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7/26/22 Sorry guys I need to shut down new trade proposals for a little while. I am backed up and need to respond and wrap up some existing trades around nightly work schedule. If we are working on a trade or you sent me a trade don't worry I just need to shut down new trades so I can do that. Thanks Art  Shipping only Mondays, Go Rivercats Go Giants     

I have decided to focus on baseball, (some hockey) working on 2004 to 2022 Topps Heritage sets, including inserts and SPs and of course SF Giants cards. My current goal is to reach 5000 different SF Giants cards. When I first joined someone posted that they hit 5000 Twins cards. I thought that was amazing and so decided to aim for 5000 myself. My second goal is to finish the 2021 Heritage master set as well as the purple chrome refractor set and the 72 buybacks. I will continue updating trade and want lists moving forward. Large trades, small trades and everything in between. Happy to trade football and basketball for baseball. Happy to browse your trade list for cards I would like if you see something on my tradelist but don't see a match right away. I enjoy finding cards or insert cards that I never heard of but I find interesting or cool. I will sell a card from time to time but I prefer to trade.  

I love this site. Really enjoying getting to know some of my trade partners. Thanks.  

Note: I have decided to only go to the Post Office Monday morning. I pack safely and securely and hope you will do the same. 18 more states to go as well as some more Canadian provinces (prefer smaller PWE trades with Canada due to postage expense).

Hi Fellow Card Nuts,

I am mostly a vintage collector, the cards and myself, but last year I was so excited about baseball being back that I bought a bunch of 2021 Topps, Heritage, and Finest. Being a set collector I want to be sure to complete these sets including many of the insert sets. Having spent all my vintage money on new cards I decided that I should try to find someone to trade with. That led me to this site. What a cool site. I have already done 1 trade and mailed another. I hope to do many more. I am very careful with my cards and so all of the new ones will be mint and that is what I would expect in return. 

I am working on Topps Baseball sets from 1956 to 1980. I love to buy lots and compare each and every card and upgrade where I can. However, I have found that at this point, I only need less than 250 cards total, it is hard to buy a lot and actually get something I need. At this point I am looking mostly for individual cards that I need for those sets. I think trading these will be more difficult. I am not looking for mint cards but I do want nice cards. I hate creases or writting so please do not offer those to me for trades. I will do the same. 

Lastly, I still have many many cards from the 90's in all sports. I switched back to vintage and really haven't bought anything new since 2001 or so, that is until this year. I am a SF Giants fan so if you want to add a card or cards to a trade to make it even I certainly would accept Giants cards, commons and inserts from 2002 to 2020 since I have very few of them. 

If you don't see it please ask I might have it. I look forward to working with any and all of you. Thanks Art

I have decided to work on Heritage cards 2004 - 2021. Also always looking to add SF Giants players 2002 to 2020. I have learned that it is best to trade SP for SP rather than commons but I have done some 10 card for 100 card trades where we are both happy so that works too. I enjoy going through trade lists and seeing what I find even if they are not on my wantlist.  If you are reading this I hope there is a trade in our future. Thanks again. Art  


Quote:   "I love baseball" , "When the game is over honey" , "Go Giants Go Giants Go Giants". If you want a players quote then how about "Thanks Lon" by Willie McCovey


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Quote:   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin


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From:   Cary, Illinois, United States
Quote:   "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin


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I am working on my 1990-91 UPPER DECK HOCKEY FS/TRADE CARDS....Working on FIXING the VAR cards for this set.....STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS...........


Sorry for the inconvienence.....


********** Priority on Baseball Sets to complete....**********

2001 TOPPS

2006 TOPPS

2010 TOPPS



Baseball and Hockey. Trying to complete sets in Hockey and Baseball from my childhood...Also collecting modern day sets..Basically a BASE SET builder..... No trade, too small or too big.....

As always, you can counter any trade I propose....I just want a fair trade for both parties...



