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Location:   Ventura, CA, United States

Hello potential traders, here's a little info on what I'm looking for. Hope we can swing a deal!

1957-1967, I prefer at least VGEX but will accept VG with no major flaws: large creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC. Swapping pics would be appreciated.  I'm also OK with swapping fillers for fillers.

1968-1973, I'm looking for at least VGEX, no creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC.

1974-1979 I'm looking for at least EX condition, no creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC.

1980 to present, I'm looking for at least NRMT. 

All of my vintage traders (pre '81) have grades on them.  If you add a card with a VG grade to the transaction, it will be VG, GD will be Good, VGEX will be VGEX Etc. No surprises. I do my best to be honest and accurate.  If your cards have issues, please disclose them before we trade and I will do the same. 

My priorities: (as of 01/01/2024)

1) Topps Dodgers team sets 1957-1988 (8 cards to go!)

2) Topps baseball....1968-1988 (Complete!)

3) Topps basketball.1971-1981 ('73-'81 Complete) 

4) Topps football......1968-1985 (1970, '72-'85 Complete)

5) Hostess............... 1975-1979

6) Kellogg's - Baseball '70-'83 (1973, '75-'77, '79-'83 Complete)

I also collect the following:

Vintage Oddball Dodgers, (Bell Brand, Morrell, Jay Publishing, Postcards, Team Issued sets, Etc.)

Everything else on my want list is there to round out trades, not a priority.

As a general rule, I prefer to trade vintage for vintage and modern for modern. I will consider trading vintage commons for newer stuff, just try to be fair and reasonable with your offers. 

I work two jobs so mailing is done on Friday-Monday

At this time, I'm not doing any trades outside of the U.S. 


In A year that has been so improbable.........the impossible has happened!!!! - Vin Scully

Arkansas Traveler

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First off, I am no longer accepting PWE trades and will ship only via bubble mailer or, for extremely large trades, USPS flat rate box. I apologize if this makes trading a bit more difficult for you. I have had too many issues with damaged cards via PWE in the past and am tired of it.

Secondly, I would like to finish these sets as most of them have been languishing for some time (obviously not the newer sets). The '98 Showcase Row 0 will be the hardest to finish off as the 5 remaining cards I need are #'d to 250. I am still working on my Arkansas Born Players Collection and my Chicago Cubs Collection

I prefer the set fills first over the personal collections for now, but will consider the personal collections as I do not have any, basketball or racing sets I am working on at the moment and I know I haven't made the sets a focus in the time I have been on here to this point. I also realize that not everyone does just baseball or any other sport either, hence why I will consider the personal collection stuff. I may end up working on '20 Topps A&G Minis at some point.

Working on these sets:


1996 Ultra - Checklists (Series One)

1998 Flair Showcase Row 1

1998 Flair Showcase Row 0

2002 Donruss

2010 Topps Pro Debut

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini A & G Back

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini Gypsy Queen Back

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini Straight Cut Back

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini

2020 Topps Gallery

2020 Topps Gallery - Artist's Proofs

2020 Topps Gallery - Rainbow Foil

2021 Topps Allen & Ginter

2021 Topps Gallery

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini

2022 Topps Archives

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter - Mini

2023 Topps Archives

2023 Stadium Club



1990-91 Upper Deck


2013 Finest

2012 Topps Chrome - Black Refractors


2001 Wheels High Gear - First Gear

Thank you for your help with these sets.

Sorry, but no more PWE trades.



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Location:   elyria ohio- hartsville sc- athens ga

Vintage (all sports), michael jordan, jim brown, julius erving, walter payton, bo jackson, frank thomas, joe montana, jerry rice, ken griffey jr, muhammad ali /cassius clay, zion williamson, vince carter, luka doncic 

when all you have is a hammer.. everything looks like a nail


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Location:   Fountain, Colorado, United States

In honor of my dad, going to try and complete the below listed sets. He gave me his collection before his death, and I decided on these sets.


