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My Collection Priorities:


- 2020 Topps - Turkey Red 2020 (Series 2) - 60/100

- 2020 Topps Update - Turkey Red 2020 - 42/50

- 2020 Topps - 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary (Series 1) - 40/100

- 2020 Topps - 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary (Series 2) - 26/50

- 2020 Topps - 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary All-Stars - 27/50


- Larry Walker - 331 cards

- Troy Tulowitzki - 236 cards

- Todd Helton - 123 cards



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Collecting all Topps Baseball base sets from 1956 to 2020. 

If I have something on my For Sale/Trade list that you need and you have nothing to trade me, I am more than willing to sell most cards on my FS/T list at a very reasonable price...especially to fellow set collectors!

VAR's: If it's important to you to get a specific variation in a trade, please let me know so I can be sure I have the correct one for you.

Some of you have inquired about my various health issues. I've had quite a few surgeries or procedures (33 to date). In October 2023 I had surgery on my neck and spine, just correcting some nerve issues and re-routing some tendons. I'm still in remission from esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, my wife died of lung cancer a few years ago and now both of my adult children have been diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, I hate cancer!!





Let's have some fun, let's trade!


If it ain't broke.....I haven't used it yet!


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Hello, I love trading cards with people. I always try to make sure my proposals are close to equal in dollar amount so we both feel good about it. I am more interested in completing subsets to base sets. Honestly I just like how the cards look. Almost all cards in my collection are for sale as well as trade. To help downsize I will sell cards as listed below:

$0.00 - $10.00 Sell price is 20% off TCDB suggested price

$10.00 and up sell price is 15% off TCDB suggested price

If there is no price listed, just make an offer and we can go from there. 

Do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for checking my collection out. 


Way to go Runnamucker!


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I trade cards to build baseball, hockey and some miscellaneous sports / non-sport sets. I also PC Felipe Alou, Derek Aucoin, Steve Begin, Jennifer Botterill, Kevin Dineen, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Bob Kudelski, Manon RheaumeGabriela Sabatini and P.J. Stock as well. I do not buy cards. I also have a sweet spot for oddball / food issue / regional sets. New cards are regularly added to my FT/S list and all the cards I list here are NRMT or EX unless specified and I expect the same of you.

I don't collect micro-variations (dots, stars, copyright marks, holograms, printing plate codes...), they're not fun to search and I dislike the incessant frequency with which new ones are added. Seriously, what's the point if you gotta need to use a magnifier glass to check out if there's a dot on the back of a 1991 Fleer? However, I do all my best to check all my cards and to keep my lists up to date, but please ask me first, if micro-variations matter to you. The site really needs some way of opting out of micro-variations (just a default / any var. / unverified option for each card).

Besides helping to complete our collections one step closer each time, the opportunity would be nice to have traded with all the states, provinces and territories of North America. On this site only, I traded with members in 46 states, D.C., 9 provinces, N.W.T. and overseas. I can't wait to have a trade in Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, Wyoming, Manitoba, Nunavut and Yukon. However, if you don't live in the above jurisdictions, you're still more than welcome to trade with me. No trade to Russia, Belarus and Iran.

I'm an easy going, helpful and patient guy, but here's now my turn to announce that my NO TRADE LIST is growing due to an increased lack of civility on the forums and the full site. If (1) you nitpick and/or always have an opinion on anything and/or act like you own the site and you're not Admin or (2) you do not respond to counters or decline without expressing a reason or don't PM me to ask more time after several days of wait or (3) you send me ridiculous off-balanced offers or (4) you accept the trade and you can't mail your cards in a timely manner or you send me loose or severly damaged cards or (5) have a brand new (empty) account without info / feedback and ask for valuable cards or (6) you clearly didn't read my profile (ask first, at least) and ask me to buy your cards, then chances are that you just won a place on my NO TRADE LIST regardless of how much I may want what you have.

I am fine with shipping cards in single or multiple PWEs, if the cards are properly packaged. Also, I don't mind large or small transactions, but I currently prefer trades with 10 to 20 cards going each way or at least that the cards carry more value than the postage. I usually ship the same or the next business day. Just remember that Canada Post doesn't pick up or deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

International shipping is very easy, but it costs more for BOTH traders (not just from the U.S.). Here are some tips to save on shipping costs to Canada: use PWEs (Plain White Envelopes) and avoid bubble envelopes, plastic boxes and big stacks of cards. Ship as flat as you can (cut 9 pocket pages in 3 rows and insert 4-5 cards in each pocket). The more it looks like a greeting card or documents mailed in a regular letter instead of a package, the more it tends to be cheaper to ship. Current U.S. to Canada first class postage rate (up to 2 oz) is $1.40 and if non-machinable, $1.79. If you don't have Global Forever stamps handy, three regular Forever stamps work as well. There's also no need to pay $14.85 for shipping with international tracking, because it is just too expensive, it will be way slower to arrive and Canada Post won't track your postal item anyway. Overall, postal service tends to be slower in Canada and at times a bit harder to predict, but it is as reliable as in the U. S.. Lastly, no cross-border shipping by Fedex or UPS: they charge $40.00+ custom brokerage on each and every package they handle no matter if it is duty free or not.




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Hockey Upper Deck Rookies Young Guns World Junior Championship Toronto Maple Leafs


I enjoy trading so give me an offer.  If  there is nothing you can offer from my want list make an offer anyway.  i will find something from you list to make it happen.  


I have Upper Deck sets available for trades.  Complete sets ( sorry no young guns )  15-16 series 1 and 2,  16-17 series 1 and 2, 17-18 series 2.  They are stored in their tin box.  If interested let me know.  and  i also have DC comic book  that i will trade for hockey cards.  ok my friends stay safe



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I Collect Twins and few other random players


Barbeque Chicken

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I am requesting NOT to receive Non-Machinable stamped mail. These are always the envelopes that take several weeks longer to arrive than they should. Please save yourself the extra little charge.

