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Detroit Tigers, HOF's, Topps sets

Was a Junk Wax era kid who has gotten back into the hobby in the summer of '22.

Current Focus is Topps set and insert set building. Working backwards from 2021 and forward from 1991:

'93 Topps = 15% = This will be my winter project

'22 Topps '87 Inserts (Series 1, Series 2, Update and Chrome):

  • Series 1 = 100% complete!
  • Series 2 = 100% complete!
  • All Stars = 100% complete!
  • Series 1 Chrome MOJO = 12%
  • Series 2 Chrome MOJO = 10%
  • Chrome = 100% complete!
  • Update = 86% = 7 to go
  • Update Chrome MOJO = 10.7%

'23 Topps '88 inserts (Series 1, Series 2, Update and Chrome):

  • Series 1 = 48%
  • Series 2 = 12%
  • All Stars = 14%%
  • Series 1 Chrome MOJO = 9%
  • Series 2 Chrome MOJO = 0%
  • Chrome
  • Update
  • Update Chrome MOJO

Although this is where I'm focused at the moment, I'm still open for any trade proposals.

I enjoy proposing/accepting trades of all sizes, bring 'em on! With that said, I will leave a proposal up for 48 hours and if there is no traction on the trade, I'll withdraw it. No hard feelings, it just helps me keep track of trades better this way.

I'm fine with trading different eras or sports as long as both sides are happy with it. I do prefer to trade modern #'d cards for #'d cards, parallels for parallels, inserts for inserts, ect, but again, as long as both sides are happy with the offers then I'm flexible.

I take pride in packaging to ensure that your cards reach you in top condition.

PC Detroit Tigers = Kaline, Cash, Horton, Lolich, Trammell, Whitaker, Morris, C. Fielder (DET only), Cabrera (DET only), Verlander (DET only), Mize, Skubal, Manning, Torkelson, Greene and K. Carpenter

Non Detroit Tigers PC = HOF's

Shipping to U.S. only

"When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch." -Ty Cobb





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