  • 1955 Bowman: 194/326-60%


  • 1952 Topps Look 'n See (R714-16): 104/135 77%
  • 1952 Topps Wings Friend or Foe (R707-4): 179/200  90%
  • 1953 Bowman Antique Autos (R701-1): 5/48  10%
  • 1953 Topps Who-Z-At Star? (R710-4): 53/80  66%

PC Person:

  • Britt Baker           
  • Halle Berry (#5 Collector on TCDB)                       
  • Ray Bourque (#3 Collector on TCDB)  
  • Christy Hemme (#1 Collector on TCDB)    
  • Ian Laperriere (#2 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Fred Lynn  (#12 Collector on TCDB)               
  • Maryse (#1 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Jenny McCarthy (#11 Collector on TCDB)                     
  • Peter McNab (#1 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Valeri Nichushkin (#2 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Jeff Odgers (#1 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Scott Parker (#2 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Jason Pominville (#1 Collector on TCDB)              
  • Manon Rheaume (#13 Collector on TCDB)               
  • Velvet Sky (#4 Collector on TCDB)
  • Tim Thomas (#3 Collector on TCDB)           
  • Kendra Wilkinson (#1 Collector on TCDB)

NHL Trophy Card PC

  • Art Ross Trophy         
  • Calder Trophy              
  • Conn Smythe Trophy              
  • Hart Trophy              
  • James Norris Trophy
  • Stanley Cup    
  • Vezina Trophy         

Team PC

  • Colorado Avalanche  (#2 Collector on TCDB) 
  • Boston Bruins

Goals for 2024

  • Organize my collection, I cannot find anything and need this fixed. 
  • Reach 700 unique Jason Pominville cards have 680 @66% Including 1/1
  • 100 PIF's
  • Increase my Ultimate Hockey Card Project to 7000+ unique cards. Have 6182(Trying to acquire one card for every for every set, insert and related sets, minor, euro, team issue, oddball etc. sets produced for Hockey including multi-sport sets)
  • Scan all the missing images in my collection.
    • Football 3 images
    • Hockey 312 images
    • Multi-Sport 3 images
    • Non-Sport 1 images
    • Racing 1 images
    • Soccer 64 images
    • Wrestling 1 image
  • Organize PC to better enjoy my collection with soft sleeves and top loaders. Validate and store.
    • Avalanche PC
    • Bruins PC
    • Ultimate Hockey Card PC
    • PC Sets in card house done.
    • Organize my Sportscaster set 2184 cards in set, need 625. 

I am suspending trades for a while so I can re-input my collection and to correct some counting errors but will be ready after that. 

Please do not submit trades.  

Hockey Cards one card all sets, Jason Pominville, All the Vault cards

Trying to acquire one card for every for every set, insert, parallel, minor, euro, team issue, oddball etc. Sets produced for Hockey. Been an interesting project.

Multi-Sports- Sportscasters Cards-Trying to one of variations for all cards. US Series. My want for these series shows all variations.

Baseball Sets: Trying to complete the below listed sets lost in a divorce. 

  • 1965 Topps: 418/598   70%
  • 1974 Topps: 656/678   97%
  • 1975 Topps: 141/660   21%
  • 1976 Topps: 556/660   84%

Hockey Sets: Trying to complete the below listed sets lost in a divorce. 

  • 1965 Topps: 15/128     11%
  • 1972 Topps: 133/176   76%
  • 1974 Topps: 150/264   57%
  • 1975 Topps: 316/330   96%
  • 1976 Topps: 175/264   66%
  • 1979 Topps: 230/264   87%

6182/41737 is the total for one card per hockey sets 7%

1/1 Cards 98//_ _ _ _ different sets so far for %.

3332/52725 different Hockey Players so far for 16%

I deleted my collection for a massive re-organization. WHY did I do this. No trading yet. Gift Yes, I suspect some are going out :)


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Sport and non sport cards...as well as new and vintage figures (toys)! 

  Nearly my entire collection of cards and figures (along with most all other material possessions) were maliciously destroyed not long before I joined the database. I came only looking for ideas regarding starting over but instead I gained a greater understanding for the hobby, made some wonderful acquaintances and have learned more than ever expected.

** GOAL: Now if I could ONLY replace my Monkees and Beatles cards- wishful thinking, I know- Hopeefully since condition doesn't matter- I can begin piecing some together without getting stung too badly!**



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Location:   Michigan, United States

On hiatus from TCDB right now. Currently traveling cross-country for work and will not have time to do much other than move and work. Sorry for the inconvenience.




I collect 1952-Present Baseball cards (Mostly 1980-2022), 1990s Basketball cards, 1980s-Present Football cards, 2000s Wheaties Soccer cards, 1985 Topps Wrestling cards, Pokémon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Stamps, Coins, you name it, I probably collect it. Baseball, however, makes up the majority of my collection.

My entire Wantlist is cards that my second cousin destroyed in an escapade up into my room. I now store my cards up high where he can't get to them when he visits, which is kind of hard seeing that he is 6'3.

I have been part of the filming of the Ally Challenge Golf Event since its inception. I haven't met any of the pros through the filming, though...

I also have dyslexia, so I will tend to mix up my letters a bit. Please excuse me for that.

