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EDIT as of 5/24/23: Unfortunately, I need to place a disclaimer here after some of the messages I have received. I work, as do most of you. I work away from home most of the time. Long days, lots of driving. I also have a second job I work part time sometimes. Two kids, sports, homework etc. You will see I am online as the website is open on my phone all the time to look into my lists. Please be patient. I am usually able to get into my collection a couple days through a week, and mail either on Fridays or Mondays. 

thank you 


I do not place condition on my cards. If you have questions please ask in your transaction messages. They can range from pack fresh to well loved. :)

Actively trading, and will sell as well. 

If you see something in my Personal Collection that I have extra of, I am not opposed to considering a trade for something I dont have. 

I was a collector in the 90s, during the junk wax era. I recently came back into the hobby in the last year and a half. I have a stellar reputation as a trader and seller and buyer on Twitter. 

Please reach out with questions, and I look forward to working with you! 

My kids also collect, as of summer 2023 will be 8 and 11. They like Pokemon, Star Wars, WWE. 

Here is my PC: 

Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, NY Mets all years and players I need. 

Pete Alonso, Patrick Roy, Brett Favre, Jack Eichel, Jarred Kelenic. 

Ice hockey goalies, all team, all players, all years. 







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