I’m all for exchanging pictures of cards to help clear up any questions you or I may have. Whether it be vintage, anything with a potential condition issue, or just nailing down that we’re talking about the same parallel. I myself am not uber focused on condition. What’s most important for me is getting the right version of the card I’m requesting. As for shipping, I can send cards out about twice a week typically and prefer pwe. Thanks for reading & for everyone who has already traded with me!



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  David Niehaus. All Mariners 1993-2002.  All Managers. Charlton.  Kruk.



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********** Priority on Baseball Sets to complete....**********

2001 TOPPS ......need 2

2010 TOPPS.....need 1

2020 TOPPS UTZ......need 5



********  Trying to Finish the 80-81 Topps HOCKEY set.....I'm looking for the UNSCRATCHED cards ....Any help will be appreciated  *****


Baseball and Hockey. Trying to complete sets in Hockey and Baseball from my childhood...Also collecting modern day sets..Basically a BASE SET builder..... No trade, too small or too big.....

As always, you can counter any trade I propose....I just want a FAIR trade for both parties...



 Happy Trading.....TOM.....




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Any and all Braves cards from 1954 - Present (RIP Hank Aaron).

I have decided to scale back from trying to collect every Braves card ever made and concentrate on the sets I like. Lately it seems to be next to impossible to collect team sets since there are so many inserts, VAR, SP, and just all to many brands. Topps has once again turned collecting into $$$ for them by making so many different brands. The cost to collect is getting to be very expensive and making me question the hobby again. I still plan on trading and looking for the cards I am still missing.

Willing to trade just about anything for Braves cards......

I have been trying to do the impossible and collect the entire 2016 Topps and Update Sets. Any help would be appreciated!

2016 Topps - (Last Updated 2/22/24)

Base Set - Complete!

VAR - a ways to go!!!

100 Years at Wrigley - Complete!

All-Star - Complete!

All-Star Game - 63.7%

Amazing Milestones - Complete!

Amazing Milestones Gold - 20%

Back-To-Back - Complete!

Berger's Best - Complete!

Berger's Best (Series 2) - Complete!

Celebrating 65 Years - Complete!

Changing of the Guard - Complete!

Chasing 3000 - Complete!

First Pitch - Complete!

First Pitch (Series 2) - Complete!

Gold - 80%

Hallowed Highlights - Complete!

MLB Debut Bronze (Series 1 & 2) - Complete!

MLB Debut Silver (Series 1) - Complete!

MLB Debut Silver (Series 2) - 97.5%

MLB Debut Gold (Series 1) - 72.5%

MLB Debut Gold (Series 2) - 45%

MLB Debut Medallion (Series 1) - 15%

MLB Debut Medallion (Series 2) - 10%

MLB Wacky Promo - Complete!

Perspectives - Complete!

Pressed Into Service - Complete!

Purple - 4.9%

Rainbow Foil - 72.7%

Record Setters - Complete!

Rookie Variations - Complete!

Spring Fever - 92%

The Greatest Streaks - Complete!

Tribute to the Kid - Complete!

Walk Off Wins - Complete!


If I do not respond right away to a message or trade offer, do not worry I will!


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..........I AM NOT CURRENTLY TRADING.... thx.

The following are my favorites.

TEAMS----Atlanta Braves.. Detroit Tigers.. Detroit Pistons.. Seattle Mariners (pre-2005).. Pittsburgh Steelers.. Seattle Seahawks.. Seattle Storm WNBA team.. San Francisco 49ers (pre 1998)

BASEBALL PLAYERS-----Cal Ripken Jr.. Lou Gehrig.. Wade Boggs.. Jose Canseco..Will Clark.. Roger Clemens.. Juan Gonzalez.. Ken Griffen Jr.. Tony Gwynn..Bo Jackson..Gregg Jefferies.. Randy Johnson.. Greg Maddux.. Don Mattingly...Ryne Sandberg.. Gary Sheffield..Sammy Sosa.. Frank Thomas..

FOOTBALL PLAYERS----Dan Marino.. Troy Aikman.. John Elway.. Warren Moon..Barry Sanders.. Joe Montana..Jerry Rice..Cris Carter..Michael Irvin..Andre Rison..Tim Brown..Brett Favre..Sterling Sharpe.


*****Buy, Sell, Trade... bring your best & fair offers.  My lists are extensive for both wantlist and for sale/ trade. I try to check my messages and transactions every other day at least.  I've been on here for a good bit of time now, and I'm trying to have fun and meet other collectors. 

"Better to fix a problem early, than have a disaster later".


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#1 JJ Watt Collector on TCDB

  • Houston Texans
    • JJ Watt
    • Deshaun Watson
    • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Houston Rockets
    • Hakeem Olajuwon
    • Clyde Drexler
    • Sir Charles Barkley 
    • James Harden
    • Russell Westbrook 
  • Houston Astros
    • Craig Biggio
    • Jeff Bagwell
    • Lance Berkman
    • Justin Verlander 
    • Jose Altuve
    • George Springer
    • Carlos Correa
    • Alex Bregman
    • Yordan Alvarez
    • Kyle Tucker
    • Yuli Gurriel
  • Houston Oilers
    • Warren Moon
  • University of Houston cards
  • Pete Maravich
  • Chris Mullin
  • Frank Thomas
  • Will Clark


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


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Chicago Bears RC's / Certified Autos in Bears Uniform Only and Topps Chrome Refractors especially.  Now open to trading for all Chicago Bears cards (player must be in a Bears uniform/practice uniform -- no college uniforms.  I still love cards that are raw and look great, not into paying a ton of money or trading the farm because it is in a PSA/BGS case.  Normally i do not collect graded cards. I am picky on condition, the stuff i trade is not beat up, please don't trade me beat up cards, also I would prefer to do larger trades and accumulate alot of Bears cards.  Please do not offer extremely low end cards for high end cards.  I like to do like for like trading, if you want to offer a bunch of commons, i will trade a bunch of commons. To give perspective 50's = psa 5 condition, 60's = psa 6, 70's  = psa 7,  80's psa 8, and 90's to current 8.5 - 9 or better. I have a ton of 90's basketball base / inserts / parallels that i am looking to trade for Bears commons/semi stars/ parallels and inserts .  Not all of my stuff is listed, if you're looking for a card(s) reach out and ask.

