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born in 1959, clearwater, fl.  mom started my collection in 1961 with post cereal cards. added 62 and 63 and salada coins. she also got me some 63 fleer's. earliest memory is 1962 world series, been a Giant fan forever. started collecting seriously in 1968 and quit in 1975. then got caught up starting in 81 and quit again in 85. got caught up again in 1990 but made a serious mistake trading all of my 50's, 60's and 70's football, basketball and hockey to catch up on the missed baseball sets that are virtually worthless. i really like regional and advertising sets. just found this website and love it., trying to trade off some dupes to complete some sets and make a record of my collection for the family to use when i am gone.

trading guidelines: 

1. for my vintage cards, i would prefer to trade same era for same era. for example 1952-1956, 1957-1964, 1965-1972. most of my vintage cards have some condition issues. i am not concerned much about condition of the vintage cards i receive.

2. my more recent cards (1980's and early 90's) are 99% in mt. to nr. mt. condition. if i find a card that is proposed for trade that is sub par, i will let you know. prefer to trade commons for commons, stars for stars, hof's for hof's, etc.  i prefer to use the values on this site to establish an equivalent value. i don't have time to search alternative sites for a card worth a quarter.

3. any size trade is fine for me, just trying to fill blanks in my sets without buying cards.


other collectibles:

i have a whole bunch of other stuff that can not be listed on this site. this would include r.c. cola cans, slurpee cups, pocket schedules, empty wax boxes from the 70's and 80's, hobby papers from the early 70's, card sales catalogs from late 60's and early 70's, sports illustrated and sporting news late 60's through mid 80's, quite a few uncut sheets from 70's & 80's, large vintage baseball glove collection and a bunch of other stuff. happy to use these items in trades also.

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