hi!  My name is Joe Schuld.  I'm 62 YO and I live in NJ.  I am married and have 6 children ranging from 29 YO to 18.  I work as a limo driver so my working hours are not the regular 9-5.  I am also an avid bowler ( bowling in leagues and coaching high school ) as well as trying to do some family geneolgy.  I say this because these are reasons why I am pulled away from tcdb.  I am a lifelong collector who only found tcbd during the pandemic/lockdown.  For years I used ebay but got turned off to them and their handling of Paypal.  I find myself buying less and less these days because of the constant rising prices of new material.

I am more of a set collector than anything although my favorite baseball player is Don Mattingly and my favorite football player is Phil Simms.  I'm a lifelong NY Giants fan and a fan of the Boston Red Sox but I don't necessarily collect any of these per se.  If you have something that catches my interest, we can talk.

I have 10's of thousands of cards available for trade but I am pathetically slow in getting everything loaded here on tcdb.  My want list of sets ( which covers baseball, football, basketball and some non-sports ) is several pages long which is why I haven't loaded it here yet.  Still working on that. 

I am more than willing to trade in your favor and will gladly send any items first.  If I learned anything during the lockdown, I realized that my kids don't care one bit about my collection.  So I am very happy to trade away to complete the unfinished sets I have piled up over the years.




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