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About Me: I'm a set builder who builds Topps sets with a current focus on Topps Heritage. In addition, I am putting together two bucket list sets, 1955 Topps (Now Complete) and 1968 Topps (81.5% Complete). I have a YouTube channel tied to collecting baseball cards with the channel name of BatterUpICT...I don't upload as often as I use to, but when I do, I will upload videos of recent cards show finds or new product/box and pack rips...I do not do breaks on my channel.  Cards outside of my trade list are not available. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states.

Shipping: I prefer to ship out via PWE even if it requires two or three PWEs. More valuable cards or larger transactions will be shipped out with tracking. I will put the tracking number in the message area of the transaction. Currently only shipping to the lower 48 states unless the trade has one of the harder to find items that is on my want list.  


Player/Team PC - Rankings on TCDB 

Casey Mize (Ranked in top 5)

Spencer Torkelson (Ranked in top 15) 

Justin Verlander (Ranked in the top 25)


Heritage Wants/Priority in order would be…

1. Heritage SPs: highest priority.   With that said, I ask that you do not request Heritage SPs unless you are offering Heritage SPs in return.  The SPs on my For Sale Trade list are there so I can acquire the SPs I still need for my sets.  . 

2. Heritage Base set cards:  higher percentage of completion over those with a lower percentage...see list below.

3. Heritage Chrome-Purple: When they are available...not a high priority.  

4. Heritage Subset Cards:  These are usually filler cards to round out trades. The Subset cards I am referring to are Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, Now and Then, Then and Now, Rookie Performers, Award Winner, New Age Performers, Combo Cards and Player Tribute...please do not request SPs for subset cards. 

5. Relics:  I don't really collect them, but I will consider them, but I will not trade Heritage SPs for relics.  

Heritage Sets:  Completion Percentages - Last updated 05/31/2023.

2001 Topps Heritage - 66.09%

2002 Topps Heritage - 7.95% (Message me if you have bulk / starter set. Not buying.)

2003 Topps Heritage: - 52.79%

2004 Topps Heritage - 80.84%

2005 Topps Heritage - 84.20%

2006 Topps Heritage - 86.19% (Only need SPs)

2007 Topps Heritage: - 79.76% (Only need SPs)

2008 Topps Heritage - 83.90%

2009 Topps Heritage - 30.69% 

2010 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2011 Topps HeritageComplete!

2012 Topps Heritage - 73.83%

2013 Topps Heritage - 87.40%

2014 Topps Heritage - 74.00%

2015 Topps Heritage - 81.66% (Need Trout and SPs)

2016 Topps Heritage - 92.14% (Only need SPs)

2017 Topps Heritage - 91.90% (Only need SPs)

2018 Topps Heritage - 95.45% (Only need SPs)

2019 Topps Heritage - 96.41% (Only need SPs)

2020 Topps HeritageComplete!

2021 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2022 Topps Heritage - Complete!

2023 Topps Heritage - Come on Topps...send me my hobby box already!! ;)

"In radio, they say, nothing happens until the announcer says it happens." Ernie Harwell





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