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Just completed my 100th trade on this site and wanted to take a minute to thank everyone here for their kindness, generosity, patience and friendliness.  In what has been a rough year for us here in south Louisiana, I have been gladdened many times by not only the trades (and extras) but also the kind words expressed by so many of you regarding our post-hurricane(s) circumstances.  This is really a wonderful community!  #LakeCharlesStrong


Amid all of the world's craziness, I want to weigh in once again on what a fun community this is!  In the short time that I have been active here, I have been able to complete my 1977 T and 2006 T ( a set my sons and I started when it was new so brought back many memories of that time) just by trading.  I am an old-fashioned flagship set builder, not all that concerned with inserts/chase cards or condition, and my experiences here have been invariably positive.  Considering my collection had been boxed away for some 30+ years, it has been great fun to get back into the true trading card aspect of the hobby and the pandemic has provided a little more free time to pursue it again.

Always open to trading (prefer PWE's) and I'm happy to help with fellow set-builders, as so many here have been so kind to me.

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