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My main goal is to collect 1 of every Bo Hart card in existence - If you have any Bo Hart that are not currently in my collection, please reach out and I would love to try and work out a deal!

Other main PC - Primarily just looking for Topps flagship/chrome for these guys apart from a few one-off parallels or products I like:

-Allen Craig

-Tony La Russa (Cardinals uniform only)

-Shane Robinson

-Brendan Ryan

-Mike Shannon

-Jake Lamb

-Walt Disney/Disney Parks

I am also working on completing several Stl Cardinals team sets:

-Topps Independence Day parallels /76 (all players/years back to 2018)

-2004 Upper Deck Power Up full parallel run (no inserts)

-1998-2000 Pacific Revolution full parallel run (no inserts)

-Matt Carpenter 2018 Topps Opening Day Photo Variation

-Yadier Molina 2022 Topps Opening Day Photo Variation and Photo Variation Auto /10

For sale/trade list and want list are up to date and I love to trade if possible! Typically willing to trade down in value as long as I'm getting something for my PC. Happy to complete any size trade, big or small, as long as it help us both!

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