Thank you to tgreer for helping me finish my 1991 and 1990 Topps Baseball sets.

If you want to trade, please contact me. I will accept basically anything as long as I'm receiving a card(s) that I don't currently already own.

Well, I'm confused. What's new?

Billy Kingsley

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Location:   New York, United States

I collect: NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me

Current project is trying to get at least one card of everyone to ever get one for NBA, NHL and NASCAR. Also working on getting at least one example of every set ever for the above sports. (Wantlists on Cardboard History)

I have some health problems that make it challenging for me to get to my trade stash. It makes me a slow trader as there are some days when I'm simply in too much pain to access the boxes. My health problems are not transferable so you do not need to fear catching anything from trading with me. I generally only can mail on Saturdays.


I prefer to trade 1 card for 1 card. I do not care about any made up "book value". I will gladly trade more than one card for some as well...there are a few cards on my tradelist that I do need more than one card for in return though. I only put sets on my wantlist that are close to completion, so if you have something else in any of the three sports or the Non-Sports topics I focus on, odds are I will want it. Only reason I wouldn't is if I had it already.  If you don't have anything from the topics I mainly collect, but I have something you want, I will also accept football or baseball in trade, pretty much anything to get a trade done. I would prefer not to trade with smokers. I have breathing problems and cards that come from smokers are essentially useless to me, I cannot handle them. I prefer larger trades but will do any size at all.

I have tried to make sure all the cards on my Tradelist are problem free, with no corner dings, scratches or other flaws, but I am human and it's possible I may have missed something, but all cards sent out are cards you shouldn't need to worry about ever finding a replacement for. I don't demand problem free cards in return as my theory is that a damaged card is better than no card, but writing and paper loss means to me that I don't actually have that card so please don't offer them to me in trade. 

If you don't care about condition, take a look through my "Damaged Cards" collection. These are all cards that I rejected from my tradelist for having flaws but they are available for trade. I would put them at one third a card "value" so 3 damaged cards vs. 1 of your cards. If you do want any of them, let me know and I will move them to my tradelist. I don't want to put them all there and cause matches for people expecting good cards and getting damaged cards in return. Some of the flaws are pretty big problems, some you will probably wonder why I didn't list it in my tradelist. While my collection doesn't demand perfection, I am very strict with condition on cards I send out in trade.

Trading Prioroties: (what makes me the happiest to get in trade, in no particular order)

  • 1995-96 and 1996-97 NBA Cards
  • 1994 NASCAR Cards
  • Any NASCAR card that actually focuses on the car
  • Automotive Non-Sport cards
  • New York Rangers
  • New York Knicks
  • New Jersey Nets (and Brooklyn and New York Nets, but the NJ era is my favorite
  • Elton Brand
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Henrik Lundqvist
  • History related Non-Sports cards
  • Attractive women (with or without clothes)
  • Anything from Racing Champions I don't have
  • Team logo cards for NBA and NHL
  • Non-sports subjects in Allen & Ginter
  • People with last names starting with Q, U, Z and especially X. 
  • With that said, I will trade for anything at any time, whether it's on my wantlist or not. I prefer "quantity" to "quality" and I'm a set builder at heart. 

There are also a couple of specific sets I'm really hoping to complete some day:

  • 1996-97 Ultra (NBA), my favorite set ever
  • 1988 Leesley Bigfoot (the set that got me started collecting)
  • 2002-03 Topps Chrome Refractors (NBA) Refractors are my favorite parallel and this is the closest one to completion
  • 1994 Action Packed (NASCAR) tied for my favorite NASCAR set
  • 1989-90 Marine Midland New York Rangers (just need the cover card!)
  • 1993 & 1994 Skybox The Simpsons (One base card away from completion, also chasing inserts)
  • 1954 Topps Scoop (my favorite Non-Sport set ever)
  • 1953-54 Topps World on Wheels (my favorite automotive set ever)


I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them. I will not trade cards out of my collection for any reason, sorry.

Brandon Miller

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Location:   St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Lifelong Twins and Killebrew fan.

I started collecting as a kid in 1971. Walking up to the milk store about 10 blocks away, plopping down my 10 cents for a wax pack and 5 cents for a bubs Daddy. First card I remember seeing in a wax pack was Tom Tiimmerman - still have the card in my collection.

I really got hooked in 1972 when I saw a rack pack with the Roberto Clemente in Target. In 1975 My aunt bought my brother and me a complete set of Topps cards which took what seemed forever to arrive. I got the Dodgers cards, my brother got the Reds cards (we had to hate something about each other) and I think we divided up the rest.

