1985 Topps

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Release Notes: Distributed in one series (#1-792)

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  • Card #88 of Bryn Smith shows him autographing a 1983 Topps card.
  • Card #278 of Darryl Strawberry was featured on the cover of the August 1991 issue of Sports Card Trader magazine.
  • Three of the USA Baseball cards feature players that never reached the Major Leagues (Sid Akins, Flavio Alfaro, Bob Caffrey).
  • "Topps All-Star Rookie" trophies were not included on the cards of the 1984 winners: Mike Fitzgerald (C), Alvin Davis (1B), Juan Samuel (2B), Brook Jacoby (3B), Jackie Gutierrez (SS), Kirby Puckett (OF), Dan Gladden (OF), Carmelo Martinez (OF), Dwight Gooden (RHP), Mark Langston (LHP).
  • Card #497 of Gary Pettis is a picture of his younger brother Lynn, but was never changed.
  • Team logos returned to card fronts for the first time in twenty years.
  • Since players with remaining NCAA eligibility could not be included in the set, there are no USA Olympic Team cards for Will Clark, Chris Gwynn, Barry Larkin or Bobby Witt.

User Comments

Jan 31, 2021 - 1:46PM

My grandparents bought me my first cards in the form of Rack Packs back in 1985 at the local drug store. Back then, the packs were on the bottom shelf thrown in a bin so kids could access them. I only got a couple of rack packs that day. Can't even remember opening them or what I exactly got. That spurned a crazy obsession with the hobby for the last 35 years.

Nov 24, 2020 - 7:13PM

1985 Topps is my favorite. I remember getting a pack at my local drug store and going home to watch a game in TV and was looking to see if any of the players in the game I had a baseball card if. I was hooked and 30 years later I’ve developed a successful career working in baseball and an extensive collection spanning from 1975 to 2006...and counting

Oct 19, 2020 - 4:34PM

This was my first pack. Must've been in late '85 or early '86 as it was just one pack of this followed by a deluge of '86. We could only find Topps in Glendive, MT, until '88 or '89. At least, within the radius I could wander from home. Packs were 30 cents. So, $1 got us 3 packs and two nickel suckers.


Posted by: BigEd76
Jun 9, 2020 - 9:13PM


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