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I'm a set builder... mostly Bowman, Heritage, Heritage Minor Leagues and Pro Debut.  

Main PC Thurman Munson... trying to collect one of each card... Currently sitting at #4 of top collector on this site and trying to get to #1... any help greatly appreciated.

Secondary PC: Jonathan India... trying to collect one of each card

Third PC - RCs from various players

Any football, hockey, golf, basketball on my trade list will be traded for baseball as I don't collect those but do come across every now and then.

All Canadian trades will ship pwe due to cost.   Junk wax era cards, not spending to much time on looking if they're variation or not, i.e. 90 donruss with @leaf, border, inc

As for something fun to do, trying to complete a trade with someone from each state.  Currently still looking for trading partners in the following states:

DE /  LA / ME / VT


Effective 6-12-23

FYI Due to family and work, cards will be mailed out once a week on Monday morning, no matter when the deal was made.  










Nothing worse than not getting any responses from people you sent trade offers to & they just let the offer sit there not even acknowledging the offer & they clearly been on the site. At least deny or something





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