Loving the trading, went a little crazy here lately!!!!  Not going to trade star cards for a bunch of commons.  Let me rephrase that, i will trade star cards and hard to get inserts for a BUNCH of commons semi stars!!!

I am not interested in money changing hands, the only money spent should be on shipping.  I AM NO BUYING OR SELLING CARDS!!!  I want trading cards to boil down to it's original purpose........ TRADING!!!!  This site have given us an opportunity to keep it old school....... Lets do that, will trade Basketball cards for all your old BEARS cards!!!!!


Charlie Wrotenbery

2801 E Bruce Ave

Spokane, WA 99217

Anything better than the 85 Bears Defense....... NOPE!!!!


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About Me: Keeping it simple. Only Trading, not Buying.  No Pay it Forwards please.  I build Topps Heritage sets, so I am always looking for Topps Heritage Cards even if they are not on my Wantlist.  If I have cards that you need, but there are few matches of cards that I need, please feel free to send me a message. I will browse your FST inventory for Heritage Cards that I can use for the additional sets that I am building...not everything I am building is on TCDB. I'm up for both small and large trade proposals.  Cards outside of my FST list are not available. 

Shipping: I prefer to ship out via PWE.  More valuable cards or larger transactions will be shipped with tracking. I will provide the tracking number in the message area of the transaction. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states.   

Topps Heritage Short Prints (SPs): I'm always looking for Heritage SPs.  If you have Heritage SPs available and they are not on my Wants list, please send me a message to get things started. Happy to trade away the Allen & Genter and Gypsy Queen SPs in my FST list for your Heritage SPs. 

Trade Proposals:  If you request multiples of the same card within a transaction proposal, please give me a heads up in the message area.  If I see multiples of one card in a proposal, I am going to assume that you did that intentionally and send multiples.  I say all of this to avoid disappointing someone.  Likewise, I like to pull all the cards before accepting, especially on large transactions. I try my best to mirror my physical inventory to my TCDB inventory, but mistakes can happen. 

Topps Heritage Collection: Below is my current progress of trying to complete/build all of the Topps Heritage sets from 2001 to current year. (Does not include the additional sets that I am working on.)

Completion Percentages - Last updated 2/12/2024.

2001 Topps Heritage - 66.34%

2002 Topps Heritage - 32.05%

2003 Topps Heritage: - 64.19%

2004 Topps Heritage - 82.53%

2005 Topps Heritage - 84.42%

2006 Topps Heritage - 85.77% (Only need SPs)

2007 Topps Heritage: - 84.21% (Only need SPs)

2008 Topps Heritage - 85.83%

2009 Topps Heritage - 43.06% 

2010 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2011 Topps HeritageComplete!

2012 Topps Heritage - 75.33%

2013 Topps Heritage - 89.80%

2014 Topps Heritage - 80.30% (Need High Number SPs)

2015 Topps Heritage - 99.60% (Need Trout, Lindor RC, Bryant RC.)

2016 Topps Heritage - 97.93% (Need Kershaw, Ortiz, Posey, Correa, Trout)

2017 Topps Heritage - 97.10% (Only need SPs)

2018 Topps Heritage - 98.80% (Only need SPs)

2019 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2020 Topps HeritageComplete!

2021 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2022 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2023 Topps Heritage - Complete!

"In radio, they say, nothing happens until the announcer says it happens." Ernie Harwell


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• Working on low to mid grade 1970 through 1972 complete Topps baseball sets, but I'll take any condition just to complete these sets. I'm focusing on these right now and I hope to trade as much for these as I can. I will buy if the price is right. I'm over halfway on 1970-1972 with HOF and High #'s remaining.

• Detroit Tigers Topps Team Sets, including SP (Complete 1958 to present)

• Detroit Lions Topps and Donruss post 2015 Team Sets, including SP (Complete 1956 to present)

• West Michigan Whitecaps Team Sets (Complete 1994 to present)

• Topps Flagship Baseball Sets 1970 to present (Complete 1973 to present)

• Topps Flagship Football Sets (Complete 1981-1992)

• Topps Traded/Update Sets (Complete 1974 to present)

• Topps Pro Debut Sets (Complete 2010 to present)

• MLB Mascots

• Any other local teams of interest - Grand Rapids Griffins, Muskegon Lumberjacks, Grand Rapids Rampage, Traverse City Beach Bums, Traverse City Pit Spitters, etc.

I've been very blessed in my trades and transactions here on TCDB. Thank you to all. I will trade vintage for modern and vice versa as long as there is roughly equal value felt on both sides. I am a set builder and collecter. I do not speculate on my cards for future value. I do this for fun, not for profit. I will sell, but only to build a small bank of money to use for buying cards I can't trade for. I've traded hundreds of cards each way and I've done many 1 for 1 trades, so no trade is too big or small for me.

In packaging, I use painter's tape ONLY. I try to use a photo mailer for small trades of about a dozen or less.  I use #10 PWE for trades up to about 2 dozen cards and maybe 2 PWE for 4 dozen.  After 50 cards, I typically will use a bubble mailer with tracking.  If it is 200 or more cards, they will likely be in a box well padded.

Eager to trade for any cards on my want list. I keep my lists as up to date as possible.


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Location:   North Andover, MA, United States

2/8/24 Update: Since I'm back trading I received almost 100 trade offers in about two weeks.  It's been crazy.  After looking at the kind of trade offers I've been getting, I've decided to make a slight change my trading approach.   I really don't have any interest in doing these large "player collection" trades anymore.  I'm a set collector and all my traders are stored by set (in nearly 100 3,200 count boxes).  It sometimes takes me hours to pull cards where someone is only looking for certain players.  What's worse, I recently had a guy screw me on a trade after I pulled 120 random cards.   Going forward, I will be rejecting these types of trades. I'm looking to help people complete their sets and vice versa.  Sorry, but I hope you understand.  Craig

I’ve been collecting cards for over 47 years and have over 503,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports but lately I've been expanding to some more recent sets.  I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with almost 250,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopefully you have something I need.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

For Canadian Traders: It's expensive for me to trade across the border.  Going forward I would like to limit cross border trades to two (2) PWEs. That's about 54 standard-size cards.  Thanks.

