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I'm a set builder who is currently building Topps sets ranging from the mid 70's to current day. In addition, I am putting together two bucket list sets, 1955 Topps (Now Complete) and 1968 Topps (80.4% Complete). I currently reside in Wichita Kansas. I once lived in the Detroit Michigan area which explains the tie in with the Detroit Tigers. In addition to building sets I collect vintage Detroit Tigers Memorabilia and on occasion, vintage Mickey Mantle cards. I have a YouTube channel tied to collecting baseball cards with the channel name of BatterUpICT...check it out and if you like, subscribe!  Love to trade and help others complete sets or add to their PC. Cards outside of my trade list are not available. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states.

Heritage Short Prints (SPs)...I am always seeking Heritage Short Prints (SPs.) With that said, I only trade the Heritage SPs on my trade list for the other Heritage SPs that I need.  I am willing to trade away my A&G SPs, Goudy SPs and GQ SPs for Heritage SPs. 

1968 Topps / For Sale Trade:  These are cards that I upgraded in my set.  I would prefer to trade these for vintage cards I need. I did my best to note what I thought the condition would be and also noted the details with my findings on each card. If you are looking for EX or better then these cards are not for you.  If your looking to fill in holes in your collection with cards that are not perfect then these are perfect.  Happy to discuss any issues prior to finalizing a trade proposal as everyone has their own idea of what the grading scale represents.

Trade Proposals: I know that some people get busy or may already be working on other trade proposals before accepting a trade proposal that I have proposed. If you need more time please send a message in the transaction letting me know so. If I feel like I am being ghosted I may withdrawl expecially if other transactions are being held up and I can see that you have signed in to TCDB since I have proposed the transaction.  Communication is everything here. 

Counter Offers: If you counter with the addition or removal of cards, please put the changes; card year, brand and numbers in the comments. (Example: I removed 2019 Heritage - Cards 145, 456 and 720 and added cards 2019 Heritage - Cards 130, 357, 701.) 

Shipping: Below are two vidoes on how I prepare my PWE envelopes. Both links are to my YouTube Channel. My preferred method is PWE even if it requires two or three PWEs.  Larger lots will either ship in a bubble mailer or if really large the will be sent double boxed. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states.

Part 1 - Shipping up to four cards via PWE: 

Part 2 - Shipping up to 30 cards via PWE:

Heritage Sets: This is a list of Topps Heritage Sets that I am working on. (As of May 14, 2022.)

2004 Topps Hertiage - 58.1%

2007 Topps Heritage - 69%

2010 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2011 Topps Heritage - 96.6%

2012 Topps Heritage - 68.5%

2013 Topps Heritage - 42.4%

2014 Topps Heritage - 69%

2015 Topps Heritage - 74.8%

2016 Topps Heritage - 72.9%

2017 Topps Heritage - 88.6% (Base Complete - Only need SPs.)

2018 Topps Heritage - 90.1% 

2019 Topps Heritage - 92.7% (Base Complete - Only need SPs.)

2020 Topps Heritage - 97.1% (Base Complete - Only need SPs.)

2021 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2022 Topps Heritage - 86.6 (Base Complete - Only need SPs.) 

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