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Last Login:   2/1/2023
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From:   Three Oaks, Michigan United States
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Collections I maintain, in no particular order:

  • Teams
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • Clinton Lumberkings/Giants/Dodgers/Pilots
    • Army Black Knights (all sports)
  • Players
    • Shawn Green
    • Buster Posey
    • Matt Mantei
    • Jeff Peterek
    • Ralf Mojsiejenko
    • Joique Bell
    • Dan LeFevour
    • Pat Tillman
    • Chadd Blasko
  • Sets
    • Tobacco/Pre-war
      • Current project: 1909-12 T-51 Murad
    • Baseball
      • Current projects: 1988 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack
    • NASCAR
      • Current projects: 2014 Panini Prizm, 2007 Traks (base complete) and 2012 Press Pass Ignite
    • Modern non-sport
      • Current project: 2014 Panini Country Music (base complete)
    • Vintage non-sport
      • Current project: 1962 Topps Civil War News
  • Others
    • Any NASCAR
    • PSA-graded Hall of Famers (baseball primarily, but also football)
      • Any card of a member in the Hall of Fame, any condition - just graded by PSA
    • Any other pre-1965 graded baseball
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons
    • Any other pre-1970 graded football
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons

Anything that isn't on this list that currently resides in my collection is going to be removed, either through PIFs here (1st priority) or hopefully listed on COMC (2nd priority - check out my store here). I'm not terribly interested in trading, as I don't move very fast when pulling trades. However, if I'm looking for something specific and notice you have it FS/T, I may reach out to try and make an offer. I don't expect to receive any proposals, and would rather send someone a few cards from their wantlist and get nothing in return than try to hash out a deal.

I do have cards listed FS/T; they are available via COMC, listed in my "COMC" collection, and can be accessed by following the External Sales Link on those cards. I don't have them in my possession, so I can't do a trade with you. However, I want to see these cards go to people who really want them. If you see something you like, send me a message on here and let me know - the price will come down, and I'll even take a bit of a loss to get you cards for your collection.

My wantlist is turned off, as I primarily plan to use it to track my collection. If you want to send me a PIF, I truly appreciate it, and would prefer that you ask me what I'm looking for from the above lists. Surprises are great, but if you're feeling that generous, I don't want you to waste a stamp, or time pulling stuff I already have.

2022 - All-TCDb First Team
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Basketball (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - MMA (Winner)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Racing (Winner)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Soccer (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Tennis (Runner-up)
2022 - Most Checklists Added - Wrestling (Winner)

2021 - All-TCDb First Team
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Basketball (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Boxing (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - MMA (Winner)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Racing (Runner-up)
2021 - Most Checklists Added - Wrestling (Winner)
2021 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Golf (Runner-up)

2020 - All-TCDb First Team
2020 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - MMA (Winner)
2020 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Boxing (Runner-up)

2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Baseball (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Boxing (Winner)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Misc Sports (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Soccer (Runner-up)
2018 - Most Miscellaneous Additions - Wrestling (Winner)



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