For Anyone Outside US/Canada: The increased postal rates have made it impossible for me to trade outside North America cheaply.  So going forward I will have to decline trades from outside US/Canada.  Sorry about that.

Update on Donruss/Leaf * Variations and Upper Deck Holo Variations:
I can't guaranty the junk wax era Donruss/Leaf cards and the UD holo variations are listed with the correct variation.  Going forward I will no longer check the variations on these cards.  If you want these cards regardless of the variations, feel free to request them in the trade.  However, If you want a specific variation of these cards, I'm no longer your guy - please don't put them in the trade request.  For all other cards that have variations, I will continue to check and make sure you get the correct one.

Note on Vintage Cards:
I have over 6,000 vintage cards listed for trade (I consider vintage to be 1977 or earlier).  For each card I've noted a condition grade and if you check closer, a note on each regarding any condition issues (be sure to select the correct one if multiple cards are shown).  Please note that I'm by no means a professional grader and if you're hyper-sensitive on card condition, please message me first and I'd be happy talk about it.  In exchange for these cards, I have three priorities:

  • 1) similar vintage cards that I need (any sport)
  • 2) inserts for my 90s sets that I need (any sport)
  • 3) or non-junk era base cards that i need as a last resort (any sport)

Note on Card ConditionA card noted as Pr, Fr, Gd, or GdVg will have some obvious condition issues such as creasing, corner wear, or marks.  I would consider them place holders in a collection at best (I've listed them because some people do want place holders).  A VG card will usually be a clean card with some corner wear or a centering issue.  For me, VG would be the bare minimum for my personal collection.  EX will be nice sharp card and VgEx will be something just between VG and Ex, still a nice card with a small issue that prevents it from being EX.  NM in vintage is a tough find.

Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


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Location:   Michigan , United States


Pittsburgh pirates cards(Barry bonds, Andrew mccutchen all teams they have played for)

And I am trying to complete my topps football and baseball sets first from the 1970's and early 1980's.

Also trying to finish a lot of my Pittsburgh pirates team sets.

and currently not trading for basketball and hockey at the moment.

      Only shipping to the United States at this time.

               still trying to load cards in the data base for trade have lots to go through yet. 


    Currently not buying cards, only trading 





         Only trading for cards that i have on my want list thank you.




Happy collecting


Member Since:   1/1/2018
Location:   New Brunswick, Canada

John Franco, Howard Johnson, Jesse Orosco, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Larry Walker, Frank Thomas, Julio Franco

Please do not send cards that are not in near-mint condition


Member Since:   7/30/2019
Location:   Longwood, FL, United States

12/4/2023 - Updated my PC lists, so there will be a mass of Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente & Corbin Burnes cards available for sale/trade here soon.  As I mention below, my want list is quite narrow, so I am more than willing to sell cards if we don't match up for a trade.  


Came across towards the end of 2019, and I have now completed over 1,500 transactions, with over 23,000 cards changing hands!  Love everything about this site.  I have met so many cool people from all over the Country, and even a few from Canada and beyond. (Just completed a trade to Finland, as a matter of fact).

Stole this from another member, goal is to have zero cards in my For Sale/Trade List.  So keep the proposals comin'!

(I know my Want List is relatively small, so I am certainly willing to Sell cards if we don't have enough matches to work out a trade)

My PC list is as follows (with TCDB rankings as of 2/9/2024):

NBA: Giannis (4), Dirk Nowitzki (4), and Tim Duncan (2).  

NFL: Sterling Sharpe (3), and Don Majkowski (2)

MLB: Robin Yount (7), Tony Gwynn (6), Hal Morris (3), Mark Grace (7), Pat Listach (1) and Mark Langston (1)

WWE: Lita (3)

UFC: Conor McGregor (4)

Non-Sport: Eddie Vedder, Judah Friedlander, Big Jay Oakerson, The Brothers Osborne (TJ & John), Rob Riggle, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Charlie Berens, Post Malone and Brody Stevens

Although I currently live in Florida, I was born in Milwaukee.....hence my obsession with Wisconsin sports teams.  Ha.

Please check out my For Sale/Trade list, and feel free to message me or send me trade proposals any time.....let's see what we can get done!  (I don't necessarily trade based on "book value", but rather the value to me, so please feel free to counter if I propose a trade that you feel is unfair.  I also have no rules about "insert for insert" or any of that nonsense, so don't be shy to shoot me a proposal)  

When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


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Location:   Florida, United States

Trading off right now for a few weeks while i sort cards out and organize 6/5/23

POSTAL DAY for me is mainly Friday and Saturday unless i get time to stop off at the machine after work.

I was born in East London, England and collected old cigarette cards from my grandfathers as a kid. Also cards that came in tea bag boxes ect. Later on Panini Football/Soccer stickers in the 70s and West Ham United cards. Moved to the USA and became a Georgia Bulldog fan so i collect mainly Georgia Bulldog Players in uniform, rc's ect,  

Small sets of food issue baseball, football, basketball, Non sport.

70s, 80s, 90s basketball sets, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, other star cards and rc's.

Non sport topps and other brands mainly 80s and pre 80s..

Football rc's and random star cards.

Hockey topps sets

Baseball Aaron Judge and random cards i like the look of.

Allen & Ginter non baseball cards and small sets

My son started collecting Pokemon. He was given a binder of older pokemon cards and got hooked. So will trade for any pokemons even if they are not on my wantist - let me know what you have. I just finished entering all what he has!



Member Since:   5/8/2020
Location:   FL, United States

Dale Murphy, Ozzie Canseco, Todd Van Poppel



Member Since:   12/23/2019
Location:   Maple Grove, MN, United States

I am currently just shipping via PWE transactions of 3 ounces or less to limit my exposure/costs. Multiple PWE transactions will be acomodated,if applicable. I am turning off trading for a little while to organize my cards for a better trading experience in the near future-Thanks to everyone for your trades-I love this site and look forward to more trades soon.