Started collecting for complete sets in 1976-1979. Stopped in 1980 cuz it wasn't cool as a HS Senior.

Then back chasing the complete set dragon in 1981 and enjoyed the dawn of the junk wax era. Limiting my PC to 1980 and older. No new stuff.

Completed sets: 1968-1987

Listing a lot of my 1960s and 70s dupes on my eBay page to fund my quest for 1954-67 set builds.

Trading: I try to propose or trade similar value cards, PWE if it works.

if conditions aren’t listed, assume my cards are VG, VGEX or EX.

Looking to obtain VG-EX cards for my sets, with no major creases, paper loss or marks on the front. O/C is fine.

I have tons of mid to late 70s cards I haven’t listed here so if you need them, let me know.

looking forward to doing some trades toward completing my sets!



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Priority One:Ohio State Buckeyes, St. Louis Cardinals

Priority Two: Chiefs, Bluejackets, Celtics

Priority Three: Other Columbus OH teams, other St. Louis teams



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Location:   Alexandria, VA, United States

WBB, vintage Pirates and WNBA autographs, oddballs, basketball players from Pittsburgh, 1979-80 Topps / OPC hockey set builder, players I like.

My Pirates Autographs, 1970-1979

“Privilege is the right to remain silent when others can’t.” ― Richie Norton


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Location:   Ill
baseball, football, hockey, basketball and non-sports cards
injoy making friends and trading,selling


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Location:   Falls Church, VA / Central Bridge, NY, United States


2024 Goal:
  ☐ rid the world of asinine * ** . and invisible light spectrum
Mainly Collect:
  • Oakland Raiders, 1960-2003
  • New York Mets, 1962-1994
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Syracuse alumni, NFL & NBA

TRADING TEMPORARILY ON HOLD . . . . . . . What do I consider a serious injury? If you're dead, that's serious.~Jim Otto


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Location:   United States

Wisconsin Badgers



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Derek McDonough

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Location:   Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

My first love is for my favorite local Minor League team the MidWest League Cedar Rapids Kernels and past team monikers.

I like trades for items on my Want List, and I’m interested in items not in my list like: Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (USHL),  Nolan Ryan, Mascots & other Iowa based teams from any sport.  70s & 80s TCMA MiLB team sets, Other MidWest League teams and artifacts.  University of Iowa Hawkeyes any sports.  Cedar Rapids Team Photos, looking for 2022 (may), 2016, 2015, 2004, 2002 and older.

I have all Cedar Rapids minor league team sets and most variations from 1972-2023.  I think I have them all, but always looking for rare or scarce Team Set variations.  Starting in 2020 I began adding all MidWest League Top Prospects and Allstar sets that include players in a Cedar Rapids uniform or logo.  Also collecting singles, Parallels, SN, Variations, and Patches from the big card producers (Mostly Topps).

Most Wanted List:  complete factory sealed sets for the following:

  • 1996 Best MidWest League Allstar
  • 2010 Grandstand MidWest League Allstar 

Forsale/Trade: Here are some Team Sets and Unopened Material, click on to see details,

Thanks for looking. 

“There are only two seasons - winter and baseball.” - Bill Veeck. “The other sports are just sports. Baseball is Love.” - Mike Novak

Doe MG

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Location:   Chicago

The ALS has advanced enough that I'm no longer collecting or trading. It's been fun guys! 



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Location:   Holland, Michigan, United States

• Working on low to mid grade 1970 through 1972 complete Topps baseball sets, but I'll take any condition just to complete these sets. I'm focusing on these right now and I hope to trade as much for these as I can. I will buy if the price is right. I'm over halfway on 1970-1972 with HOF and High #'s remaining.

• Detroit Tigers Topps Team Sets, including SP (Complete 1958 to present)

• Detroit Lions Topps and Donruss post 2015 Team Sets, including SP (Complete 1956 to present)

• West Michigan Whitecaps Team Sets (Complete 1994 to present)

• Topps Flagship Baseball Sets 1970 to present (Complete 1973 to present)

• Topps Flagship Football Sets (Complete 1981-1992)

• Topps Traded/Update Sets (Complete 1974 to present)

• Topps Pro Debut Sets (Complete 2010 to present)

• MLB Mascots

• Any other local teams of interest - Grand Rapids Griffins, Muskegon Lumberjacks, Grand Rapids Rampage, Traverse City Beach Bums, Traverse City Pit Spitters, etc.

