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Last Login:   6/15/2024
Points:   509
Location:   Colorado Springs, CO United States
Collection:   80,465 cards



I collect mostly Topps baseball cards. I am working on my childhood sets of the Junk Wax Era.

Currently working on:

1985 Topps set - 96.8%

1987 Topps set - 100% Complete - 99.9% Total set

1988 Topps set - 100% Complete - 99.9% Total set

1989 Topps set - 100% Complete - 99.4% Total set

1991 Topps set - 98% Complete

1992 Topps set - 92.8% Complete

I have many NBA cards to trade for MLB, NFL.

I also collect anything Baltimore. Orioles, Ravens. I am collecting Colorado Rockies cards for my 11 yr old son also.

I am limiting trades to only Canada and US. Please try to keep international trades to PWE,

VAR, ERR, and COR cards:

If there are multiple Variations of a card I am only looking to collect one of those Variations. If there are Error and Corrected cards I collect both of those cards for my collection.







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