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I am a collector that enjoys trying to complete sets that strike my eye. I also like to collect Angels (LA, Anaheim, or California) for baseball. Some of my favorite players I like collecting are:

Don Mattingly

Tim Salmon (ranked #5 on TCDB, 5/17/2024)

Jered Weaver (ranked #3 on TCDB)

Mike Trout

***I am currently on a collecting goal of trying to acquire the 1997 Donruss baseball set, the 2008 Upper Deck Icons football set and 1994-95 Flair hockey set.  If anyone can help accommodate these goals, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all who helped me reach the finish line with the 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Hildebrandt Brothers comic set and the1995 Skybox Premium football set.  ***

I will try to respond to any offer within a few days.  I only trade on this site.  Not looking to buy.

If there are any trades that involve the cards from Donruss sets of late 80s and early 90s, I have only listed them to trade.  They do not represent which version I truly have as I do not have the time or the eyesight to verify each and every card.  Please let me look into cards that are asked for to verify the version being asked about.  As for recieving these cards, I am ok with whichever variation of the card you have to offer.

Current Set Building Goals


1983 Topps (150 cards needed)

1984 Topps

1994 Donruss (75 cards needed)

1996 Upper Deck (83 cards needed)

1996 Leaf Limited (46 cards needed)

1996 Leaf Preferred (24 cards needed)

1997 Donruss (1 card needed)

1997 Donruss Elite (16 cards needed)

1997 Metal Universe (67 cards needed)

2002 Topps (19 cards needed)

2014 Topps

2018 Donruss (5 cards needed)

2021 Donruss (14/20 cards needed)

2021 Stadium Club (19 cards needed)

2021 Allen & Ginter

2021 Gypsy Queen (71 cards needed)

2022 Donruss (22/25 cards needed)

2022 Topps

Baseball Insert Sets:

1993 Upper Deck - Home Run Heroes (cards needed)

1999 Topps - Nolan Ryan Commemorative Reprints (5 cards needed)

2013 Topps - Cut to the Chase (46 cards needed)

2015 Topps - Highlight of the Year (14 cards needed)

2015 Topps Update - Highlight of the Year (17 cards needed)

2015 Topps - Spring Fever (5 cards needed)

2021 Topps - 70 Years of Topps Baseball (SER1 46/ SER2 51 cards needed)

2021 Topps Update - 70 Years of Topps Baseball (63 cards needed)

2021 Topps - Platinum Players Die Cut (33 cards needed)

2021 Topps Update - Topps Platinum Players Die Cuts (17 cards needed)

2022 Topps - Player Jersey Number Medallion Commemorative Manufactured Relics (11 cards needed)

Football Sets:

1989 Pro Set (52 cards needed)

1990 Pro Set (33 cards needed)

1992 Upper Deck (cards needed)

1993 Upper Deck (6cards needed)

2008  Upper Deck Icons (cards needed, excluding #ed Rookies)


1994-95 Flair

1994-95 Upper Deck


1990-91 Hoops (6 cards needed)

1992-93 Fleer (cards needed)


1994 Fleer Marvel Universe (37 cards needed)

1995 Fleer Ultra X-Men (22 cards needed)





MLB HOF Players Collection by propmaker
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