I've been very blessed in my trades and transactions here on TCDB. Thank you to all. I will trade vintage for modern and vice versa as long as there is roughly equal value felt on both sides. I am a set builder and collecter. I do not speculate on my cards for future value. I do this for fun, not for profit. I will sell, but only to build a small bank of money to use for buying cards I can't trade for. I've traded hundreds of cards each way and I've done many 1 for 1 trades, so no trade is too big or small for me.

In packaging, I use painter's tape ONLY. I try to use a photo mailer for small trades of about a dozen or less.  I use #10 PWE for trades up to about 2 dozen cards and maybe 2 PWE for 4 dozen.  After 50 cards, I typically will use a bubble mailer with tracking.  If it is 200 or more cards, they will likely be in a box well padded.

Eager to trade for any cards on my want list. I keep my lists as up to date as possible.


Member Since:   1/6/2016


Baltimore Ravens


New York Yankees

Seattle Mariners



San Antonio Spurs


Montreal Canadiens


Yomiuri Giants

Foreign Players



Panini World Cup Stickers

Brazil and Japan national teams



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Location:   Austin, Texas, United States

Lover of all things baseball and avid card collect and trader.

First and foremost a baseball vintage set collector (1980 and earlier) with my daughter, but we also enjoying opening packs together so secondarily a current baseball set collector as well.

Happy to trade baseball for baseball, and trying to trade all non-baseball cards to make room for more baseball.  

For the most part, when trading baseball for baseball, we would like to trade like for like: vintage for vintage, current for current, SPs for SPs, etc.

Dot-vars: We are listing variations accurately for trade, but not collecting different variations.  Adding all variations to our want-list to "cast a wide net" but only collecting one variation of each card.

Since I've been asked where our username came from... my daughter picked it for our geocaching name years ago and wanted to carry it over here.  Pretty simple.

Happy to post pictures of cards for trade for any trading partners that need. 

***Constantly updating our want/trade lists so please check back for trades.


"It's a beautiful day – Let's play two!" -- Ernie Banks


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Handsome Wes

Member Since:   12/11/2018


Member Since:   1/1/2015
Location:   Niles, Michigan, United States

Collections I maintain, in no particular order:

  • Teams
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • Clinton Lumberkings/Giants/Dodgers/Pilots
    • Army Black Knights (all sports)
  • Players
    • Shawn Green
    • Buster Posey
    • Matt Mantei
    • Jeff Peterek
    • Ralf Mojsiejenko
    • Joique Bell
    • Dan LeFevour
    • Pat Tillman
    • Chadd Blasko
  • Sets
    • Tobacco/Pre-war
      • Current project: 1909-12 T-51 Murad
    • Baseball
      • Current projects: 1988 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack
    • NASCAR
      • Current projects: 2014 Panini Prizm, 2007 Traks (base complete) and 2012 Press Pass Ignite
    • Modern non-sport
      • Current project: 2014 Panini Country Music (base complete)
    • Vintage non-sport
      • Current project: 1962 Topps Civil War News
  • Others
    • Any NASCAR
    • PSA-graded Hall of Famers (baseball primarily, but also football)
      • Any card of a member in the Hall of Fame, any condition - just graded by PSA
    • Any other pre-1965 graded baseball
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons
    • Any other pre-1970 graded football
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons

Any cards that I have that do not meet the above criteria will be removed from my collection. As of right now, I only sell on COMC (and I don't see that changing). I just don't have the time with my lifestyle (working 40-50 hours a week, plus coaching three baseball teams) to pull, package, and mail trades, or even mail my own sales. I do enjoy sending PIFs and typically check wantlists here before sending a box to COMC for consignment. If I'm looking for something specific and notice you have it FS/T, I may reach out to try and make an offer. I don't expect to receive any proposals, and would rather send someone a few cards from their wantlist and get nothing in return than try to hash out a deal.

I do have cards listed FS/T; they are available via COMC, listed in my "COMC" collection, and can be accessed by following the External Sales Link on those cards. I don't have them in my possession, so I can't do a trade with you. However, I want to see these cards go to people who really want them. If you see something you like, send me a message on here and let me know - the price will come down, and I'll even take a bit of a loss to get you cards for your collection. I keep my prices more in line with what is currently offered on COMC, but I'll certainly be wiling to negotiate, especially with a TCDB member, as these are typically higher than what these cards are truly worth, in my opinion.



Member Since:   11/23/2012
Location:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps Base and Archives, New York Yankees.
Football: Topps 1969-1974 & 1972 Sunoco
Basketball: Topps 1969-1972
Hockey: Topps 1972-73: (I only need 3 cards from this set, with 53 cards for trade)


  1. pre-1960 Topps baseball
  2. 1960-1969 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  3. 1995-2009 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  4. Everything else

If you don't have anything on my wantlist, try offering some of these:

  • New York Yankees: any card not in my collection
  • Complete Baseball Sets: any complete baseball set I don't have in my collection. I like the junk-era small sets and Topps mail-in sets.

