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I'm a set builder. Topps Regular and updated sets from 70s to present.  I do not sell or flip, I just like building sets and trading.

I like to be quick and responsive in trading.  My promise to you, is that if we propose a trade, I will respond very quickly, and if we both agree, your cards will be mailed out within 24 hours.  As soon as cards are received I'll mark as received / completed, and then give you a positive review.  I would hope for similar from my trading partners.  My word is my bond.

Currently working on: 

2010 Topps updated

Astros Cards Topps '62-'67

will ultimately work on Updated sets from 02-12

Complete sets of 83, 85, 86 and 87 available to trade for full sets I need  

Complete sets needed: 2011, 2015, 2018

My goal in collecting is to obtain cards to build sets for the enjoyment of collecting and learning about the the game and who played in the past and the present. I do not sell cards and plan to pass my collection in to my boys. I also don't have condition in condition of cards  

I work in Minor League Baseball for over 20 years with the Somerset Patriots, the new Double-A affiliate | New York Yankees (But I'm an Astros fan).

Featured in this Podcast at about 1:34:

My favorite player of all time is Nolan Ryan, and have a small collection.  

Texas A&M alumni, class of '94 - Gig ' EM AGGIES!

Don't live life by default, find your own it science or baseball and devote yourself to it




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