 Happy Trading.....TOM.....




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Atlanta, Milwaukee and Boston Braves, mostly Topps, Stadium Club, 90s junk and parallels



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#1 JJ Watt Collector on TCDB

  • Houston Texans
    • JJ Watt
    • Deshaun Watson
    • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Houston Rockets
    • Hakeem Olajuwon
    • Clyde Drexler
    • Sir Charles Barkley 
    • James Harden
    • Russell Westbrook 
  • Houston Astros
    • Craig Biggio
    • Jeff Bagwell
    • Lance Berkman
    • Justin Verlander 
    • Jose Altuve
    • George Springer
    • Carlos Correa
    • Alex Bregman
    • Yordan Alvarez
    • Kyle Tucker
    • Yuli Gurriel
  • Houston Oilers
    • Warren Moon
  • University of Houston cards
  • Pete Maravich
  • Chris Mullin
  • Frank Thomas
  • Will Clark


Quote:   “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


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PC: Kirby Puckett, Nolan Ryan, Mike Trout, Todd Helton, Nolan Arenado, Nathan MacKinnon

Favorite Teams: Rockies! (and Broncos and Avalanche).  I'm from Colorado originally and still call Denver home even though I don't currently live there.

My goals for being on TCDB are to get organized, complete some base sets, and trade away some duplicates.

Current set building focus is on 1982 Topps (50.4% Complete), where I am looking for well centered cards with no gum stains on the back.  

Modern sets needs: 2019 Gold Label modified master set, to include all Class 1-3 base, Class 1-3 black, and a representative blue and red for each card.


Looking forward to trading with you.



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I think I finally have my collecting goals straight. My most wanted teams and players are in bold.


1) Yankees refractors, relics, team sets, autos, and inserts;

2) 400 cards each of Jim Edmonds and Bernie Williams;

3) All regular production cards of Bob Horner and Ernie Whitt;

4) 200 cards of each of these players: Todd Helton, Garret Anderson, Ray Lankford, Josh Donaldson, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., and Mike Cameron;

5) All regular production cards of Dave Parker in a Pirates uniform;

6) All regular production cards of Reggie Jackson in a Yankees uniform;

7) Collect the 2007 Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle Story set.

I'll also keep collecting RCs of former Southern Illinois Salukis.


1) 400 cards each of Jerome Bettis and Marshall Faulk;

2) RCs of former Tennessee Volunteers, and every regular production card of Shawn Bryson and Al Wilson;

I'll also keep collecting RCs of former Southern Illinois Salukis, and a few CFL cards.


1) Ilya Kovalchuk, Martin Brodeur, Jordin Tootoo;

2) Finish small and large sets I've collected, especially wanted inserts from 1999-2000 Upper Deck MVP;

3) Dallas Stars refractors, team sets, inserts, autos, relics;

4) Foreign hockey cards and almost anything unusual.

As a general rule, I'll trade almost anything for anything. The one certain exception is autographed cards. I only trade autos for autos of roughly equal value.

