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hoping to complete base sets for all Topps Baseball from 1970 to present. also collecting 2019 - present Archives and update.

Currently focusing on completely: 1973 base set, 2023 WBC, 2019, 2020 & 2022 archives - 2020 turkey Red. I have Heritage on wants but that is filler for me - 

Value & tradng philosophy: honestly I don't put a lot of effort into card values. I feel the cards I trade in are pretty low end. I use the TCDB values as a general guide and I understand the difference between vintage, wax and modern. Commons - HOF and inserts so I make trade offers accordingly. At the end of the day there's cards we want and cards we want to trade so let's make a deal. I'm open to any trade across years, base to parallel, inserts whatever! 

I would appreciate a response if a make an offer, please let me know issues with trade offers- let's work it out. 

im mostly interested in set building, so if you want an insert or parallel not on my sale list don't hesitate to make an offer.

Prefer: PWE 18 cards  or less. Basically I don't like dealing with post office workers. I will consider all offers, even bigger ones. I will respond to all offers and correspondence quickly unless traveling. I try to turn off trades if away for more than a few days. 

Im pretty easy to deal with, I love trading and will work with you with any concerns. 

   And  Goooooo Tigers!!!!!

Current status,  legend: Year - % complete  

1970-15% 1971-22% 1972-7%  1973-72% 1974 thru 1978 1979-41% 1980-88% 1981 thru 2023


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