I'm not as good as I once was,but I'm better than I used to be.


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Location:   Minnesota, United States

I've been a baseball collector since the late 80's and love to trade.  I am primarily a set collector and belong to several online trading clubs.  My never ending goal is to collect all the regular issued Topps cards from 1952 to present.

My main collecting interests are vintage cards,  Minnesota Twins,  a few newer sets and Bert Blyleven.

Vintage sets:  1952 Topps, 1953 Topps, 1954 Bowman, 1954 Topps,  1955 Topps,  1956 Topps,  1957 Topps,  1963 Topps,  1967 Topps

Newer sets: 2004 Donruss,  2005 Donruss,  2012 Cooperstown, and 2020 Stadium Club.

* I prefer not to trade vintage cards (below 1976) for newer cards.

* Before delivering or accepting a proposal please make sure you have all of the cards.



Member Since:   12/2/2015
Location:   Texas, United States

Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro, Leroy Herrmann, Ty France, and current RCs.

I'm always up for a trade so send me an offer!

I do not buy cards here and currently, only trading within the U.S.

Past member of Beckett and Zistle. 



Member Since:   6/15/2017
Location:   North Carolina, United States


Member Since:   9/19/2018
Location:   United States

Trading: PWE shipping, will use multiple envelopes if needed. 

My collection is one that sparks joy to me. I have no rhythm or reason to it, each card brought joy to me and so it was added to the collection. My want list is cards that spark joy for me. My Want List is being re added to and will grow greatly over the next few weeks/months.  

This hobby is my saving grace! I found it as a way to help my anxiety and the friendships I have made in this hobby are amazing! I truly appreciate everyone in this hobby!

I look forward to doing lots of trades here and getting these cards in your mailbox and collection where they belong!

One of my binder projects is a Topps Twins project and am mainly needing the vintage now, I am happy to add cards with character aka poor condition for the vintage cards. This project is to tell the story of the decades and what better way than to have character to the cards. That's for the vintage, I don't want 1990s cards that are rounded edges and ripped up. 

My collection is valued at how much I'm smiling at the end of the day :) 

Building my dream PC one card at a time by cards sparking joy to me :) because that's what the hobby is all about!


Member Since:   5/30/2021
Location:   Ocala and Valdosta, Florida and Georgia, United States

I have close to 1,500 give or take UNIQUE John elway cards. All in all with dupes, I probably have close to 3,000 Elway cards.  I have not actively persued any of his cards in over 5 years. My main focus of my collection are baseball cards.

I build all of the major brands sets. I collect ALL Braves as a separate collection, and I also have Player Collections with apx. 1,100 different PC guys. I have a baseball card blog on blogger (Johnnystradingspot).

I also collect Wacky Packages. Especially the originals.



Member Since:   10/19/2020
Location:   Texas, United States

NOTE: I recently moved. Make sure you mail cards to 137 address.

I first started collecting in 1990, took a long break (20+ years) and started collecting again in 2020. I primarily collect my favorite Astros players (past and present) and Topps Houston Astros team "sets".  I am also collecting Houston Astros pocket schedules.

My favorite atheletes are:

  1. Nolan Ryan
  2. Jeff Bagwell
  3. Craig Biggio
  4. Earl Campbell
  5. Hakeem Olajuwon

I love to trade and want to help others who enjoy collecting as much as I do, build/complete their collections, while collecting every different card of my favorite players.

Pick me out a winner Bobby!


Member Since:   7/30/2019
Location:   Tampa, FL

Redoing my collection on here so taking time off from trading until everything is back in!


I collect raw and graded:

Vintage HOF

Flagship Topps RC

Topps Chrome RC

Topps Heritage RC

Bowman Chrome

Bowman Chome Autos

I will buy and sell, so do not be afraid to message me!






Member Since:   4/27/2020
Location:   Charlotte, NC, United States

I have many hockey cards autographed that I have not listed. Inquire about a player (2004-2012). I'm sure I have something and would sell or trade. I have pucks and pictures as well.


Moved away from collection for the time being. Feel free to send trades but may have to wait for the cards to be mailed. Will communicate timelines. 



Member Since:   1/29/2014
Location:   Waynesboro, Virginia, United States

Home of the Time Travel Trading Project!

With a few exceptions, every card older than 2016 listed on my FS/T is part of my Time Travel Trading Project. The project goal is to get an older card than what I sent out. I provide monthly updates on my blog as well.

The following cards are part of the Time Travel Trading Project, but the sets are not yet listed on the TCDB:

  1. 1964 Ed-U-Cards Washington Senators Baseball Card Game #NNO Ball
  2. 1890 N245 Sweet Caporal Actors & Actresses (non-sport) #NNO Frankie Raymond


Member Since:   1/10/2021
Location:   Hillsboro, OR, United States


Now the #1 collector of Ryan Klesko cards on TCDB!  With more to come!


High priority: Ryan Klesko, Dale Murphy, Dave Winfield, Dominique Wilkins, Kenyon Yovan, Michael Conforto, Adley Rutschman, Nick Madrigal, Trevor Larnach, Steven Kwan, Cadyn Grenier, Drew Rasmussen, Gary Payton II, Jacob Melton, Travis Bazzana, Trent Caraway, Gavin Turley, Garret Forrester, Will Frisch, Cooper Hjerpe, Justin Boyd, Mitch Canham, Kevin Abel, Nahshon or Rezjohn Wright, Terry Baker, Christian Chamberlain, Gary Payton, Ethan Thompson, Darwin Barney, Damien Martinez, Jam Griffin, Jake Luton, Jermar Jefferson, Hamilcar Rashed Jr, Luke Musgrave, Anthony Gould, Kitan Oladapo, A.C Green "In the Name" cards, Jade Carey.

Lower priority: Junior Seau, some Bo Jackson, Eric Lindros, Jordan Poyer, Mike Hass, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Jacoby Ellsbury, Steven Jackson, Nick Barnett, Matt Moore, Ochocinco/Chad Johnson, Sean Mannion, Johnny Hekker, Sam Gaviglio, Matt Boyd, any Oregon State alum/player in any sport (male or female).

