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Like so many, I got sucked back into collecting during the pandemic but I'm not going anywhere.  I am usually working on sets (slowly working to get them into here but have a google doc with all my builds).  My 13 year son collects Pokemon, Sony Michel, Tatum and Brown, Benintendi, and Tuukka Rask and David Pastrnak.  My daughter collects mascots and women athletes (especially soccer and basketball).

My biggest hobby accomplishment was collecting every Topps flagship gold cup rookie ever...from Willie McCovey to Wander Franco and everyone in between.

I pride myself on being an easy trader and easy seller most of the time.  If I have cards you want and you're not a jerk, we'll figure it out.

Find us on twitter at ccc_collects.

Happy Collecting


Things I need to add since being active here on tcdb:

- PWE is assumed so let's discuss if you think otherwise.

- When I send a trade proposal, I usually include the message "Thoughts?"  That is short for: Hi my name is Chris.  I would love to work out a trade that is good for both us.  If you don't see a match, no worries.  Thoughts? is just easier.

- If I withdraw a trade too quickly, feel free to send a proposal.  It's usual because I'm making a proposal with some of those cards (mine or what I've requested) and it's to keep things straight if I withdraw one.  I appreciate not everyone responds right away or even within a couple of days.  Fortunately, you're not all degenerates like me.  

If I have cards you want and you're not a jerk, we'll figure it out.




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