Ebay ID: darth1970



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 I recently became disabled in 2019, losing the use of my right arm (I am/was righthanded) from the elbow down making it very difficult to do everyday things on my own. I can only wiggle my fingers just a bit and I have a constant burning and tingling sensation in my hand and fingers. Especially in the winter months. I describe the pain like my hand feeling so cold that it burns. I'm sure some of you know how it feels (if not then imagine) when your foot falls through the ice playing hockey then having a 5 min walk home but that 5 min walk takes 25 min because you cant feel your feet. By the time you get home your feet feel frozen solid and that pain you feel when you stick those ice cold feet in only warm water feels like your putting them in a pot of boiling water. Yeah, that's the feeling I have constantly. Lucky me right? Things that I would never have thought twice about like tying my shoes or cutting food on my plate are things I can no longer do. So things can get rather frustrating for me rather quickly & I tend to shut down sometimes. So I'm sorry in advance if it takes me a little while to respond to a trade request. I usually respond fairly quickly. But in case of a shut down, I apologize now. It's been 2yrs now and I am still adjusting to a different lifestyle. I had to start completely over. I lost everything I had due to not having an income for quite awhile until I was approved for SSDI. Even now I still struggle from month to month. What I receive now in an entire month is less than what I was making in an entire week. Talk about an adjustment. Well I'm sure some of you reading this right now are thinking, then why do you spend some of your money on cards? I have a very honest and very simple answer, I enjoy it. If it were not for getting back into sports card collecting after my injury to occupy myself and distract my mind, I probably wouldn't be alive. In my honest opinion, I think it saved my life. It's one of the few things I am able to still do without too much difficulty that I actually enjoy doing. I was in a very dark place during my months of hospitalization and the following year+ of recovery and therapy. I am very greatful that I found this site. I've met a couple really good people here so far. None of which has any idea of this I just spoke of. So I'm sure I will hear "why didn't you say anything?" That's just how I am. I don't want to be looked at different. I don't want sympathy, I don't want pitty, and I don't ask for help. I do things on my own. If my ship springs a leak, I fix it. If I can't fix it, than the Captain goes down with the ship.


 Before joining this site, I never in my entire life sold or even traded a card. (Still haven't sold one nor tried). I'm very particular about my trades. I like to keep it simple. I like apples to apples. I like to build sets and I PREFER trading for cards from the same set/s that you are asking for in return. For ex. if your asking for a Heritage SP I prefer a SP in return, if you are asking for a Topps 206, I prefer to receive a 206 in return. Same goes for parallels and inserts, unless I have the set complete, I PREFER not to trade out of set. But I am not against it completely. There are rare occasions I would be willing to do so. I also will not send an offer to someone unless I have those same cards or something VERY similar to offer in return (ex. very similar to me = A&G vs GQ, GQ vs Heritage, Prestige vs Absolute and so on). So if you are asking for something and do not have the same or something very similar to offer in return, your offer will most likely be declined. Or you could just send me a message and ask me to take a look at your For Sale/Trade list and see if there is anything that would interest me for those said cards. I try to respond to trade requests as quickly as possible. Due to my circumstances a situation may arise where I need to just clear my head and I will log in but I only catalog some of my collection. I won't even look at my messages. Also after accepting a request I try to ship out the next day unless that next day is a Sun. obviously. If that request has sat for a few days i will either send the sender of that trade a message asking if they were still interested before I accept or I will accept but also send the sender of the trade a message asking them to respond to that message so I know that they have seen that I have accepted their offer before I ship out. That about sums it up. If I think of something else I'm sure I'll write it down.




MLB - Michael Jack Schmidt, Alec Bohm, Bryce Harper, Phila. Phillies, The Kid/Ken Griffey Jr., The Big Hurt/Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Ronald Acuna Jr., Bo Bichette, Vlad Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Mike Trout.

NFL - The Slim Reaper/Devonta Smith, Weapon X/Brian Dawkins, Phila. Eagles, 🦁Barry Sanders🐐, Bo Jackson.

NBA - The Answer/Allen Iverson, The Behindhand Process/Joel Embiid, Phila. 76ers, The man that made pippen look easy/🕴️Michael Jordan🐐.

NHL - I don't collect NHL these days. Blame the Flyers. I just can't watch bad hockey and I have lost interest over the past 15+ yrs because they have been pathetic. But I am always interested in Flyers of the past. Early 1970's - 2000's. I can't believe I'm actually about to say this, they should of kept B. Clarke as GM. I wanted him gone at the time he resigned. But apparently I was wrong and the organization was better off with him (Wow, that actually stung a little). Who TF woulda thought that?

Quote:   "The truth, as terrible as death, but harder to find"🕵️‍♂️ - "Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed" 🤔


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Came across tcdb.com towards the end of 2019, and have now completed over 1,000 transactions!  Love everything about this site.  I have met so many cool people from all over the Country, and even a few from Canada and beyond. 

