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 I recently became disabled in 2019, losing the use of my right arm (I am/was righthanded) from the elbow down making it very difficult to do everyday things on my own. I can wiggle my fingers just a bit and I have a constant burning and tingling sensation in my hand and fingers. Especially in the winter months. I describe the pain like my hand feeling so cold that it burns. I'm sure some of you know how it feels (if not then imagine) when your foot falls through the ice playing hockey then having a 5 min walk home but that 5 min walk takes 25 min because you cant feel your feet. By the time you get home your feet feel frozen solid and that pain you feel when you stick those ice cold feet in only warm water feels like your putting them in a pot of boiling water. Yeah, that's the feeling I have constantly. Lucky me right? Things that I would never have thought twice about like tying my shoes or cutting food on my plate are things I can no longer do. So things can get rather frustrating for me rather quickly & I tend to shut down sometimes. So I'm sorry in advance if it takes me a little while to respond to a trade request. I usually respond fairly quickly. But in case of a shut down, I apologize now. It's been 2yrs now and I am still adjusting to a different lifestyle. I had to start completely over. I lost everything I had due to not having an income for quite awhile until I was approved for SSDI. Even now I still struggle from month to month. What I receive now in an entire month is less than what I was making in an entire week. Talk about an adjustment. Well I'm sure some of you reading this right now are thinking, then why do you spend some of your money on cards? I have a very honest and very simple answer, I enjoy it. If it were not for getting back into sports card collecting after my injury to occupy myself and distract my mind, I probably wouldn't be alive. In my honest opinion, I think it saved my life. It's one of the few things I am able to still do without too much difficulty that I actually enjoy doing. I was in a very dark place during my months of hospitalization and the following year+ of recovery and therapy. I am very greatful that I found this site. I've met a couple really good people here so far. None of which has any idea of this I just spoke of. So I'm sure I will hear "why didn't you say anything?" That's just how I am. I don't want to be looked at different. I don't want sympathy, I don't want pitty, and I don't ask for help. I do things on my own. If my ship springs a leak, I fix it. If I can't fix it, than the Captain goes down with the ship.


 Before joining this site, I never in my entire life sold or even traded a card. (Still haven't sold one nor tried). I'm very particular about my trades. I like to keep it simple. I like apples to apples. I like to build sets and I PREFER trading for cards from the same set/s that you are asking for in return. For ex. if your asking for a Heritage SP I prefer a SP in return, if you are asking for a Topps 206, I prefer to receive a 206 in return. Same goes for parallels and inserts, unless I have the set complete, I PREFER not to trade out of set. But I am not against it completely. There are rare occasions I would be willing to do so. I also will not send an offer to someone unless I have those same cards or something VERY similar to offer in return (ex. very similar to me = A&G vs GQ, GQ vs Heritage, Prestige vs Absolute and so on). So if you are asking for something and do not have the same or something very similar to offer in return, you need to WOW me or your offer will most likely be declined. (FYI I'm a Phila. sports fan if your trying to wow me). I try to respond to trade requests as quickly as possible. Due to my circumstances a situation may arise where I need to just clear my head and I will log in but I only catalog some of my collection. I won't even look at my messages. Also after accepting a request I try to ship out the next day unless that next day is a Sun. obviously. If that request has sat for a few days i will either send the sender of that trade a message asking if they were still interested before I accept or I will accept but also send the sender of the trade a message asking them to respond to that message so I know that they have seen that I have accepted their offer before I ship out. That about sums it up. If I think of something else I'm sure I'll write it down.




MLB - Michael Jack Schmidt, Alec Bohm, Bryce Harper, Phila. Phillies, The Kid/Ken Griffey Jr., The Big Hurt/Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Ronald Acuna Jr., Bo Bichette, Vlad Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Mike Trout.

NFL - The Slim Reaper/Devonta Smith, Weapon X/Brian Dawkins, Phila. Eagles, 🦁Barry Sanders🐐, Bo Jackson.

NBA - The Answer/Allen Iverson, The Behindhand Process/Joel Embiid, Phila. 76ers, The man that made pippen look easy/🕴️Michael Jordan🐐.

NHL - I don't collect NHL these days. Blame the Flyers. I just can't watch bad hockey and I have lost interest over the past 15+ yrs because they have been pathetic. But I am always interested in Flyers of the past. Early 1970's - 2000's. I can't believe I'm actually about to say this, they should of kept B. Clarke as GM. I wanted him gone at the time he resigned. But apparently I was wrong and the organization was better off with him (Wow, that actually stung a little). Who TF woulda thought that?

"The truth, as terrible as death, but harder to find"🕵️‍♂️ - "Expect the worst and you will never be disappointed" 🤔





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