PLEASE SEND TRADE OFFERS.  It's my favorite part of the hobby.  Always willing to negotiate a good deal for both sides.  One card, or 10+ cards.  I'm fine with any size.  USA & Canada only, unless the card is significant enough to me to ship overseas.

I do NOT collect/keep any other cards of any other players/teams.  If the card isn't a unique card to me of one of my guys above, it's not something I will keep.  I don't want duplicates either.  I'll trade it or sell it if it's something I think I can move; otherwise, no thanks.  But I DO want any card of any of my PC guys if I don't already have it.  My trade/sell and want/wish lists are updated, so if it's not on those lists, it's highly unlikely that I'm interested in it, or I already own it.

Fan of: all OSU sports, Braves, Red Sox, Blazers, Chargers, Flyers, Timbers, Tottenham FC.

Goal for VINTAGE ONLY CARDS (condition NOT very important...just no rips/tears, no writing on the front...some creases ok...not really concerned with how the back looks): Hank Aaron (preferably in a Milwaukie uniform, but not required), Mickey Mantle pre-1969 (earlier the better), Babe Ruth any vintage year, Joe DiMaggio any year, Lou Gehrig any year, Ted Williams pre-1955, Jackie Robinson any year, Shoeless Joe any year, Jimmie Foxx any year, Satchel Paige any year, and Stan Musial pre-1960.  For basketball, would like a Alcindor while in Milwaukie, early Doctor J, Oscar, early Magic/Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt, David Thompson, Cousy, Mikan, Moses & maybe a couple others.  Prefer to stay as cheap as possible, but for the right card might go a little higher...obviously Mantle/Ruth/Joe D/Wilt and those types would be more.  Again, condition I know won't be great at these prices.  I now have a Hank, Mantle, Jackie, Clemente, Yogi, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax, Mays, Jerry West, Maravich and Gervin at these levels, and a couple of Ted Williams, that I'm very happy with.  But the more the merrier if the price is right!

  • I will typically send cards via PWE unless the quantity is above 20 and then I will send BMWT.  If you wish a smaller trade to be sent BMWT, please let me know & adjust the trade accordingly. 

TCDB rankings as of 8/20/23:

  • Klesko (1st) - 950 unique cards
  • Dale Murphy (8th) - 542 unique
  • Winfield (5th) - 640 unique
  • Conforto (1st) - 448 unique
  • Madrigal (1st) - 416 unique
  • Rutschman (1st) - 159 unique
  • Kenyon Yovan (1st) - 37 unique
  • Larnach (1st) - 202 unique
  • Cadyn Grenier (1st) - 93 unique
  • Drew Rasmussen (1st) - 75 unique
  • Jacoby Ellsbury (10th) - 130 unique
  • Wally Backman (335th) - 34 unique
  • Kevin Abel (1st) - 32 unique
  • Steven Kwan (2nd) - 58 unique
  • Darwin Barney (4th) - 49 unique
  • Beau Philip (1st) - 9 unique
  • Cooper Hjerpe (1st) - 65 unique
  • Jacob Melton (1st) - 27 unique
  • Justin Boyd (1st) - 16 unique
  • Christian Chamberlain (1st) - 18 unique
  • Dominique Wilkins (2nd) - 440 unique
  • Steven Jackson (13th) - 99 unique
  • Brandin Cooks (3rd) - 111 unique
  • Gary Payton II (1st) - 32 unique
  • Jacquizz Rodgers (2nd) - 38 unique
  • Hamilcar Rashed Jr (1st) - 25 unique
  • Jake Luton (1st) - 64 unique
  • Jermar Jefferson (1st) - 69 unique
  • Isaiah Hodgins (1st) - 27 unique
  • Matt Moore (2nd) - 17 unique
  • Markus Wheaton (14th) - 22 unique
  • Jordan Poyer (1st) - 28 unique
  • TJ Houshmandzadeh (27th) - 32 unique
  • Chad Johnson (18th) - 83 unique
  • Junior Seau (64th) - 100 unique
  • Sean Mannion (1st) - 50 unique
  • Mike Hass (2nd) - 20 unique
  • Stephen Paea (2nd) - 13 unique
  • Steven Nelson (2nd) - 8 unique
  • Ryan Nall (2nd) - 7 unique

VERY willing to trade/negotiate.  I live to  trade...send me ALL trade requests!  Would prefer trades to purchases, although I know my PC is pretty limited in the grand scheme of things.  Just got back to the hobby in 2020 after approx 30 years out of it, and about 20 years after selling off 99% of it to pay for our wedding.  I forgot how much I loved it!

"Let's play two!"


Member Since:   8/11/2020
Location:   Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States


Member Since:   4/6/2015
Location:   Norra Vallgrund, xx, Finland

Recently(jan-23) got into this hobby again after selling all cards in 2016 :)

Recently (jan-24) the collection grew with 50k cards and I aim to complete a lot of sets from the 90's. 

I'm the kind of collector that wants all the variations and don't accept damaged cards into my collection.

I welcome any proposal!

I'll trade GU's or inserts for base and vice versa, also across sports or genres. As long as both feel good about the trade :)

The mid-large trades are more attractive to me.

Although not currently listed as wants I'd trade for most 90's hockey parallels that I don't yet have.

Sets near completion:

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum     have 299/300

1993-94 Leaf                        have 436/440

1993-94 Stadium Club OPC have 249/250

1994-95 Pinnacle                  have 529/540

1995-96 Parkhurst 1966-67 have 144/150

1995-96 Pinnacle                  have 223/225

1995-96 Score                      have 322/330

1995-96 Topps                      have 366/385

1995-96 Ultra                        have 377/400

1995-96 Upper Deck S1       have 268/270

1996-97 Collector's Choice   have 346/348

1996-97 Donruss                  have 222/240

1996-97 Metal Universe       have 195/200

1996-97 SP                          have 183/188

1997-98 Collector's Choice  have 306/320

1997-98 Pinnacle                 have 186/200

1997-98 Score                     have 263/270

1998-99 Pacific Dynagon Ice have 182/200

1998-99 Pacific Paramount have 242/250

1999-00 UD Gold Reserve have 268/350

Thanks for checking out my profile!