Please be willing to verify or send images of VARS offered in trade.

Just guidelines, not absolutes. I prefer the following:

  • Trade within the same sport. Baseball for Baseball. Football for Football.



Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


Member Since:   1/15/2013
Location:   Lebanon, IN, United States

Ken Griffey, Jr., Reggie Jackson, Pete Rose, Thurman Munson, Nomar Garciaparra, Tino Martinez, Ron Kittle, Vada Pinson, Rick Monday, Sixto Lezcano, Ron Fairly, Steve Sax, Peyton Manning, Chuck Foreman, Lydell Mitchell, John Hadl, Bernie Kosar, Vince Ferragamo, Roman Gabriel, John Jefferson, Larry Bird, Pistol Pete Maravich, Rick Mount, Steve Alford, Rick Mears  - weird mix, I know.....

New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics

1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974 Topps Baseball - would love to complete these sets sometime in my lifetime!

2001 Fleer Tradition Baseball, 2003 UD Vintage Baseball, 2009 OPC Baseball, 2013 to 2016 Topps Heritage, any Topps Archives & Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Baseball - I like new cards that look and feel old

1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982 & 1985 Topps Football

Not trading outside of the US.

"And then when I walked down the street, people would've looked and they would've said, 'There goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was!'" ~ Roy Hobbs


Member Since:   11/22/2014
Location:   Kentucky
Chicago Cubs Cards and Memorabilia


Member Since:   12/14/2016
Location:   Chicago born in Hawaii
Is this heaven no it's iowa


Member Since:   7/15/2015
Location:   Winston-Salem , NC, United States


Baseball -  80s Fleer, 80s Donruss, Topps, and Topps Heritage set builder, multiple individual player PCs 

currently working on these sets:

  • 1955 Topps
  • 1972 Topps
  • '86 Fleer
  • '87 Fleer
  • '89 Upper Deck 
  • '93 Donruss
  • '94 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes
  • 2012 Topps Chrome
  • 2012-2024 Topps Heritage & insert sets (SPs as well of course - always)
  • 2013 Topps Archives
  • 2019 and 2021 Stadium Club
  • 2019 and 2021 Topps Archives
  • various insert sets

Football -set builder, HOFs,  & all current and former Miami Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Panthers 

currently working on these sets: 

  • '72 Topps
  • '92 Stadium Club
  • '94 Stadium Club
  • 2017 Donruss
  • 2017 Score
  • 2018 Donruss
  • 2021 Panini Playoff
  • 2021 Score
  • 2023 Bowman Chrome University 
  • various insert sets

I have a unique work schedule that keeps me away from the card room at times but I try to communicate regularly in regards to where I stand during transactions. Willing to do any size trade across sports/eras.

*Of note, some of the 70s & 80s baseball and football cards on my tradelist have conditions indicated and some do not.  It's a work in progress for me to have all of these updated.  If you have any questions about any, I'd be happy to answer them.  Most of my vintage traders have condition issues to some degree (some are fillers only!). If you're looking for nm or ex-mt, I'm probably not your guy. If you need/want fillers or lower grade, they can be had for minimal/no trade depending on the situation. Thanks!


"Pete Rose is the most likable arrogant person I've ever met." - Mike Schmidt


Member Since:   1/22/2020
Location:   United States

Vintage Topps Cards ( baseball, basketball, football and hockey)

Instagram: vintage_cards_only



Member Since:   2/6/2017
Location:   West Des Moines, Iowa
All sports
Maybe one day I'll make my money back...probably not.


Member Since:   9/4/2014
Location:   Naperville, IL
Chicago Cubs, Anything to do with the 1969 Cubs, World Series Teams, MVP, ROY, CY, HOFers, Magic the Gathering, Autographs


Member Since:   9/4/2014
Location:   Naperville, IL
Chicago Cubs, Anything to do with the 1969 Cubs, World Series Teams, MVP, ROY, CY, HOFers, Magic the Gathering, Autographs


Member Since:   5/8/2022
Location:   India

Cricket, Wrestling, Football, misc.



Member Since:   9/20/2018
Location:   Missouri, United States

Baseball, some Football & Basketball.

I also collect and play the Pokémon TCG/TFG.

Trades are closed, probably for a while.

Not planning on selling.

PFP by @pict_aaaa on Twitter.


“I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach.” -LeBron James, July 8th, 2010.


