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Long-time collector whose first pack of baseball cards (1976 Topps baseball) ignited a love of cardboard. At times I’ve collected complete sets, as well as players-  but the primary focus of my collection these days is Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves Topps Team Sets.


I enjoy trading with others on this site but ask that the following conditions be met in any deal:

  • Post-1980 cards need to be Near Mint-Mint (NRMT-MT) -with centering no worse than 60/40, original color borders and gloss, and no more than one corner showing a slight touch of wear. I’ve had too many modern cards sent to me with multiple corners damaged. I’m not interested in your junk.
  • Please don’t request Short-printed or SP Variations without offering a comparable card or “package” of cards. Four common base cards for a SP that would cost you anywhere from $4-$16 to buy doesn’t work. Please don’t waste your time.
  • Please make sure you apply proper postage. Sometimes PWEs come 44 cents or whatever postage due, I get it- the USPS is getting pickier when it comes to “rigid” envelopes. But if you’re sending three dozen cards, ship it in a bubble mailer or over multiple PWEs. If you’re sending a stack of 8 cards and it’s over 1/4” thick, make sure you’re not just putting a couple of stamps on it. I’ve had to make too many trips to the Post Office to pay $3 and change postage due. And if you receive a postage due envelope from me, please let me know so I can correct any wrongdoing on my part.

Failure on these three conditions will result in Negative Feedback. I hate coming across as a jerk, but I’m even more tired of giving away good cards for stuff that end up in the garbage and out-of-the-way trips to the Post Office that I shouldn’t have to make. Your understanding is appreciated.



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