It's never too late to start again or pursue a dream :)


Member Since:   2/7/2019
Location:   Lake Lure, North Carolina, United States

The #1 collector of Dallas Cowboy cards (13,000+) on as of November 12, 2021 (my wife is so proud of me, said no card collector ever) ... Thanks to all that have traded with me. I look forward to more trades to take this collection to completion (132,000 more)!!

Dallas Cowboy cards and memorabilia.

Other items I collect:

  • Dirk Nowitzki (311)
  • Luka Doncic (114)
  • Syracuse Orangemen Basketball (88)
  • Max Verstappen (39)
  • Steele Walker (12) 


Tip: Include the transaction ID number inside the package to help your trade partner identify the trade.

Coaching is making men do what they don't want, so they can become what they want to be - Tom Landry


Member Since:   11/23/2019
Location:   Raleigh, NC

2014 Topps Baseball - Priority

1977-1979  Topps Baseball 

1990 Leaf Baseball

1994-1995  Leaf Baseball

1992 Fleer Baseball


Player Specific - Dansby Swanson, Ty Cobb


*** Anything Godzilla ***


Complete Sets For Sale/Trade


Baseball - 1990 Fleer Baseball

Football - 1991 Pro Line Portraits 

Football - 1991 Score Supplemental

Football - 1995 SP

Football - 1991 All World CFL

Basketball - 1989 Converse

Basketball - 1990-91 Hoops

Basketball - 1994 Classic Draft

Basketball - 1998 Press Pass Double Threat


Unopened Material For Sale/Trade 


Baseball - 23 Jumbo Packs of 1989 Donruss Baseball  (39 cards + 6  puzzle pieces per pack)

Basketball - 1992-93 Upper Deck High Series (20 Jumbo Packs - 27 cards per pack)

Football - 1991 Pro Line Portraits - Signet Series 



Currently mailing Monday thru Friday .... next day almost always 


--- Trade offers will be deleted after 3 days if unresponded too. 

--- Please - if variation is important to you,  ask me to verify. 



Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man. -- Schopenhauer


Member Since:   3/20/2019
Location:   Rosemead, California, United States

Update 2023:

I've been inactive last year due to work and family but I am back where I belong trading cards with everyone here =)


  • Basketball: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James
  • Football: Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert
  • Gaming: Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super


Always willing to trade and work out deals with members of this cool community. 

Small trades in PWE with penny sleeves into team bags with a card protector.

Larger trades up to 18 cards in 9-page sheet in PWE unless requested otherwise.

Bubble mailer for deals with higher volume and amount $$


ABT(Always be Trading!)


Member Since:   9/13/2020
Location:   Toronto, ON, Canada

I collect just about anything trading card related, open to trades. I'm always updating my collection feel free to message me. Not interested in buying at the moment. 



Member Since:   12/10/2018
Location:   France


I love trade, Feel free to propose me a swap !

I am not looking to buy anything really.


I love this game


Member Since:   2/1/2019
Location:   Federal Way, WA, United States

Due to some space constraints and needing to down size, I would love to sell off some of my cards listed on my For Sale / Trade List.

I have completed hand collated sets, tons of base cards and a lot of inserts and parallels.

Let me know what you would be interested in .

If you do have something from my wantlists I am interested in trading in your favor.

Still looking for Mike Sweeney & Bobby Murcer I don't have.

If you have any Mike Sweeney or Bobby Murcer cards to trade, please click on my separate collections to see what I have and what I am looking for.


Colin Mercer

35615 25th Pl. S.

Federal Way, WA 98003

Always looking to help out my fellow traders.


Member Since:   6/18/2013
Location:   Waukesha, WI, United States


Member Since:   6/7/2019
Location:   Texas, United States

Always looking for a good trade. Let me know if I have anything on your Want list. 



Member Since:   4/19/2019
Location:   Troutville, Virginia, United States

All Michael Jordan individuals and sets.

Trying to complete set of VG+ 1970 - 75 Topps Football.

VG+ Basketball, Baseball Pre 1980. 

Don't mind large quantity for quality trades. I have no problem sending 200 for 1 if it's the right one!

Would like to clear out some space. Would like to help set builders with lots of commons. Just did a deal for 1100 cards for the cost of shipping. Let me know if I have large quantities of commons you need, I'll be glad to send for only shipping cost.

I swear it was broke when I got it!


Member Since:   6/29/2016
Location:   Carmichael, CA, United States
Keep on keepin' on


Member Since:   10/28/2019
Location:   Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Texas Rangers, Adrian Beltre, Ivan Rodriguez, Tony Gwynn, Ernie Banks


Thanks to all the great trading partners that have made it possible to reach 300 completed transactions!


Allen Browning

6708 Hardisty St

Richland Hills, TX 76118

I ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. - Jim Bouton


Member Since:   8/11/2018
Location:   United States

Curating a collection of basketball cards with referees in the background. Attempting to 1) acquire two copies (one base and one parallel if available) of every basketball card with a referee's face visible and 2) identify each referee.

Love P.W.E. trades. ***Warning*** am a ssslllooowww processor and transactions may take a long time because most card work happens over the weekend.

Happy collecting :)

- Randy

PS Started a Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis side PC.

2023-24 card goal: 1) upload all 21-22 G-League base scans to the site (completed February 2024!)


Member Since:   10/25/2020
Location:   Kansas City, MO, United States


Dallas Cowboys

Championship Era Bulls

Bo Bichette


Wander Franco

Looking to sell the majority or my trade list, so I'm throwing together lots, and listening to offers, so please DM me or send me an offer if you're looking to buy.

please confirm all cards before sending or accepting a trade with me. While stuff happens sometimes, I always confirm cards before preceding with a deal, and have that same expectation.  Additionally, please alert me if you won't be sending your trades within a few days of confirming a deal. I always send within a day, and the rare times I can't, I communicate it. So I expect the same. Simple courtesy folks. 