Stole this from another member, but......my goal is to have zero cards in my For Sale/Trade List.  So keep the proposals comin'!


Update #3 (10/20/21):  All 1977 sets (Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey) are now complete.  Thanks to all for the trades to help make it happen.

Update #2: 1977-78 Topps Basketball is now complete as well.

Update #1 to current project below: 1976-77 Topps Hockey is now complete. Well on my way on the other sets. Appreciate all the help to this point.

***My newest project is to complete Topps sets for all four major sports from 1977 (my birth year).  I have the complete set of baseball, but have now added all cards for 1977 Topps Football, 1976-77 & 1977-78 Topps Basketball, and 1976-77 & 1977-78 Topps Hockey to my Want List***  (TASK COMPLETED)


My PC list is as follows (with TCDB rankings as of 6/15/2022):

NBA: Giannis (3), Dirk Nowitzki (2), and Tim Duncan (3).  (I also unofficially collect MJ , Kobe, & Larry Bird).

NFL: Aaron Rodgers (2), Aaron Jones (1), Sterling Sharpe (4), Jaire Alexander (1), Brett Favre (13) and Don Majkowski (2).

MLB: Aaron Ashby (1), Roberto Clemente (1), Jackie Robinson (2), Robin Yount (10), Tony Gwynn (7), Hal Morris (3), Mark Grace (7), Ethan Small (1), Pat Listach (1), Corbin Burnes (2) and Mark Langston (1). 

WWE: Lita (7).

(Although I currently live in Florida, I was born in Milwaukee.....hence my obsession with Wisconsin sports teams.  Ha)


Please check out my For Sale/Trade list, and feel free to message me or send me trade proposals any time.....let's see what we can get done!  (I don't necessarily trade based on "book value", but rather the value to me, so please feel free to counter if I propose a trade that you feel is unfair).  

Quote:   When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


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(IMPORTANT) I had to add this statement since being ripped off three times on large trades: Should you be a first time trader with me and no matter how many great feeback notes or how many digits your total trading number is I will insist you mail first and provide a tracking number that will be verified prior to my shipping your cards. I have lost over 2000 cards due to dishonest people on this site and it stops here and now. THIS IS NOT PERSONAL TO ANYONE it is just my way of protecting my product when trading! Again, to those easily offended traders, spoken in the words of the Capo: "Its not personal Sunny, it's just good business."

I trade for EX/MT to MT cards. Filling Baseball/Football sets. I have some Basketball and Hockey to trade for Football/Baseball. Fair value trades only! No 91 junk for 70s! All mistakes will be made right. I keep my stock in good condition and inform trade partners of defects. I'll expect same in return.

My Steeler and Pirate binders always have empty pages to fill. I also collect Tony Gwynn! Hit me up with a trade proposal and we'll see if we can get it done.


Quote:   Jack Lambert: If I were ever to play football again. You can bet I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.


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Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps Base and Archives, New York Yankees.
Football: Topps 1969-1974 & 1972 Sunoco
Basketball: Topps 1969-1972
Hockey: Topps 1972-73: (I only need 12 cards from this set, with 55 cards for trade)


  1. pre-1960 Topps baseball
  2. 1960-1969 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  3. 1995-2009 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  4. Everything else

If you don't have anything on my wantlist, try offering some of these:

  • New York Yankees: any card not in my collection
  • Complete Baseball Sets: any complete baseball set I don't have in my collection. I like the junk-era small sets and Topps mail-in sets.





Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


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I Collect ANY kind of standard size (2.5 x 3.5) card ever made. Baseball, Football, then Basketball are my priorities (Pokemon, Fortnite, GPK cards are nice too). I compare and check card values at how much it would be to replace said items, COMC, eBay, etc. The majority of my cards are NRMT or better. If condition is a high priority please let me know before the transaction. (I can also take pics or scan any cards). Because of my schedule, I will usually ship at the end of the week, thank you. 

