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I am open to trading, but please send a message beforehand, as my trading is set to off. I no longer do PWE trades, except to Canada.

Please ensure that the cards you are sending are NM or better. I have now received over 300 cards, over the past 6 years, that have been sent to me with creases and dings, hence having to shut my trading off.  It wish it hadn't come to this, but here we are.

I will only be doing trades on the weekends Fri-Sun. Mailing will be done on Mon and Tues. (Sometimes Weds)

I do not buy cards. Thank you.



- Baseball - Single stars and star RCs. Topps, Allen & Ginter and Stadium Club are my favorite base sets

- Topps Red Sox team sets.

- Allen & Ginter minis

- The Beatles.

- Star Wars Topps sets 1977-1983

     1977 set @ 41.8%

     1980 set @ 43.5%

     1983 set @ 0.9%


2022 Goals / Milestones

- Hit 50% on all Star Wars sets (If I'm diligent)

- 25 "Pay it Forwards" (I'm a little behind on this)

- 600 transactions (Quite possible)

- 10,000 points (Unlikely I'll get there)

- 500 Tony Gwynn cards (at 467) (Maybe)

- 300 Carl Yastrzemski cards (at 291) (I'm thinking this is going to happen)


2021 Goals / Milestones

- 25 "Pay it Forwards" ✔

- 500 transactions ✔

- 5000 points ✔ This puts me at 2,174th on the all-time members list. Elite!!

- 500 Greg Maddux cards ✔ - Thanks to OraInPA for a big bump towards the goal, and also BobbyL for getting me over the hump.

- 400 Dwight Evans cards ✔ - Thanks to Nowhereman317 for getting me to my goal!




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