Willing to sell stuff as well if no trade can be worked out. Must have a positive transaction history, and a pay method that protects both. Prefer any deal of this nature to be a minimum of $20 to make it worth the time. Willing to do large lots or single cards. 

Due to work, will likely respond to trades/messages on weekends



Member Since:   2/28/2018
Location:   Oneonta, Alabama, United States

NY Mets cards for any and all years, including former and future Mets.  Giants, Rangers and Knicks as well, but main focus is on the "Amazing Mets". LGM

Also looking for any Cap Anson cards.  Just found out he is my boy's great great great uncle.

Trading cards from same subsets.  ie Rainbow Foil Team X for Rainbow Foil Mets, etc.

It's like deja vu all over again-Yogi


Member Since:   7/13/2023
Location:   Texas, United States

The Rangers won the World Series in 2023.

Here's a list of what I collect in no particular order:

  • Any Texas Rangers (focus right now is Topps/Bowman but I am collecting everything)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (#2 TCDB)
  • Corey Seager
  • Marcus Semien (#5 TCDB)


My general trading guidelines:

  • Please acknowledge you are interested! I will assume someone is not interested and withdraw a trade if I receive another offer for the same card and I haven't heard from the first offer.
  • I love PWE! I will send 1 or 2 PWE under 54 cards, Bubble Mailers with tracking for anything larger.
  • It is hard to quantify how to make fair trades. Please don't be offended if I reply with "respectfully decline"


Member Since:   5/2/2013

Topps sets & Detroit Tiger team sets. HOF & ROY winners



Member Since:   1/10/2021
Location:   Montgomery, OH, United States

We are a husband and wife who collect cards together! Our collection is mostly baseball with a little football and basketball. We have a long ways to go to get our full collection up. We love trading cards and helping other collectors complete their sets or PCs. We are willing to listen for trades or purchases for anything in collection if the price or trade is right! The # of cards and era doesn't always have to match for it to make sense.

SHIPPING - We try to send out cards within 1-3 days of accepting a trade. Lately, we've been a little busier so I may be shipping mostly on weekends. I use PWE with lots of protection and sometimes use bubble mailers.


#1 - Jonathan India

#9 - Joey Votto

Ted Williams

Roberto Clemente

Jackie Robinson


Outside of those, we enjoy collecting many players..

Other Current Reds Players & Prospects such as Elly de la Cruz, Allan Cerda, Matt McClain, Jay Allen, Andrew Abbott, Luis Castillo, Tyler Stephenson, Hunter Greene, Austin Hendrick, Rece Hinds, Nick Lodolo, and so on!

MLB Rookies, Future MVPs, & Prospects such as Luis Robert, Fernando Tatis Jr, Juan Soto, Bo Bichette, Jazz Chisolm, Andrew Vaughn, Vlad Guerrero Jr, Bryce Ball, Peyton Burdick, Triston Casas, Cal Conley, & Brady House.

    Other Sports/Colleges:

    • Tennis - Novak Djokovic & Serena Williams
    • Football - Dak Prescott, other Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals
    • Colleges - Players that attended Clemson or Tennessee (hence the name TigerVol)
    "You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time"


    Member Since:   7/10/2016
    Location:   Nof Hagalil, Israel, Israel



    Amare Stoudemire #8

    Mike Mussina #12

    Alex Ovechkin #26

    Carter Baumler 

    Colton Cowser #12

    Justin Tucker #3

    Ed Reed #11

    Matt Stover

    Omri Casspi #2

    Anthony Parker #13

    Dean Kremer #1

    Deni Avdija #14

    Joe Ingles #18

    Jacob Steinmetz #21

    Gal Mekel #5

    Gunnar Henderson #10



    Member Since:   9/6/2019
    Location:   Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States

    Hi All,

    Just dumped most of my collection, and only am collecting Heritage.

    Don't have much of anything to trade any more either.

    Someday I hope to get back in the game, but not anytime soon.

    Looking to only buy at this time.

    I will miss you all and this great community.

    Thanks for looking!!

    To be the Man, you have to beat the Man! WOOOO! - Ric Flair


    Member Since:   11/29/2012
    Location:   Pennsville, NJ, United States

    Thanks for reading my profile. I enjoy trading cards I don't need for those that I do. I've been in this hobby for many years (I remember opening 1955 Bowman packs at our local candy store)! I usually don't pull my end before making a proposal; most times, I'm trying to get a feel for how doable it is, and it saves me from having to refile cards if things fizzle out or if I'm countered.  I will, however, (usually) pull before accepting a trade.  Please counter, if need be!  Communication is key to good trading!   I have some physical may take me a bit to pull cards so your patience is appreciated!  

    1.  My top priority is completing sets.  

    2.  Recent Phillies teamsets and inserts.  I do multiple teamsets to help local Philthies Phans!

    3. Older Phillies teamset needs..all brands.

    As mentioned, I love to trade, will reluctantly sell ... cheap, if we cannot swap!  PLMK what I have that you can't live without!  Phillies is my team, through thick and (mostly) thin!  PWE trades are great and assumed unless we agree otherwise - bubbles used if worth the shipping costs!  Slowing down though - the old body won't let me hoss those 5000 count boxes too much - thanks in advance for your patience with me!!

    On August 9, 2006, (Harry) Kalas called a close play at the plate as Chase Utley scored from second base on a routine groundout against the Atlanta Braves: Chase is going to keep going and he's safe at home plate! Chase Utley,!


    Member Since:   1/25/2023
    Location:   United States

    Matt Williams (#1 TCDB)

    Still in the long process of uploading my current collection of baseball cards.

    New to the site since 1/25/23 after a 20-year break in collecting and have just completed 300 trades on 11/01/23!

    One and done! Looking for:

    1998 Topps Tek #44 Matt Williams Pattern 51




    Member Since:   2/7/2020
    Location:   Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

    Tony Gwynn Player Collection

    Carlton Fisk Player Collection

    Open to all trades. Prefer to mail in PWE. For vintage trades, I am looking for cards in EX condition or better.

    I respond and ship quickly.


    Joseph Carle

    25 Coburn Woods

    Nashua, NH 03063



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