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If I make you a trade proposal, and you don't want to trade, or you need time, or cards I want are pending, it's okay...i can deal with it.  I'd appreciate some sort of response though!  TIA!  That being said...

Lotsa football just loaded..for trade or sale!!  I try to respond to proposals in a timely fashion and, at least acknowledge that the proposal was received.  

Top priorities:

2020 Bowman Sets .. BPs, BCPs

2020 Heritage High Series Set

2001-2007 Bowman Heritage (New)

Recent Phillies teamsets

2000-2005 Topps Traded/Updates

I love to trade, will reluctantly sell cheap, if we cannot swap!   Phillies is my team, and I do Topps and Topps and Bowman Heritage sets and Phillies team sets, all brands.  100s of references available - here, Facebook and online groups (Bench, TradingBases).  PWE trades are great - bubbles used if worth the shipping costs!  Slowing down though - the old body won't let me hoss those 5000 count boxes too much - thanks in advance for your patience with me!!

Quote:   Take time to smell the bubble gum!
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