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I assign condition on all cards on my For Sale/Trade List using the guidelines on PSA's website. I am not a "professional grader" so my interpretation may differ from yours. In general I would say my Ex/Mt is more likely to be a NM than an EX. If I don't have a grade on a card it means it is at least NM and possibly better. I just don't have the time to examine cards to differentiate NM, Nm/Mt, M, Gem Mint, etc etc.  If I grade a card EX or worse I always try to put a comment on the card showing the reason for the lower grade.**From time to time I may include a note on an ExMt card, but rarely.  Also, I don't always give the back of cards a super close examination. I have found that my grading can be inconsistent from day to day depending on my mood or if I'm feeling rushed. Some days I'm more or less picky than others. I don't know how the grading companies do it.

I expect cards of at least equal condition in return. If our trade includes cards I've graded Ex/Mt please don't send me creased beaters and think it will be okay. If you have questions/concerns about any particular card I will be happy to scan it in so you can see it. However, I'm not likely to do that for dozens of cards. Nobody has time for all that. If you're sending me cards that you would deem EX or worse based on PSA's guidelines then please let me know so we can work out a fair trade.

I'm not a big PWE fan, but I can make those kinds of trades depending on the size of the trade and type of cards. Shipping methods will be discussed in each trade proposal.






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