1973 Topps

Total Cards: 528

Rating: 7.8 (62 votes)
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Top Sets: #38

Notes: Distributed in one series (#1-528)

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1 1972 NFL Rushing Leaders (Larry Brown / O.J. Simpson) LL Washington Redskins / Buffalo Bills
2 1972 NFL Passing Leaders (Norm Snead / Earl Morrall) LL New York Giants / Miami Dolphins
3 1972 NFL Receiving Leaders (Harold Jackson / Fred Biletnikoff) LL Philadelphia Eagles / Oakland Raiders
4 1972 NFL Scoring Leaders (Chester Marcol / Bobby Howfield) LL Green Bay Packers / New York Jets
5 1972 NFL Interception Leaders (Bill Bradley / Mike Sensibaugh) LL Philadelphia Eagles / Kansas City Chiefs
6 1972 NFL Punting Leaders (Dave Chapple / Jerrel Wilson) LL, UER
UER: Name misspelled "Jerrell" on front and back
Los Angeles Rams / Kansas City Chiefs
7 Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals
8 Mel Tom RC Philadelphia Eagles
9 Clarence Ellis RC Atlanta Falcons
10 John Niland Dallas Cowboys

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  • The 1973 set is the first year Topps issued its standard size set of 528 cards, which continued until 1983.

User Comments

Jan 3, 2023 - 10:43PM

I have been in Search of a Site to log and track my Trading cards. This one just might fit my needs. It has been a search to find a quality site to work with and This one is on the mark thus far. I am waiting on my new scanner so I can also save my collection on a second site that will allow me to document location of cards easier. I am working on a very large project somewhere between 500,000 to a Million Cards to get organized. You asked about my first pack to open. Well 1973 I was introduced to the Noise makers for my bike, and those noise makers were Football Trading Cards. I went to the 5 and Dime and bought me several of those packs and they even had gum in them so bonus I was then cool riding my bike and chewing gum. At that point in my life I was not a collector. I had no clue about that side of the Cards. I hate to even think about what special cards I might of destroyed in my bike wheels but man it was fun. Thanks for this site and hope to grow with you all.

Jan 24, 2022 - 11:55AM
Old Skool Rob

What's up guys! I just joined this site today. I was 10 years old in 1973 and I still remember walking to school and taking the long way so I could go past the drug store and buy a pack or 2 of these cards and a Chunky bar! I would spend my lunch money my parents gave me. I knew the old ladies in the cafeteria would always give me a P&J sandwich and a chocolate milk at lunch. I guess they thought I was poor, LOL!
I still have all my cards that I collected in the 70's & 80's (no, mom did not throw mine away). I am just getting back into card collecting as an investment thing that is much more fun than stocks. I still enjoy opening packs, but I know the smartest way to invest is to just buy the cards you are after. So, I do both. Right now, I am trying to make a database of all my cards old & new. I got my work cut out for me so wish me luck.
I hope to learn some things from the folks on this site & maybe bring something to the table myself. Let the fun begin!

Dec 28, 2021 - 10:26AM

Greetings! I just registered and this site seems amazing.
This is the first pack of cards I ever opened and I still have them. Most of my collection is baseball, but this will always be my first love.


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