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Hey all, my trading priorities at the moment are vintage (mainly 1972 high numbers) and Topps refractors from the early-mid aughts of past greats (mainly ATFF refractors [2003-2005], Topps Retired refractor autos [2003-2005], Archives Reserve hits [2001-2002], and 2005 Topps Pristine Legends [refractors only]). Offer me any of that stuff and I'll be motivated to work out a deal! We could probably still trade even if you don't have any of that particular stuff, but I ask that you please don't offer me "junk" (forgive the term) unless it's "junk" that you're asking for in return, as I'm generally less interested in overproduced stuff.

Check out my blog Baseball Card Breakdown that I've run since 2013. I also do a 1991 MusiCards Blog where I get to ramble more about my youth and music I like. Also worth noting that I occasionally make my own custom cards, often printing extras for trading and surprise bonus throw-ins.

I haven't logged that much of my collection/wants into TCDB yet, but I'm working on it. My card blog, however, features a big wantlist as well as a trade bait page that I'd encourage potential trade partners check out in addition to the "trade matching" option here. Thanks!




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