FYI: I don't have a lot on my want-list because I'm mostly selling right now. If there is something you're interested in please make any trade offer, (I would rather not browse other's collections for trade). I can also make a sale if you're a serious buyer (I have Excellent ratings on this site and eBay and my entire collecton is available for sale or trade).



Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather, he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank just outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.



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From:   Tampa, FL

Redoing my collection on here so taking time off from trading until everything is back in!


I collect raw and graded:

Vintage HOF

Flagship Topps RC

Topps Chrome RC

Topps Heritage RC

Bowman Chrome

Bowman Chome Autos

I will buy and sell, so do not be afraid to message me!






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All the usual sports cards, plus pokemon, yu-gi-oh, Hot wheels, antique watches, antique lanterns & bottles, pigs, marbles... it's gonna take me years to get all my cards entered!

Quote:   We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time!


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I have a bunch of used toploaders I would be happy to sell/trade if anyone is wanting some.  Very affordable...I just need them gone!  Make an offer and I'm likely to accept!


Now the #1 collector of Ryan Klesko cards on TCDB!  With more to come!

PC: Ryan Klesko, Dale Murphy, Dave Winfield, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Conforto, Adley Rutschman, Nick Madrigal, Trevor Larnach, Cadyn Grenier, Drew Rasmussen, Gary Payton II, some rookie/early Bo Jackson, rookie/early/unique Eric Lindros, rookie/early Junior Seau. Looking for any Oregon State Univ alum in OSU or Team USA gear (AC Green, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Jacoby Ellsbury, Steven Jackson, Gary Payton, Nick Barnett, Matt Moore, Ochocinco/Chad Johnson, Sean Mannion, Johnny Hekker, Darwin Barney, etc).

PLEASE SEND TRADE OFFERS.  It's my favorite part of the hobby.  Always willing to negotiate a good deal for both sides.  One card, or 10+ cards.  I'm fine with any size.

I do NOT collect/keep any other cards of any other players/teams.  If the card isn't a unique card to me of one of my guys above, it's not something I will keep.  I don't want duplicates either.  I'll trade it or sell it if it's something I think I can move; otherwise, no thanks.  But I DO want any card of any of my PC guys if I don't already have it.  My trade/sell and want/wish lists are updated, so if it's not on those lists, it's highly unlikely that I'm interested in it, or I already own it.

Fan of: all OSU sports, Braves, Red Sox, Blazers, Chargers, Flyers, Timbers, Tottenham FC.

Goal for VINTAGE ONLY CARDS (condition NOT very important...just no rips/tears, no writing on the front...some creases ok): Hank Aaron (preferably in a Milwaukie uniform, but not required), Mickey Mantle pre-1965 (earlier the better), Babe Ruth any year, Joe DiMaggio any year, Ted Williams pre-1955, Jackie Robinson any year and Stan Musial pre-1958.  Prefer to stay as cheap as possible, but for the right card might go a little higher...obviously Mantle and those guys would be more.  Again, condition I know won't be great at these prices.  But I have a Roberto Clemente, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax and a Willie Mays at these levels, and a few of Ted Williams, that I'm very happy with.

  • I will typcially send cards via PWE unless the quantity is above 20 and then I will send BMWT.  If you wish a smaller trade to be sent BMWT, please adjust the trade accordingly. 

TCDB rankings as of 8/4/22:

Dale Murphy (10th), Klesko (1st), Winfield (6th), Conforto (1st), Madrigal (2nd), Rutschman (1st), Yovan (1st), Larnach (1st), Grenier (1st), Drew Rasmussen (2nd), Kevin Abel, (1st), D. Wilkins (3rd), S Jackson (82th), Gary Payton II (1st), Jacquizz Rodgers (11th), Hamilcar Rashed Jr (1st), Jake Luton (1st), Jermar Jefferson (1st).

