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Currently building Topps sets from 1974 to current day. In addition, I am putting together two bucket list sets, 1955 Topps (Now Complete) and 1968 Topps (80.4% Complete). While I reside in Wichita Kansas, I once lived in the Detroit Michigan area which is why I follow the Detroit Tigers. In addition to collecting Vintage Tigers Memoriabilia, I PC Al Kaline, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Casey Mize.  I also have a YouTube channel tied to collecting baseball cards with the channel name of BatterUpICT  (ICT is the airport abbreviation for Wichita KS.) Love to trade and help others complete their sets or add to their PC. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states.

I am currently adding anywhere from 100 to 1000 cards a week to my do check back every once in a while.

Heritage Short Prints (SPs)...I need a lot of help here! At this time, and because I need so many of them, I only trade the Heritage Short Prints on my trade list for other Heritage Short Prints that I need.  I am willing to trade my A&G SPs and GQ SPs for Heritage SPs. I will always consider trade proposals where I am receiving Heritage SPs if you have extras you want to move for cards that are not SPs.

Currently working on:  While the following are my focus, I am always up for trading for other cards on my want list. Im alwasy working on the flagship Topps Sets. Opening Day, Series 1, Series 2, Update, and Topps Chrome.  I am also working on Topps Heritage 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and I only need the remaning SPs for 2020 and 2021 Heritage.  I am down to the last few cards in the following sets; 84 and 85 Fleer, 1982, 83, 84, 85  Donruss, 1974 and 1976 Topps and of course that bucket list set, 1968 Topps. I am also working on a 1993 Topps Gold Set. Really anything on my Wants list. 

Casey Mize PC:  Yes, I collect Casey Mize rookies (RCs) and more specifically, I am looking for some of the ones I don't already have. I try to add them to my "Wants List" as they are released, but with all the differnet variations I may have missed a few.  With that said, feel free to send me a message letting me know what you have if its not on my "Wants List."  Condition of these cards is important...I do reqeust that you do not offer a Mize card with an obvious condition issue; corner dings, creasing, off centered, and please penny sleeve the chrome cards to avoid scratching.  While I am not looking specifically for gradeable cards I do want them to be as close to pack fresh as possible. I will also consider trading for Mize rookies that I already have.

Trade Proposals: I know that some people get busy or may already be working on other trade proposals before accepting a trade proposal that I have proposed. In the event that a new trade proposal has sat more than 48 hours without any activity from the other member I might withdrawal, especially if there are other incoming proposal that are requesting some of the same cards. If I withdrawal a proposal and you would like to complete a trade simply message me and I will either open it back up, compose a new one, or you can compose a new trade.  Also, if you are tied up in another trade or busy and you need more time simply send a message within the proposal and let me know when you might be availalbe.  In a nut shell, I don't want to have a bunch of pending proposals that are keeping me from moving forward with other trade requests. 

Counter Offers:  If we are working on a large trade and you counter with the addition or the removal of cards to a proposal, please put the changes; card year, brand and numbers in the comments so I don't have to try and figure out what you changed. (Example: I removed 2019 Heritage - Cards 145, 456 and 720 and added cards 2019 Heritage - Cards 130, 357, 700.) This really makes the counter proposal process more efficient. 

New to TCDB and have very little feedback?   If you are new to TCDB and want to get yourself established with feedback, I am happy to complete a small trade with you. These trades will be Plain White Envelope (PWE) and will only be two to four cards. The value of the trade going both ways should be worth the cost of a Forever Stamp.  I ask that you make sure you are packing the cards correctly so that they don't get damaged. I usually send these in a plain white envelope, with the cards in penny sleeves and then inside of a card saver. I place a peice of painters tape at the top of the card saver to keep the cards from sliding out and then write the transaction number on this peice of tape with a sharpie. I then place the card saver inside of a small greeting card, thank you note or christmas card.  If the greeting card is small it usually comes in under 1 ounce and can be sent using one forever stamp. The links below will take you to my You Tube Channel and will guide you through the process of shipping cards via PWE. Both examples are what I have found to be the most efficient / cost effective way to send cards while protecting them too. . 

Shipping via PWE how to Guides ... (From my You Tube Channel)

Part 1 - Shipping up to four cards via PWE: 

Part 2 - Shipping up to 30 cards via PWE:


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