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Last Login:   2/26/2024
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Location:   Niles, Michigan United States
Collection:   52,018 cards



Collections I maintain, in no particular order:

  • Teams
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • Clinton Lumberkings/Giants/Dodgers/Pilots
    • Army Black Knights (all sports)
  • Players
    • Shawn Green
    • Buster Posey
    • Matt Mantei
    • Jeff Peterek
    • Ralf Mojsiejenko
    • Joique Bell
    • Dan LeFevour
    • Pat Tillman
    • Chadd Blasko
  • Sets
    • Tobacco/Pre-war
      • Current project: 1909-12 T-51 Murad
    • Baseball
      • Current projects: 1988 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack
    • NASCAR
      • Current projects: 2014 Panini Prizm, 2007 Traks (base complete) and 2012 Press Pass Ignite
    • Modern non-sport
      • Current project: 2014 Panini Country Music (base complete)
    • Vintage non-sport
      • Current project: 1962 Topps Civil War News
  • Others
    • Any NASCAR
    • PSA-graded Hall of Famers (baseball primarily, but also football)
      • Any card of a member in the Hall of Fame, any condition - just graded by PSA
    • Any other pre-1965 graded baseball
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons
    • Any other pre-1970 graded football
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons

Any cards that I have that do not meet the above criteria will be removed from my collection. As of right now, I only sell on COMC (and I don't see that changing). I just don't have the time with my lifestyle (working 40-50 hours a week, plus coaching three baseball teams) to pull, package, and mail trades, or even mail my own sales. I do enjoy sending PIFs and typically check wantlists here before sending a box to COMC for consignment. If I'm looking for something specific and notice you have it FS/T, I may reach out to try and make an offer. I don't expect to receive any proposals, and would rather send someone a few cards from their wantlist and get nothing in return than try to hash out a deal.

I do have cards listed FS/T; they are available via COMC, listed in my "COMC" collection, and can be accessed by following the External Sales Link on those cards. I don't have them in my possession, so I can't do a trade with you. However, I want to see these cards go to people who really want them. If you see something you like, send me a message on here and let me know - the price will come down, and I'll even take a bit of a loss to get you cards for your collection. I keep my prices more in line with what is currently offered on COMC, but I'll certainly be wiling to negotiate, especially with a TCDB member, as these are typically higher than what these cards are truly worth, in my opinion.

2023 - All-TCDb First Team
2023 - Most Checklists Added - Boxing (Runner-up)
2023 - Most Checklists Added - MMA (Winner)

2022 - All-TCDb First Team
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Basketball (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - MMA (Winner)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Racing (Winner)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Soccer (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Tennis (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Wrestling (Winner)

2021 - All-TCDb First Team
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Basketball (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Boxing (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - MMA (Winner)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Racing (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Wrestling (Winner)
2021 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Golf (Runner-up)

2020 - All-TCDb First Team
2020 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - MMA (Winner)
2020 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Boxing (Runner-up)

2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Baseball (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Boxing (Winner)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Misc Sports (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Soccer (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Wrestling (Winner)



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