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Lover of all things baseball and avid card trader.

First and foremost a baseball vintage set collector (1980 and earlier) with my daughter, but we also enjoying opening packs together so secondarily a current baseball set collector as well.

Happy to trade baseball for baseball, and trying to trade all non-baseball cards to make room for more baseball.  

For the most part, when trading baseball for baseball, we would like to trade vintage for vintage, junk wax for junk wax, current for current, etc.

Dot-vars: We are listing variations accurately for trade, but not collecting different variations.  Adding all variations to our want-list to "cast a wide net" but only collecting one variation of each card.

Since I've been asked where our username came from... my daughter picked it for our geocaching name years ago and wanted to carry it over here.  Pretty simple.

Happy to post pictures of cards for trade for any trading partners that need. 

***Constantly updating our want/trade lists so please check back for trades.


"It's a beautiful day – Let's play two!" -- Ernie Banks





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