VERY willing to trade/negotiate.  I live to trade...send me ALL trade requests!  Would prefer trades to purchases, although I know my PC is pretty limited in the grand scheme of things.  Just getting back to the hobby after approx 30 years out of it, and about 17 years after selling off 99% of it to pay for our wedding.  I forgot how much I loved it!

Quote:   "Let's play two!"

La Loosh

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From:   Hampton/Boston/Los Angeles


Quote:   Inside each envelope of each trade is the perfect pack of need'ims.


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Just finished up our meet....The kids swam great and now I get some time to try and catch up on some trades and maybe take a couple short trips. Should be quick on a reply and would love any help on 2021 Topps/Topps Update, Topps Chrome (and Sepias)/Chrome Update(and purples)/2021 Panini Chronicles Baseball would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to wrap those sets up since the new cards are coming out.

Any help with 2020 Chronicles FB, 2020 Select FB would be great and hoping to fill any other holes in my binders. Always looking for Julio Rodriguez and Darrell Taylor cards to keep those collections going and keep my #1 spot.


Baseball: Ken Griffey Jr, Julio Rodriguez (as of 6/9/22 I am #1 collector on the site), Randy Johnson, Kyle Lewis, Ronald Acuna Jr, Logan Gilbert, Fernando Tatis Jr, Kyle Seager, Jarred Kelenic, but love all my Mariners!

Football: DK Metcalf, Darrell Taylor (as of 6/9/22 I am #1 collector on the site), Kam Chancellor, Justin Herbert, Tyler Lockett, but love all my Hawks!

If you have cards of these sets/players that I don't have assume they are on my wantlist. So close on the 2021 Bowman Baseball and 2020 Chronicles Football. Any help on these two sets is greatly appreciated and thank you to those that have helped out so far!

Baseball sets I am trying to fill first: 2021 Bowman (so close and any help would be appreciated), 2021 Chronicles (just started this one and excited to try and finish it), 2021 Select, 2021 Diamond Kings, 2021 Stadium Club.

Football sets I am trying to fill first: 2020 Chronicles, 2020 Select, 2020 Optic, 2021 Absolute Retail (just started this one) 2021 Prizm Draft Picks, 2021 Chronicles Draft Picks.

I collect mainly Baseball/Football but have a little Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer that I have opened up and added to this site for trade purposes.  

Slowly but surely I am getting my collection uploaded and at some point would love to trade all of my doubles for cards that fill my sets and help others do the same in the process.

Quote:   Don't look back, you aren't going that way!


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From:   Warrensburg , Missouri , United States

I am a huge Royals/Chiefs fan and am always interested in making trades for either team.  I collect mainly cards from 2000 on but again, am always open to see what you have.  Will gladly listen to any offers for cards on my Wantlist as well.  Will ship PWE unless asked otherwise during trades! 

I have a ton of 2018 and 2019 Topps baseball that I am looking to move for Wantlist cards! Accepting trades big or small!


Main Players I Collect:

 - 2020 Topps Baseball RC's

 - Bobby Witt Jr. 

 - Patrick Mahomes

 - 2021 Topps Baseball RC's






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From:   Texas, United States

Always looking for a good trade. Let me know if I have anything on your Want list. 



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From:   LOUISVILLE, KY, United States

Pulled everything as too many errors in what I have compared to this. See Ebay and Ebid sites for items in mean time.Ebay items after end date move to Ebid site. After 10 10 day auctions moves to straight $sale with offer ability.  May be back on here may not. Selling ( FYI: not giving away around last few trades I can find (most commonly Beckett Market Data prices) which come from Ebay and it's own marketplace) all cards on the trade/sell list. Not really interested in trading except for my wantlist. Will take multiples of RCs. 

