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Hello potential traders, here's a little info on what I'm looking for. Hope we can swing a deal!

1957-1967, I prefer at least VGEX but will accept VG with no major flaws: large creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC. Swapping pics would be appreciated.  I'm also OK with swapping fillers for fillers.

1968-1973, I'm looking for at least VGEX, no creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC.

1974-1979 I'm looking for at least EX condition, no creases, paper loss, writing, water damage, miscut or badly OC.

1980 to present, I'm looking for at least NRMT. 

All of my vintage traders (pre '81) have grades on them.  If you add a card with a VG grade to the transaction, it will be VG, GD will be Good, VGEX will be VGEX Etc. No surprises. I do my best to be honest and accurate.  If your cards have issues, please disclose them before we trade and I will do the same. 

My priorities: (as of 01/01/2024)

1) Topps Dodgers team sets 1957-1988 (8 cards to go!)

2) Topps baseball....1968-1988 ('68-'71,'73-'88 Complete)

3) Topps basketball.1971-1981 ('73-'81 Complete) 

4) Topps football......1968-1985 (1970, '72-'85 Complete)

5) Hostess............... 1975-1979

6) Kellogg's - Baseball '70-'83 (1973, '75-'77, '79-'83 Complete)

I also collect the following:

Vintage Oddball Dodgers, (Bell Brand, Morrell, Jay Publishing, Postcards, Team Issued sets, Etc.)

Everything else on my want list is there to round out trades, not a priority.

As a general rule, I prefer to trade vintage for vintage and modern for modern. I will consider trading vintage commons for newer stuff, just try to be fair and reasonable with your offers. 

I work two jobs so mailing is done on Friday-Monday

At this time, I'm not doing any trades outside of the U.S. 


In A year that has been so improbable.........the impossible has happened!!!! - Vin Scully





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