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**I have a very full life and don't get a lot of time to pull cards. Depending on trade size, it could take me a week to ship. I haven't had any complaints, but please consider this before trading with me.**

**I'm NOT interested in selling.**

**I'm rarely interested in buying on TCDB. It's gotta be a great deal from a member I trust.**

**I do NOT respect book values. A product's current worth is what a consumer is willing to pay for it now. I mainly reference eBay and COMC for pricing.**


#1 Penn State Nittany Lions Collector on TCDB

I've numbered my interests by priority (subject to change). I have very little interest in GU/memorabilia cards, unless they'll fit into a 9-pocket page. 

(1) Penn State players - pictured in their PSU uniform (mostly trading)

(2) NFL Pro Bowler Rookie Cards (mostly trading)

  • Collecting at least one RC for each player to make at least one Pro Bowl - includes alternates that made the active rosters
  • Primarily focused on RCs 1966-present but will trade for older

(3) Penn State Autographs (buying and trading)

  • Football, Wrestling (not "pro" wrestling), and some Basketball
  • Will consider UFC (Bo Nickel, Phil Davis)
  • College uniform preferred but not required

(4) Penn State players - pictured in non-PSU uniforms (trading)

(5) Penn State player Cameos - appearance on another (non-Penn Stater) card.

  • Only interested in those picturing players in PSU uniform (front or back of card)
  • These are added to my want list as I discover them. I'm interested in any cameo cards not already in my "Penn St Cameo" collection.

(6) MTG 2021 Fotgotten Realms FOILS (trading)

  • 2021 Forgotten Realms FOILS only - trying to collect whole set minus extended arts
  • WILL trade anything EXCEPT football for MTG
  • If you're looking for Uncommons or Commons then please ask, bc I don't inventory them



  • Most of my cards 1980 and newer are in NM to Mint condition and I expect the same in return. Condition issues are noted.
  • Any previously unnoticed condition issues will be communicated upon discovery.
  • All pre-1980 card conditions are approximations. I'm not a pro grader. In fact, I don't even collect graded cards.
    • I mark condition conservatively for vintage, so most cards are probably better than the condition marked.
    • I'm happy to provide photos when asked.

Please understand that I care about condition as most collectors do, but I'm not perfect. If I miss something then I'll do my best to make it right.



  • I DO care about variations
  • I DO NOT routinely pull cards before proposing/accepting trades, unless its a larger trade. If this is an issue for you then please request that I pull the cards before either of us accepts the trade proposal. I simply don't have the free time to pull cards and re-catelog them when trades don't work out. I'm very meticulous about keeping my collection up-to-date and organized.
  • I prefer trades that are worth at least the cost of postage. I'd rather not pay $0.80 shipping to receive a $0.25 card, unless I desperately want it.
  • PWE shipping is normally fine. I'm not looking to pay extra to ship outside the USA, unless the trade is substantial. If a global forever stamp in enough postage for the first Ounce, then I'm open to international trade.
    • Unless other shipping arrangements are discussed, I will always default to PWE. 
  • If you don't have anything matching my want list, then I'd be happy to look through football trade lists. I'd be even happier if you want baseball cards in return. Just ask! Usually, I can find something of interest.

I've wondered how President Nixon could know so little about Watergate in 1973 and so much about college football in 1969. --JVP



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