I usually charge $3.50 for shipping in cardboard mailer, tracking, well protected no matter the amount of cards you buy ( up to 800)  does NOT change shipping. Will do PWE no tracking, not as well protected but should be adaquate $1. (Shipping charges only apply to purchases not trades.)

Paypal : pest3366@gmail.com



Member Since:   10/25/2020
From:   Kansas City, MO, United States


Dallas Cowboys

Championship Era Bulls

Bo Bichette


Wander Franco

refining my collection and wantlist currently, pairing it down some, so bear with me on offers 

4/28 while Bo Bichette and Boxing related items are my focus, I'll listen to offers on Royals stuff as well. I will say, though I have a number of base cards on my wantlist, I'm unlikely to trade a bunch of numbered, rookies, insets, autos etc for them. 


1/31/22 mainly focusing on adding Bo Bichette cards I don't have and Boxing stuff on my list at this time, so will take trade offers for those cards

Willing to sell stuff as well if no trade can be worked out. Must have a positive transaction history, and a pay method that protects both. Prefer any deal of this nature to be a minimum of $25 to make it worth the time. Willing to do large lots or single cards. 

Due to work, will likely respond to trades/messages on weekends



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From:   PA, United States

Topps baseball, Pro Debut, Qypsy Queen, and Stadium Club.



Member Since:   6/1/2019
From:   South Salt Lake, Utah, United States






---And All Pinstrips from 2000 and up




Quote:   The future ain't what it used to be. -----Yogi Berra


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From:   Collinsville, MS, United States

Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, Mike Piazza, Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Anthony Rizzo, Hunter Renfroe & 1980 Topps

Quote:   Deep down, everyone is a Mets fan.


Member Since:   5/2/2013

Topps sets & Detroit Tiger team sets. HOF & ROY winners



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From:   Pennsville, NJ, United States


If I make you a trade proposal, and you don't want to trade, or you need time, or cards I want are pending, or I've unintentionally lowballed you, it's okay...i can deal with it.  I'd appreciate some sort of response though!  If you have time to log on daily, you should have time to respond with a short note!  TIA!  That being said...Lotsa baseball and football for trade or sale!!  I try to respond to proposals in a timely fashion and, at least acknowledge that the proposal was received.  

I usually don't pull my end before making a proposal; most times, I'm trying to get a feel for how doable it is, and it saves me from having to refile cards if things fizzle out or if I'm countered.  I will, however, (usually) pull before accepting a trade.  I have some physical limitations, so your patience is appreciated!  

My top priorities are..

2022 Hopps Heritage

2020 Topps Heritage High Series Set (just SPs, thanks to belijr (John) for Lou Bob!

Recent Phillies teamsets and inserts.  I do multiple teamsets to help local Philthies Phans!

I love to trade, will reluctantly sell ... cheap, if we cannot swap!  PLMK what I have that you can't live without!  Phillies is my team, and I do Topps and Topps and Bowman Heritage sets and Phillies team sets, all brands.  100s of references available - here, Facebook and online groups (Bench, TradingBases).  PWE trades are great - bubbles used if worth the shipping costs!  Slowing down though - the old body won't let me hoss those 5000 count boxes too much - thanks in advance for your patience with me!!

Quote:   Take time to smell the bubble gum!


Member Since:   5/13/2020
From:   Illinois, Illinois, United States

PC Matt Carpenter, Matthew Liberatore, and Nolan Gorman

I am also an amatuer graphic desinger/editor. @_wsdesign_

ISO: 2014 Allen and Ginter Dual Rip Card Matt Adams/Matt Carpenter /10

        2016 Triple Threads Bat Barrel Nameplate Dual Patch Book 1/1

        2011 Bowman Prospects Superfractor 1/1

        2011 Bowman Prospects Red /5

        2015 / 2016 Flagship Topps Framed

        All Flagship Platinum 1/1s

        Laundry Tags, Bat Knobs, Bat Barrels, Bird Head Patches, and any 1/1s



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