Member Since:   11/26/2020
Location:   Bay Area, CA, United States

Update after 6 months on site (joined on Thanksgiving 2020; couldn't host or travel that day due pandemic lockdown)

I continue to be impressed by the membership here.  100 deals completed, and only 2 with issues (1 wasn't delivered due p.o. imcompetence, trading partner made it right immediately; and another trader didn't fully describe item with a major flaw and then sent incorrect cards but made up for it after a 2 month wait).  All partners I've dealt with show commitment to shipping quickly and doing drama-free deals, and I sincerely hope that continues!  Haven't yet completely decided how to handle vintage card deals, it just seems easier to deal with modern stuff so there are no disagreements regarding card condition which can get sticky at times.

Near term direction and goals:  Add Mike Schmidt needs to wantlist, add wants in 2002 Topps 206 and 2003 Topps 205 mini sets (non-polar bear backs) and complete 2009 Topps 206 mini set with all Piedmont-back SP variations.

The most enjoyable trades I've found were with individual team 'super collectors'.  I've got enough oddball stuff going back to the early 70s that I can usually find something they've been in search of for a while, and I enjoy the dig!




Member Since:   4/10/2016
Location:   Orchard Park, NY, United States

Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and whatever else I think is cool.



Member Since:   8/3/2020
Location:   Massachusetts, United States

Red Sox (#8 on 8/3/23) and Hall of Famers (current and future!)

  • Set collecting: 1957, 1965, 1971 and 1972 Topps sets. I'll take anything in any condition if the trade is fair enough. I just like the design of the cards and I am hoping to accrue as many as I can before it gets too impossible to complete.
  • I am interested in any Red Sox card that I don't have. Exceptions to this are all the dot/no dot and/or letter variations from the nineties, as I only really need one version of those.
  • My cards listed for trade are at least NrMt unless otherwise noted. I try my best to grade cards using a few sources (Site 1Site 2, Site 3), but will let you know if there's a surprise when I pull the cards for trade. 
  • Please let me know if there are any notable condition details with cards, especially if vintage. I will try to ask when proposing/considering a trade as well.
  • I try to trade pre-80s cards for other pre-80s cards if possible. 
  • If a card is marked as an autograph (AU) with condition "Ex" on my For Trade/For Sale list, that means it's a hand-signed, through-the-mail (TTM) autograph. Open to any offers for these cards if you're interested!
  • I am willing to trade any non-Red Sox autograph in my "Other Autographs" collection for any comparable autograph of a Red Sox player that I do not have an instance of already.
  • I usually trade using a PWE (plain white envelope - thanks AnalogKid) for up to 27 cards, but let me know if you prefer a different way to send cards. If more than 27 cards, I either go with 2 PWEs or a bubble mailer.
  • If you see something on my For Trade list but we don't match up well, let me know. I'm sure I can try to make a swap happen!
  • This is a great site. Thank you for trading!

Note: '88 - '92 Donruss, '91 - '92 Stadium Club, and '92 Leaf variations on my FT/FS list are up to date.



Member Since:   4/19/2021


Member Since:   9/14/2010
Location:   NJ
I am only selling.


Member Since:   3/3/2018
Location:   Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada

Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Cal Ripken Jr. & Odd Stuff...

If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.” ― Steven Wright


Member Since:   10/4/2017
Location:   United States



Sets working on:

  • 1969 Topps
  • 1979-85 Topps Baseball
  • All Topps Archives sets
  • 2016-2018 Topps Heritage Baseball sets
  • 1986-87 Fleer Basketball
  • 2017 Marvel Annual
  • 2018-19 Marvel Annual
  • 2020 Marvel Anime
  • 1980 Marvel Terrabusi set w/ sticker set
  • 1986 GI JOE
  • 1990 GI Joe
  • 1966 Batman

PC's and things I get excited about in trades:

  • 50/60's topps/bowman
  • Ken Griffey Jr Super Collector 800+
  • Joe Harris (Nets) 100+
  • Rey Skywalker Super Collector 500+
  • Padme Amidala
  • Jyn Erso
  • Alex Morgan
  • Alexia Putellas
  • Trinity Rodman
  • Sophia Smith
  • Ryan Gareis
  • Aitana Bonmati
  • Kelsey Plum
  • Sue Bird
  • Caitlin Clark
  • Paige Bueckers
  • Any WNBA throw me a shot
  • Black Widow
  • Spider Gwen
  • Marvel and DC comic items
  • Luka Doncic
  • Pat Mahommes 
  • Mariners, Pilots, Rainiers, Seahawks
  • Vintage football 
  • Tom Brady 150+
  • Russell Wilson 110+
  • Richard Sherman
  • Topps Heritage football
  • Jordan
  • Mini cards


