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I am new to TCDB but have been part of the baseball card blogging community for well over a decade. I have over 100,000 cards to trade. I have input all of my baseball cards to trade. Later this year I'll add in my football cards, other sports, and nonsports. If you have collecting interests there I might have something for you. Also if you collect matchbooks/matchcovers, stamps, or bottle caps (including MLB/NFL caps from the 60s) I have some of those to trade, especially the matchbooks which I also collect.

PLEASE NOTE: While my modern cards are almost all mint/near-mint, the condition of my vintage cards vary greatly. Some are in quite good shape for their age; many more are in good/fair/poor condition.

I am starting to fill out my wantlists. First priority is my vintage Topps setbuilds. Second priority is the modern cards that I have on there. Lowest priority is the 2017-present Topps setbuilds. You can see my full wantlist on my blog. For now, for TCDB, my primary focus is completing my 1973 Topps set.






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