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I've read a few people that their goal is to not have anything listed on their for trade list because everything has found a home with someone else.  It's an awesome ideal to have for this site!  I've got plenty of cards that I'll probably never list here though, because we don't need more base cards from the junk wax era listed.  If you're looking for something to complete a deal that I don't have listed just let me know and I can see what I have.

Here are the top things I'm collecting:

1. Set builder - I'm building a Topps set for each year from 1979 until now.  Most are completed, but there are gaps in some of the Traded/Update sets.  Donruss Diamond Kings from the 80s and 90s plus miscellaneous sets here and there.

2. Brewers team set builder - Most of the major sets since they began. Generally speaking, if I have parallels listed then it's high on my priority.  Non-listed parallels are great, but I generally don't list them unless I'm close to completing a set.  I'm not a huge collector of autograph or memorabilia cards, but they can be fun occasionally.

3. Rookies of people who have played for the Brewers in my lifetime - If he got into a game since 1979 then I want a rookie card of him.


Trades of any size are welcome!  If I'm proposing I usually like to limit to what can fit in a PWE (12-18), but bigger can be better!

That ain't Chuckie's game. Chuckie hacks on 2-0. - Chuck Carr, a day before he was released.





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