Willing to sell if you dont want to trade


"I coined the term "poor mans rainbow" 10/8/2020


Member Since:   6/29/2016
Location:   Carmichael, CA, United States
Keep on keepin' on


Member Since:   6/14/2014
Location:   Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards (listed as oilerRCguy)

Me ME me Me Me Me Me ME me me ME - Beeker


Member Since:   11/7/2016
Location:   Arlington, VA, United States


Recently started getting back into collecting, I've been buying random team slots on live breaks and will be adding the cards that I collect on here. Steelers is my team, and am always looking to trade what I got for Pittsburgh cards. New to trading so any advice would definetly be appreciated, let's make some deals!




Member Since:   12/18/2014
Location:   Carrying Place, Ontario, Canada

Trading: A minimum of 12 cards going each way unless there is a true gem / vintage in the trade. PWE acceptable but prefer large trades of 250+ cards in each direction. Please confirm that you actually have the cards before Accepting a trade; I always do the same at this end. Vintage for vintage; HoF/stars for same; inserts / parallels for same, all as much as possible. Priority are vintage, OPC and sets on my UserLists. Having tried to offer cards from these lists will increase the chances of my Accepting a trade; totally disregarding these and offering me 12+ commons from a set that I am so far from completing that they do not make the list is more prone to being Declined, especially if I see you have cards for trade that are on my lists.


Stats: As of 31 December 2023:

Wants OPC Baseball: base sets 1965-1994 + 1981 Grey Backs and 1990 white stock test issue parallel - 295/13,896 cards (2.12%).

Wants Topps Baseball: base sets 1951-2022 + 1952 Black backs, 1954 Canadian, 1975 mini parallel, 1993 & 1994 Gold parallel - 2,348/49,189 (4.77%). Breakdown by decade: 1951-60 - 1,087/3,816 (28.49%); 1961-70 - 854/6,135 (13.92%); 1971-80 - 313/7,721 (4.05%); 1981-90 - Complete; 1991-2000 - 31/7,856 (0.39%); 2001-10 -  61/6,986 (0.87%); 2011-20 - 2/6,841 (0.03%); 2021-23 - Complete.

Trading/PIF/Purchases on TCDb:

2023 - 195 + 5 still In-Progress; Cards Sent - 11,877 / Cards Received - 9,527

Total since being a member: Cards Sent - 84,113 / Cards Received - 73,209 (# of trades really doesn't matter to me as it can be misleading to the quantity of cards have come and gone).

Sets completed through Trades/PIF/Purchases in 2023 - 85 sets; 170 sets since Dec 2021 when I started tracking this.


2024 Goals:

1. Reduce my OPC Base set needs to 250 (presently 295);

2. Reduce my Topps Base set needs to 2100 (presently 2348); by decade - to 1960, 1000 (1087); 1961-1970, 750 (854); 1971-1980, 250 (313);

3. Complete all 3 years of Donruss Triple Play (1992-1994) including inserts. Presently missing 45 cards, all inserts and the 1992 & 1993 Promos.

4. Complete all Leaf Studio Base sets (currently missing 30 cards - 1995 (12), 1997 (6), & 1998 (12)).

5. Complete 80 sets / insert sets.

6. Complete all of the Topps Glossy All Star, Rookies, & Send-Ins sets from 1983 to 1991. By year: 1983 Complete; 1984 AS Insert Complete; Send-In (4); 1985 Complete; 1986 Complete; 1987 Complete; 1988 Complete; 1989 AS Insert Complete; Send-In (22); Rookies (3)1990 AS Insert Complete; Send-In (3); Rookies Complete; 1991 AS Insert (10); Rookies (24). Total missing - 66.


Mailing address: 

Bruno Paulhus

506 Weese Road
Carrying Place, ON
Canada, K0K 1L0

“Worrying about things you can’t control is a waste both on the baseball field and in life.” Tom Swyers


Member Since:   1/28/2014
Location:   United States

Regionals, all sports, sci-fi, food issues. 

Primarily collect 1970-1987. 


The Card Closet

Member Since:   5/16/2017
Location:   Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Aaron Sele super collector!

I'm building these baseball sets right now. 

1957, 1961, 1965, and 1969 Topps, I am looking for vgex or better.

Thanks to many trades, my want list is much smaller than it used to be. I would be willing to trade for new or gently used 35pt one-touches, if that helps generate a deal. 

Please make trade offers that will justify the cost of shipping. 

Please check out my YouTube channel The Card Closet


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